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iPad 4 Vs Microsoft Surface heats up with Cook claims

Have you made the big decision yet on which tablet to pick up to see you through until this time next year? The Microsoft Surface is launching this weekend with Windows 8, while Apple has shocked everyone by discontinuing the iPad 3 in favor of the new iPad 4 which will go on sale on November 2.

There is traditionally no love lost between Microsoft and Apple and where we have previously seen Steve Jobs take one or two swipes at their ancient rivals, this week we have seen new CEO Tim Cook failing to resist the temptation to have a dig at Microsoft’s upcoming Surface device.

We actually love the look of the Surface from what we’ve seen so far, with general impressions of the device being very positive and many plaudits being launched in the direction of that very slick Touch and Type cover that everyone is talking about. Tim Cook naturally isn’t too impressed though with Microsoft’s upcoming device and he has used Apple’s recent conference call to publicly state that the Microsoft Surface is a “compromised and confusing product”, basically echoing what some reviews have been saying about the product.

Here is a portion of the conference call, which includes some other rather cryptic thoughts from Cook on the Surface:

“I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well.”

What do you make of this admission that the Surface is a compromised and confusing product – is that slightly harsh on Microsoft considering it is not even out yet? Calling it compromised is obviously a reference to the fact that Windows as an operating system remains vulnerable to attack, but it will be interesting to see just how many consumers bypass this and just pick up the Surface because it looks like a very slick product to own.

Are Apple in danger of over exposing the iPad with yet another model in 2012 after the ‘new’ iPad, iPad Mini and now the iPad 4? Let us know what you think of Tim Cook’s dig at Microsoft and what tablet device you will be buying between the two.



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