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Samsung Galaxy S3 lets you get naughty with NFC

The Galaxy S3 can do a lot of things, especially now that it has been given its long awaited Jelly Bean update in some regions. NFC also plays a big part in the device’s capabilities via S-Beam, but how many of you actually use it for more ‘private’ activities?

Samsung has released a new commercial, seemingly suggesting that you can use S-Beam on the Samsung Galaxy S3 to quickly share a naughty picture or video with a loved one if he or she is going away for a while. Usually you wouldn’t ever see little innuendos like this in a Samsung advert, but most of you will probably see the humorous side of this one.

The advert starts with the man’s children telling him that they have taken a video for him to watch at the airport, to which his wife ‘instantly’ shares the media via the physical touching of two Galaxy S3 handsets using NFC technology. His wife informs him that he can watch the video on the plane, but then sends another video to him telling that the video isn’t suitable for watching on the plane.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Samsung has planted a harmless sexual innuendo in there, to basically remind you that their Galaxy S3 handset is also ideal for privately sharing intimate moments with a loved one. So far, Apple has stayed away from any sort of sexual themes in their iPhone ads, so it will be interesting to see what they make of this and if they decide to spice up their ads as well.

Do you take offense to the ad, or is it a brilliant piece of marketing by Samsung? We actually love the ad and its a great way to show that Samsung are very down to earth when it comes to choosing ideas for future advertisements. Watch it below and let us know what you think of it.

Is NFC going to take on a whole new meaning now?



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