Xbox 360 hasn’t won PS3 sales battle just yet

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2012

It has been a while since we last heard of any direct console vs console boasts, but you may be interested to hear that Microsoft has once again gone on the direct offensive against Sony by claiming that the Xbox 360 will end up as the best selling console ahead of the PS3 by the end of 2012 in the UK.

It’s obviously not the first time that Microsoft has spoken publicly about their much loved console in comparison to rival efforts from Sony and Microsoft, but it is unusual in the fact that Microsoft appear to be adamant that the Xbox 360 cannot be beaten by the PS3 sales this year – as far as the UK is concerned anyway.

Pawan Bhardwaj is the product manager for Xbox Live and he recently said the following in a statement to CVG: “The data we have is for the January to September period, but I can absolutely assure you that the Xbox 360 will be the best-selling console for the calendar year”.

That’s a pretty bold statement there you have to say and we’ll be very surprised if Sony’s own product manager doesn’t come out in retaliation and say that the PS3 will actually outperform the Xbox 360 before the end of the year. Having said that, how many of you believe that Microsoft is telling the truth here and that they can’t be beaten this year?

Looking on the horizon, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that most gamers will be picking up Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360 due to all of the under the table DLC agreements going on, the same goes for Skyrim and the possibility of a third expansion called Dragonborn. Halo 4 will also help to shift Xbox 360 hardware units, so can Sony compete with this?

Sony has just released their super slim PS3 console and this may be a key factor in the battle, with retailers very likely to introduce price cuts during the busy holiday season. As far as software is concerned, there is the exclusive content for Asssassin’s Creed 3, Wonderbook, DUST 514 and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale all still to come.

It’s going to be a close battle for sure, but who do you think is going to win the sales battle between Sony and Microsoft? We don’t think it’s going to be a clear cut one horse race in Microsoft’s favor. Let us know what you think about this.

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  • darkz

    doesn’t matter which console you have it’s just a system people have different reason why they buy, it doesn’t make it better than the other .(for me i bought the ps3 because it free to play online which is all i need and the new psn store sucks too much on the screen)

  • hehe

    Easy think!
    (i have both 360/PS3)
    you buy xbox360 for hmm 10$ and you keep pay hmm 1$ every 30days to get your self online. Or you buy PS3 20$ and free to play online for a life time ? or what you think which one suck you money ?

  • ArseneWenger30 (PSN ID )

    There is no upside to owning a 360 unless you want to play HALO,which is overrated. The PS3 is a great system and I would not have an XBOX given to me.

  • PleaseBillDontSue

    Xbox sold a lot because of RROD. Made to last my ass. The more RROD, the more – Oh were gonna put those replacement consoles on the “it counts as a new Xbox” list. My Game boy, bought in 1993, still works. Game Gear in 1993, Screen,audio and games work; my game boy color, 1998, had a few dents, but still works; my Ps1, bought in 1999, never failed; Ps2 in 2002, still alive and kicking, Xbox 360, 2006, dead in a year, replaced 3 times, in 2008, 2009 and 2011. If I had a Tv that blew like that every year, I would have taken it all the way to the Empire State Building’s last floor and thrown it down with a Batista Bomb and cursed at its remains for 10 straight hours. I would do the same with the Xbox. I’m not gonna buy another Microsoft console until I see in the news “Rate Failure = 1%”. I would rather buy a Wii U (I hate Nintendo’s childish policies, but at least I wouldn’t cash out 250 every year). Bill, next time, have a full department on projecting cooling for a console. Create a new fluid that dissipates heat with a better rate and that will be used by Nasa, but please man, Don’t rip me off again. I just wanna play games. Most of us are not Apple Hipsters. I don’t want it to be super effin’ cool, I don’t want to take pictures of it, I don’t want to sell my soul to a brand. I just want to play the freaking game and enjoy it, like I did when I was a kid, with no problems whatsoever.

  • Superman

    The only people who believe than an Xbox 360 can actually beat a PS3 is any area is a hardcore X360 fan boy. I’ve owned both consoles. It is down to personal preference but Sony has proved with figures and statistics the PS3 is not only more powerful than the Xbox, but outsold. Exclusives aren’t an area the Xbox touches either, come on… MGS4 trumps ALL as a game.

