iPad mini UK pre-order painless without problems

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 26, 2012

The Apple Store came backup right on schedule, just after 8am in the UK, and we made sure we were one of the first to pre-order so we can give PR readers insight from a hands-on perspective rather than reporting what we hear from others. The iPad mini UK pre-order had been completely painless without any problems, and in fact we’d have to say this has been the smoothest pre-order we’ve seen in years.

For UK readers you’ll have the choice of an iPad mini in “Black & Slate” or “White & Silver“, which both start with a price of £269 for the 16GB model. The current shipping times are set for 2/11 “in most areas“, so if all goes to plan most people that order an iPad mini right away will receive their new tablet on the release date.

After you’ve decided on the iPad mini color and storage size, Apple then ask if you want any accessories and most importantly an iPad mini Smart Cover. This will set you back another £35, but it is well worth it considering the added protection. You will have a choice from a number of bright colors, although we can’t help but be drawn to blue each time.

Next up Apple offer a free engraving service as most people know that have ordered from Apple before, which makes a nice extra when ordering the iPad mini as a gift. The problem with getting engraving is that you could see a shipping date much later than expected, so be warned this could setback your iPad mini release date. After confirming everything the iPad mini pre-order landed on a “thank you” page, although we do wonder if all orders went this smooth?

Did you place your pre-order today for an iPad mini or iPad 4, and if so did you run into any problems? If you are after the 4G version of the iPad mini, then you might want to read about EE and their plans for 4G data plans here.

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  • Fezelak

    I ordered two Black 16GB Mini’s around 8:10am and it states delivery date of the 2nd Nov. Smoothest Pre Order ever.

  • Jake Fisher

    Preordered dead on 8am, delivery next Friday!! 😀

  • rshakey

    Really easy to order, but even at 8.00 the white mini was saying two weeks delivery. Did anyone actually get a white ipad mini with a delivery date of 2nd Nov?

  • Trigger73

    Ordered mine at 8:04 all went ok got confirmation email, money still in bank lol

  • Oksana

    I didn’t receive order confirmation by email yet and my card hasn’t been charged yet, is it normal practice for apple preordering?

  • I was going to get it engraved with “Here’s to the Crazy ones.” But the damn iOS app said engraving was unavailable.

  • OG

    Pre-ordered a Black 32 GB Wifi with Smart Cover ~08:10 order went through fine, no card issues, says delivery 2/11 so all looks ok for mine at least.

  • sam

    I can’t preorder keeps telling me payment authorisation failed

  • Jayefc

    I pre-ordered mine 8:02am, it’s saying delivers 15 November?, why is this when the release date is the 2nd

    • A.P

      did you order white? a white ipad mini is dispatched later than the black

      • Jayefc

        Yeah I ordered a white one, think I might have been a bit slow, looks like they sold out of the first batch within seconds!

  • sam

    I have issues with card authorisations anybody else?

    • I have done recently! With iTunes at least – Visa Debit. Saying its wrong. Apple nor my bank have any idea whats wrong, it should all be working.