Galaxy Note 2 AT&T release date precedes Verizon by 21 days

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 25, 2012

If you’re waking up today thinking about placing your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pre-order, then you might want to check the release date for AT&T and Verizon first. Most of our readers were focused on the Galaxy Note 2 price for different networks, but the delayed launch had previously upset those of you in the United States, so it might be a good idea to find out when the device would finally ship to you before ordering.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 can be pre-ordered on Verizon Wireless today, which the image below clearly shows that the device “will ship by 11/27“. This will not make some people happy that have been waiting for months, and some thought they could get hands-on with the Galaxy Note 2 either today or very early in November.

When it comes to the Galaxy Note 2 release date on AT&T it is a bit better, and the carrier claims their pre-orders should currently “ship on Nov 6, 2012“. This is a very important gap as far as consumers are concerned, which means those choosing AT&T will be hands-on 3 weeks before Verizon. We previously knew that Samsung would like the shipping dates staggered to make sure they could meet demand, and wouldn’t experience any major stock shortages.

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US price it seems that AT&T are offering a no commitment deal at $649.99, which is $50 cheaper than Verizon although both offer the same $299.99 2-year contract price. Earlier today we looked at what T-Mobile were offering and compared it to purchasing from Wirefly, which would save our US readers some money.

Most people would have decided on a carrier already, although we’d love to know if these Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shipping dates make a difference when choosing between AT&T and Verizon?

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  • Aaron

    Verizon rep confirmed, twice, a shipping date of 11/17 today when I ordered. Still wish it was more like TM or ATT

    • hi

      really? verizon rep. told me 27

  • GOAT

    I can’t believe that Samsung and AT&T are making me spend 3 more weeks with my iPhone 4. Shame on them. And I want the white GN2 which means I have to wait until God knows when. Samsung should’ve had both colors shipped and stocked. This phone was introduced back in August. It was released internationally in September. Now here in the US we have to wait until November for certain carriers to have it. If they wait any longer, the court will tell them that they can’t sell any phones in America in favor of Apple.

  • Beny007

    Sorry for the typo, I meant Galaxy Note 2***

  • Beny007

    After being with At&T for more then 5 years and then switching to Verizon last year, I have been waiting for the release date on the Galaxy Nexus 2 for AT&T. Im ready to switch back to AT&T. I guees where I live AT&T has better coverage then Verizon, especially LTE which is a big deal for me

  • Tiffany

    I love Verizon and won’t switch carriers just because a release date. I went and pre ordered mine this morning in white. I am a bit upset that I have to wait so long but the service with Verizon is worth the wait.

  • bruce

    I would like to say that 3 Weeks would make a difference but I had already decided to move from Verizon to AT&T so it works out ok for me.

  • dj7418

    Yeah… I’m not happy that Tmobile released it first and that the ship date is two weeks away for at&t, AND that they don’t have white. It makes me want to switch carriers, or just figure out how to make calls on my nexus 7.

  • Infrnl

    I’d like to know if they plan to release a us unlocked version

    • bruce

      Yes, Amazon has that

      • Nigel

        You have a link to share? All I can find on amazon is the international non lte version.

        • There is no valid link because Amazon is only selling the note 2 version N7100, which is the unlocked international model with 3g, not 4g lte. It was released a while ago for areas of the world that do not have 4g and/or lte up and running. Kind of an expensive buy for an android phone without 4g lte, which is now standard in America. There is a just released international model that does get 4g lte. That is model N7105. If you want an unlocked version with 4g lte, Google note 2 N7105. This version may be the only version that comes with 4g lte and is unlocked, and they may not make a separate American version. Amazon is not the place to go, Bute googling the N7105 brings you to some great sites selling this version. Mine will come from at&t when they, eventually, release it, but I checked out unlocked versions out of curiosity. If I didnhave an upgrade available and I wanted unlocked, I would go for the N7105.

  • tassieROCKS

    I’m so mad with AT&T. I spent two hours trying to order my SGN II this morning online and over the phone. I ended up having a rep on the phone and ordering online at the same time. To top it off, the rep I had was HALF ASLEEP the entire time and I had to answer my own questions and yell at her to wake up. THEN I find that AT&T isn’t even OFFERING the white version yet… You know what, SCREW YOU AT&T! This will be the SIXTH year that I’ve gone through with a BLACK/GRAY model of the iPhone to my SGN II because of your STUPID marketing strategy of releasing one color at a time… PIECES OF sh!!! marketing team.