  • Dave 1

    This is so funny watching ps3 and Xbox 360 fanboys arguing about which one is better. The Gaming pc is years ahead of either the Xbox 360 or Ps3. Save up you’re pennies or Cents and get a pc desktop instead. Prices range from about £ 586 – £ 800/ $ 944.94- $1290.02

  • Ralph

    i don’t know about all you fan boys but since i bought my Xbox 360 in 2005, it has yet to broke down, i still have it, works fine, halo 4, fable, gears of war…hands down best games to play ONLINE without the lag…i would pay 50 bucks a year to play LAG FREE GAMES ONLINE!

  • Come on kids play nice Its about personnel preference the ps3 aint perfect but you sit there and think the xbox is some GOD console and think that having 6 halo games gives you the edge,And you think call of duty is a copy and paste game? LOL you wanna sit back and take a hard long look at the state of xbox,

  • Since 2k5, I’ve owned 10 360s, since 06 i’ve owned 4 PS3s. I got both consoles from the very beginning and what is beyond aggravating is hearing people say the 360 has the best library. That’s horseshizza. The 360 has been the most expensive, most unreliable console I’ve ever had to deal with. Both the 360 and PS3 have come a very long way though, but in the end the PS3 has the hands down BEST exclusives I’ve ever played, and if you don’t think so, then you just haven’t played any Uncharted game or MGS4. Multi-plat games,have mostly been best on the 360 though.

    All in all though, this Generation has not been anywhere near as fun as the last. I’m hoping that the 8th gen will be one to remember though, too bad Nintendo seems to have seriously messed up first….common $50 difference for a darker color, 24 more GBs and cradles for the damn controller and console…..COMMON NINTENDO! Seriously so disappointed. I was totally ready to be done with the PS3/360 crap.

  • My

    Oh my, just saw all the previous comment’s, seems it’s not only the writers of this site that don’t have a clue about sales either 😛

  • My

    And Microsoft were absoloutely right to make that statement. The UK market behaves much like the US market, where PS3 hasn’t outsold the 360 in nearly 3 years, it’s not about to start either. 360 will already be ahead of PS3 by a certain amount, why exactly is PS3 not only going to overtake 360 over xmas in weekly sales (with no reason?) but enough to cut into that lead 360 has built up.

    Please use common sense.

  • marhorn

    Xbox 360 has won this gen….for that matter Xbox won the last gen. It ain’t always about sales or numbers, its about what people believe (or perceive) to be the market leader. When the original Xbox came along it changed the game and the 360 for coming out that long ago…to do all the things it does now is crazy! And bluray is just 25g instead of 9g but it has like 3 games that utilise it. For that matter I watch all my stuff on pure HD on my Xbox no one needs bluray anymore.
    This site just reports on ps3 and how it doesn’t get skyrim and apple. By there on words they only dusted off their Xbox to play dawngaurd, nothing on the biggest release of this year halo 4 or those incredible live actions….every other site in existence is reporting on halo 4, here its all Sony and apple and lack of skyrim dlc and how that’s not fair…so do all Xbox players boycott assassins creed?….lol no, they dont care!
    Xbox has won…hell it makes more money on avatar items than sony does for online services. Yes xbox live is £2-3 pound a month but id rather pay to have a better service that doesn’t get hacked. Why hasn’t anonymous hacked xbox live? Coz they can’t!
    I have literally owned all consoles…since my older brothers Amstrad to the nes to megadrive to dreamcast (sooo undrated, the memory card with sonic chao game…just wow)
    Actually like this…all sony ps1, the smaller ps1, ps2, ps2 slim, psp and even ps3 (might get the vita).
    All nintendo nes, snes 64, cube, wii, gameboy, pocket, colour, advanced, tribal, ds and 3ds. no microgameboy and undecided on the wi u.
    Xbox, 360 and that lasted me right up till now, got a halo 4 console on preorder, even wp7 (achievements on a phone)
    beleive me xbox has won….

    • MacVities

      LOL, Xbox is constantly hacked, Microsoft sweep the problem under the carpet.

      Google for Xbox account emptying..

      Nobody ever lost money on PSN hack, but strangly, the media are too scared to report the Microsoft hacking, as Microsoft’s money pays the bills.

