GTA V trailer 2 one year on

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 26, 2012

It is shocking that a year has almost gone by since the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer had been revealed, which is pretty amazing considering we would’ve expected GTA V trailer 2 by now, although the second video has failed to materialize to date. Some of our readers might know that today is the one year anniversary since Rockstar officially announced GTA V with a logo on their homepage, which then pointed to the release date for the first trailer.

We know that news surrounding the next Grand Theft Auto game has started to heat up, and we’ve seen more in the last month and half than in the rest of 2012. The latest tease had been the first GTA V artwork, can be seen here if you missed it, and this had been met with great pleasure from gamers.

What’s next for GTA V? While most of us would like to see the release date, it seems that something more possible is trailer 2 for GTA 5, which could launch around the same time as the magazine exclusive and help to build extreme hype, even if it’s not needed for a game with such a following. November 2 will be the one-year anniversary since the first video, so seeing GTA 5 trailer 2 on this date certainly makes sense.

Putting aside the fact that Rockstar has left it way too long between trailers, how would you like to see GTA 5 trailer 2 exactly one year after the first? If we finally get to see the next trailer, then what would you like to see revealed within it?

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  • TheGingerKid

    has any one else realized that that is a battlefield 3 map?

  • Chad

    I’m a huge fan of the series, and have been playing it since the very first GTA was released. I’ve been playing GTA IV lately again to help abate the nervous shakes I get when I anticipate the release of GTA V and here’s what I noticed. I miss everything they took away when they released GTA IV; the planes, vehicle customization, gang warfare, and an incredibly extensive map are to name but a few. I understand that these things didn’t fit into the storyline, but it’s still disappointing to not be able to equip my vehicle with hydraulics, taunt some rival gang members, and then take a cruise through the country to my private airstrip where I can fly my harrier jet.

    I tried going back to GTA SA, but after getting used to the GTA IV driving physics it makes the previous games unbearable. My only hope is that they’ve returned many of the things they removed from GTA SA in this new release.

  • ismae

    i like to see gameplay trailer for 5 minutes that wil be cool and in the end of the trailer the release date

  • syco

    I would love to see gangs in the trailer, because the first one only showed fanciness and rich people, it just had that stardom and laid back cali life feeling, the next one needs to be more street, show gangs and crime, police corruption, sorta show the other side of los santos, either ways off topic, i can bet san fierro and las venturas are gonna be in the dlc, if mexico and the border area are in the game then the possibilites are endless, cartels, drug trafficking, human smuggling, human trafficking etc.

  • Che K47

    Seen it advertised in two retailers with the release date 29th of may 2013

  • Matt

    I dont ‘overly’ care now to be honest. I got real excited last year when the trailer launched and went from searching GTAV news everyday for like 2 months, then this is the first time ive checked for news on the game in like 4 or 5 months. Only reason im checking now is to see if it will get its usual October release date, which doesnt seem likely now. I have my fondest gaming memorys buying all the GTA games in October and playing them through Christmas, i was so disapointed that GTAIV was delayed from October 2007 to April 2008. My fondest gaming memory ever in my 27yrs of gaming was playing GTA San Andreas over Christmas 2004, so i was hoping GTAV would launch this winter. If it launches next spring or summer ill wait untill winter 2013 and buy a second hand copy cheaper, that way i get to experience it over Christmas. In the mean time it looks like Hitman,Far Cry,Forza,Need 4 Speed and Black Ops 2 will keep me more than occupied untill October 2013.

  • Kevin

    Hope the driving camera is sorted, I hated the camera control on last one

    • Majestic 12

      screw the camera, first sort out the crappy car handling.

  • R.A.G.E.

    character and car customization.

  • Jim

    Hey, creative wording. You should probably stop writing.

  • I got a feeling… wooo… jks jks.. But seriously, I think they will release a new trailer on the 2nd of November as it would be one year from their original trailer post, so this guy isn’t alone on this coz it seems logical.

  • Walter Samuel


  • Jimmy Smellbottom

    Characters !

  • kkk

    what is with the gulf of oman from bf3 ?

    • ElMasChingon

      I just caught what you ment by this im guessing no one else reconizes the back ground good eye mate

  • Richard

    I’m still driving around GTA San Andreas after about 8 years. That’s how good it is. More recent versions of GTA have been ok, but I hope this new one has a similar appeal to GTA SA so that I can be in love with the environments and enjoy them for years.

    • Matthew Morse

      yes i heard that GTA 5 same enviroment to SA, basicly i think its like a renewed GTA SA with better graphics and different story line

  • Mike Letoris

    I hope we get more visual insight into the environment, countryside, farms, beaches. Also variety, in terms of pedestrian variants from hillbillys in the countryside to hollywood snobs in mulholland, whether or not San Diego/ Mexico borderline will be included as another entity besides Los Santos, and most importantly the protagonist, multiple or not at least some hints will suffice.

  • Sup

    I’m probably gonna be a hermit for a few days to play the hell out of this game.

    • gta5

      Lol same here mate. Booking the week off work for sure : )

  • Gta V awaiting

    Trailer 2 would be very nice 2 see , wanna see the fight mechanic’s & just what you cam do in the game .. Big bangs & loads of cars : )

  • ILT

    I would’nt like it at all to see the trailer next year i heard GTA V was releasing 12/31/12

    • Whostine

      really bro? thats two months…and the most marketing rockstar has done are a few screenshots. 2012 release: Ain’t Happenin

  • jordan_houston_rfc

    They are taking a high risk with their strategy but at the same time it can be good and they could hit big because they have such a large target market. I think they have also held it out because of the current economy. I dont think it would be good cause lots of people arent spending their money just now and that would be a loss.

  • RobT

    I remember a year ago when we got the official word on GTA 5, and yes I’d love to see trailer 2 in a weeks time. Rockstar would do a good thing to bring it one year later to the day.

  • Susan

    I’m amazed it has been a whole year with only one trailer, come on Rockstar bring us the next one at least a year later.