Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update on Sprint with problems

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 25, 2012

Finally the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update has gone live, and we’re getting reports from PR readers that devices are starting to get the Android 4.1 software update. This is said to be the first carrier in the US to deliver Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean, which is something truly special considering the long wait and frustration caused for many users.

First thing this morning users started to see an OTA update, as expected, for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and this time it hadn’t been another minor update, which in fact turned out to be Android 4.1.1. This means that Galaxy S3 users can finally enjoy the expanded notifications, enhanced features, and of course Android Beam all found with Jelly Bean.

Samsung has also added some of their own things to the Android 4.1 software, which means Galaxy S3 owners will also benefit from more than the standard Jelly Bean update features. This includes improvements to the camera app with new live filters for video and still images. If you’re new to the Galaxy S3 then you might enjoy the new “Easy Mode“, which allows users to learn the most important parts of the OS with an easy to understand tutorial.

Do you have Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean on your Sprint, and if so feel free to let us know your rough location and what time it arrived? There is a chance that your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 might not see Jelly Bean just yet, so the carrier has advised users to be patient and that the software will download automatically when it finds the update.

Problems reported by some – we’ve also heard about a few issues with Jelly bean on some smartphones, which one user said “I’ve got the update but now my phone can’t load pages, is having problems viewing pictures, and also keeps shutting down different services“. These problems might be isolated to select users, although we’d love to hear from you if you’ve had problems with your Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean install.

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  • Just got it on Verizon, App performance significantly degraded, battery usage increased, and a single email message takes 30+ seconds to load. Not impressed.

  • Edwin G.

    All my downloads come out “unsuccessful” and it’s annoying…

  • MommaOfOne

    I am disappointed. Phone worked well before update. Now battery is drained by midday, notifications are cut short (only a brief sound, but not even half of the sound is heard), pages continue to shut down. My phone is used for business/pleasure and its NOT doing the job it needs to be doing. Was happy. Not now. Hoping for a fix VERY soon!

  • matt

    fyi, charges faster than before but also drains quicker. hopefully a fix is in the works.

  • matt

    got it 8am yesterday, started noticiing that my battery was running down quicker.called sprint, they said, how about a hard reboot? i said how bout a boot up your %$# no, thankfully i have a spare battery if i need it. other than that smoother interface,quick reaction time. i like it.

  • I received the update Sunday 11/11. I have had issues with the internet crashing and the drain on my battery is outrageous. It also takes forever to charge. I’m in Norfolk, VA

  • Downloaded the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and have found a few gliches thus far. When scrolling the screen up and down the screen suddenly enlargers. I believe the page button and bookmarks button has changed positions on the browser screen. The refresh button is now missing as well. The spell check seems messed up also when it works at all. Wish Samsung would add arrow buttons on the keyboard like HTC. Also I wish they would add auto sizing to the web screens instead of having to resized with two fingers, with HTC double tapping screen fits the fonts to the screen immediately. :(.

  • Jelly Bean User :(

    I recieved it yesterday in Mexico (Telcel) and have the same problem “ doesn’t work” and my camera doesn’t work, as well as my camera and video. If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know please.

    • matt

      you need a hard reboot

  • i did what this post said and it worked after 4 tries you can try going to settings applications then go to all the scroll down to google service framworks open then clear data then force close exit go back in to settings scroll to the bottom hit system update then samsung update it should say last updated on 12/31/1969 then update it worked for me

  • sue

    Has anyone had a problem with Galaxy S III overheating. Only had it for one day. Charging phone over night and alarm said overheating. It was hot to touch. Please help

    • trying to help

      I had the same over heating problem contact your provider if you got insurance and swap it out
      It’s probably the device not the battery
      (Galaxy s3 )

  • Kitkat901

    Help with my Samsung s3 camera done the update software and my camera stop working has anyone else having this problem.

  • danny

    I’m waiting for it its been 12 days since they released it :/

  • Patrick

    Received my update on 10/26 sprint gs3. Running really smooth however I have noticed an increase in ram usage and battery consumption. Also noticed my gs3 is taking forever to charge. 6 hours and only 45% charging…. before on 4.0.4 would take about 2 hours for a full charge from usb/pc and that’s while watching a movie on my phone. Not sure what has happened but it is the only negatives I have about the update. Gps, ALL my apps and sync/calendar are working perfectly fine.