    • in US yes they won, but we are talking globally which Sony dominates(in terms of gaming console ).

    • Josh101

      I suppose the two before me answered your minor quibbles. I assume you completely for get the RROD issue?? The xbox to ANY console fail ratio is unbelievable. Yes, Microsoft is hacked on a constant basis.

  • I am only looking for a possible remake of final fantasy 7 on the PS3 that include voice cast. Other than that, there’s no need to pick one up.

  • MacVities

    LOL, The PS3 has outsold the XBox360 every year for the past 5 years, according to OFFICIAL end of year sales, from the official reports. The hyperbole that the media report uses cherrypicked territory wins, rather than whole picture.

    Microsoft are easily in last place this generation, despite launching 16 months before anyone else. You also have to question how many are replacement consoles, as with a 50%+ failure rate, it’s going to be a HUGE proportion…


    PS3 Xbox360
    2011: 13.9m 13.6m
    2010: 14.3m 11.9m
    2009: 13.0m 11.7m
    2008: 10.1m 10.0m
    2007: 9.1m 7.7m 

    • BIGGN 81

      Not quite buddy, xbox owns 50% of the market share… I have had both ps3 and xbox for many years and my ps3 is pretty much just a blu ray player anymore. Sony stopped innovating and started mimicking, xbox had an OS, came with wireless controller, came with usb, came with online play, first with HD graphics, first with apps, first with an online digital store and Sony has copied it all. The places where xbox shines most is the ever evolving OS, exclusive titles, features being added constantly (ex: smartglass), and most of all Xbox live (which Sony has not been able to nail yet). Look I am not a fan boy, I just call it like I see it… Xbox started way behind Sony but Microsoft has been working and pushing with everything the have got to beat Sony and it shows. Most of you ps3 fan boys may hate halo but the fact is that it’s an amazing game that has changed gaming and will sell millions of copies the first day, it will sell consoles along with the new fall os update and smartglass. Ps3 has a blu ray player but those can be purchased for really cheap now so why not buy a console that you can play lag free games on dedicated servers with friends like halo 4 and get an overall better experience and then just buy a $75 blu ray player?

      • MacVities

        “xbox owns 50% of the market share”

        xbox owns 50% of the AMERICAN market share, and that’s in total number of consoles sold to date. However how many people to you know that have ever owend one? Not many, given RROD rate, and noise the originals made.

        Globally, PS3 has outsold the Xbox, despite it launching 16 months earlier. I showed you ACTUAL numbers, and you responded with a made up, and misqouted 50% and a load of Microsoft hyperbole. Get real.

      • Josh101

        Ohhhhhh wow. You dropped the ball on your post ‘buddy’. Microsoft has NOWHERE NEAR 50% market share. It’s possible they have a large marketshare here in the states but globally?? Yeahh, nooo. Your “first” list is completely wrong. PC was 1st with all of those. Honestly, did you really just throw out the “exclusive” titles. Really?? Reallllly?? MS has a TOTAL of 6 in-house AAA exclusive franchises. Sony has over 18 in-house AAA exclusive franchises and announced 5 MORE just this year. Free dedicated servers?? No, just no. Your xbox live subscription does NOT include dedicated servers. Wishful thinking much?? Resident evil 4 revolutionized gaming, Microsoft and Halo/Gears of War just copied and tweaked components adding cover based shooting. That is all.

        • marhorn

          Yeah Resident evil revolutionized gaming….Capcom, not Sony or anything of the sort other than being Asian or more specifically Japanese. All ill informed racial stereotypes aside, we need to have truth here…Halo invented the formula that fps games try to replicate since like 11 years ago…it changed the game. 2 weapon tactical carry, grenade button..hell vehicles, seamless indoor/outdoor environment. I play all Playstation exclusives and all wins. Hands down.
          Halo 4 is literally the best console graphics, for those of you who know reach forge or replays and the insaneness of the stills and graphic detail…oh wait they aint on here, they got better stuff to do like cracking codes.
          Dont get me wrong I love god of war and gran turismo and some of the unique indie games but uncharted does not beat that magic of thr first tombraider (which I hope the new one gets back to) but in the end it don’t matter…its just all gaming. …but yeah Xbox wins..hands down…Microsoft wrote the book on internet.

