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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price lower on Wirefly

If you are looking to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the US, you may want to consider T-Mobile as your preferred network, as online retailers Wirefly have lowered their Note 2 asking price to an extent where it would be silly to turn down.

As you can imagine, demand for the highly anticipated Note 2 is through the roof, although T-Mobile are still accepting pre-orders for the device on their official website. If you head to their listing right now, you’ll see that they are selling the device in both Titanium Grey and Marble White for $369.99 on a two year contract.

You’ll be able to get a $50 mail-in rebate once you have set the device up with a data plan, but you should definitely consider Wirefly as the place to pick up your phone, rather than the official T-Mobile website, for very good reason.

For the exact same device in either color, Wirefly will instead offer you the mighty Note 2 for a significantly reduced price of $279.99, almost $100 cheaper than what T-Mobile direct are asking you for. It states on Wirefly’s website that all orders will be shipping within 3 to 5 days, and you can even get $100 in cash back if you trade-in some of your unwanted smartphones that are lying around.

It sounds too good to be true and there doesn’t appear to be any catches in place. It’s for a same two-year contract with T-Mobile and you may want to jump on this before their stock runs out, especially for those that are eying up the more elusive Marble White version.

Have you spotted a better deal online elsewhere for the Galaxy Note 2 release in the US? Is T-Mobile really a suitable option for you to fork out on a new two-year contract, or are you really looking to stay on either AT&T, Verizon or Sprint if possible? We’ll let you know if this price is beaten.



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