  • frank smith

    I have got the update for my s3 three days back and I am facing a serious problem.. I do feel the speed has been reduced. And I often get error on many apps and it gets force closed which was better before the update… some times the gallery opens after a min or so … I am literally getting irritated wit the new update … hope these Samsung guys fix all those bugs sooner… just wanna shift back to the older version .. which was far better and faster to use…

  • dc55

    I am in Baltimore. Still waiting for jelly bean and the LTE we were promised.

  • Adrian

    I’m outin Los Angeles…got the update at 3 am this morning 🙂

  • john

    Said there was an update available in jacksonville, nc this morningbut when i went to install it aborted and said something about allsharecast in red. Any ideas?

  • Cristina

    Im still waiting for the update too. It says its out for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but my phone didn’t get it… What to do…

  • Mark

    Got it yesterday here in Riverside CA. Keeps getting process. Media error and goggle. Errors. Cannot access my gallery at all. Sprint tech support couldn’t help so have to walk in to a store.

  • Matthew Hawkins

    I’m here in Missouri haven’t received it yet waiting impatiently. LOL

  • kgs385

    I live in Rochester ny and I got my update at 6:30 ish you can try going to settings applications then go to all the scroll down to google service framworks open then clear data then force close exit go back in to settings scroll to the bottom hit system update then samsung update it should say last updated on 12/31/1969 then update it worked for me

    • hailyn

      tried it but it did not work

      • Danny

        Me neither

        • Andrea

          You might have to do the process a few times before it works. It took me 3 times but I got it.

    • im here in stl mo i just did this step 4 times and it worked for me

  • Steve

    Phone said update available… Yes… Yes I thought here we go. then at 98% got a error saying connection problem. Bummer. Canby Or

  • William

    Still can’t sync fb contacts birthdays to my calendar

  • WilLiam

    I csnt sync fb birthday with my calender

  • Nicety

    I have mine! OCTOBER 26. It popped up while I was installing Win 8 !! Pleasant surprise. I’m in Atlanta Ga. USA

  • Len

    unlocked gs3 updated yesterday. loads of problems with this report. unfortunately, the process has stopped. among other problems similar to that one. rubbish. cant seem to go back either.

  • dylan shaw

    Orlando florida here. As of 1:25 pm it says “there is no update available” still on 4.0.4.

  • Chris Williams

    I I now have jelly bean for my galaxy s3 and I got it at 7am. in ATL Georgia on October 26th

  • jordan

    my samsung galaxy s3 on t-mobile UK / EE UK is eligible for the update as I have a notification keep popping up telling me to BUT when I click it. its refusing me and says ‘ access to the software update provided to users in the order of which requested. try later’ … it’s said this for 2days now.

    • ssss

      i have the same problem as urs and I don’t know what should I do

      • jordan

        Samsung uk claimed that I need to contact t-mobile. it’s caused by a networks issue

  • Kevin

    Still waiting minnetonka mn

  • Eric

    I have at&t 🙁

  • James

    I’ve just arrived in Norway from the UK. Software download started as soon as I connected to wi-fi.
    See what this new update brings us. Hopefully Android file transfer will work again!!!

  • BWhat1989

    Frustrating how this wait could last so long even after its been officially released. In Chicago and still no update :/

  • Chris

    Been dying for the update and a full day later still dont have anything. Hopefully get just the good and not any problems.

  • Jennyd

    I have the update on galaxy s3…no longer able to get alarm briefings, it says it’s there and on but when the alarm goes off I just get music 🙁 disappointed, I liked to hear the time and my schedule. Also my sky go app no longer works.

    • Paul Hunt

      What’s ur location? I’m in Philly havnt received anything yet.

  • Hector Camberos

    I am also waiting patiently

  • mel

    Still waiting patiently :/

  • Prateek

    I haven’t got a update till now… 🙁 Waiting