      • MacVities

        50% US-Marketshare, perhaps. But that’s in consoles sold, not console ownership. Most of them are RROD replacements.

        The XBox active userbase is MUCH smaller than that of the PS3, when you look at global sales figures. And I mean OFFICIAL end of year earnings report figures that can’t be faked or lied about, as I posted above. Not some Joystiq fanboy US-only NPD “victory”

        The XBox is sat in last place, despite launching first.

      • Blob the Bob

        yes n no…the exclusive titles for 360 are nothing…since most of them end up appearing on PC, now is that exclusive to xbox? no it is not…here is the real fact about the two systems; they are both flawed as well as the pc, so none of the systems are perfect nor will they ever be, but you can say this that they both have good features that will give them an edge over the other system. Like the chatting system on the 360 is better with the cross gaming chat, when ps3 can’t handle that…or the fact that 360 came out with achievements to make you feel like you are getting more out of a game, and ps3 then copied. Or how about Ps3 was the first system to have WLAN built in instead of it costing you about 100 bucks like the 360 did? Or better yet, most games that are blu-ray require fewer disks, so take Oblivion GOTY you only had 1 disc for ps3 while 360 had 2 (one of which was a install disc). So the truth of the fact is PS3 has had better sales, with a better initial product but Microsoft does go out of their way to taking care of their customers even if it means “bending/breaking” rules, like with the 30 days exclusiveness with Skyrim, C.o.D. etc. Sony must start taking things a little more serious or they will lose sales. Now I’m a ps3 gamer, I see that all systems have their edges, and I won’t deny them. But you can’t really compare the systems since they both handle differently with strengths and weakness is different areas, now when you compare them are say preformance would you be able to truly compare them but as a whole you can’t.

        With all said maybe everyone will see things in a different light, maybe not. But look at everything not just what either Pc fanbois, 360 fanbois, or ps3 fanbois say, since they don’t really see beyond the fact that their system “is better” then the rest.

      • Carter6600

        Lol it’s funny you say that cause playstation plus started outsellings Xbox live in march this year and ps3 has great exclusives e.g. Uncharted, Restistance, killzone and little if planet and what does xbox have gears of war and halo that’s basically it I have both an Xbox and ps3 and when I got kinetic on my xbox it was crap and I had to return it with my xbox because they overheated in an hour so overall ps3 is generally better with better graphics (not very much whatsoever tho) better software and more for your money.

    • actually he’s right, year for year the PS3 has sold much better. The 360 had over a year head-start, I know I was there when it started, and other than guys like me having to go out and buy my 3rd or 4th 360, people just didn’t buy them. So in all fairness, the 360 having a 30+% failure rate has added a HUGE amount of sales for them. I’ve seen people do it many times in the past decade. “dude my 360 RROD” any good video gaming friend says: “buy another, we have to finish Gears”

      Sony has always, hands down, makes the best hardware, however this gen MS wisened up and pushed/bullied developers to the point that they do the 360/PC development first, then Playstation. Hence the reason the real exclusive PS3 games (MGS4, GT5, Uncharted[s]) have looked drastically better than anything I’ve seen the 360 kick out.

      Microsoft has also been able to mindlessly brain wash people into paying additional money for an online service on top of what you pay for netflix/hulu and your ISP. Incredibly shifty but it seems to be making them plenty of money. Cause everyone knows Windows 8 is going to fail and the only thing they’ve had the past 10 years that has made any money is the dam xbox lol

  • Playstation is just not the innovator they used to be. Xbox 360 has had the longest life of any console ever created. From what my 360 did when I first opened it to all of the things it does now is a mind blower. When I bought my 360 almost 10 years ago I had no clue that in the future it would stream Netflix, Hulu, Presidential elections, have an IE web browser, or Kinect.

    • Josh101

      Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but the 360 has definately not had the longest life of any console. That would be the Sony Ps2 which is still being developed for, to this day. Literally. Also the 360 has only been out since 2005. 7 years. You might want to check a wiki or something. You are wayyyy off target.

    • LMAO, you couldn’t be more wrong. First off it was 7 years ago, long way from 10 and let’s hear about hardware reliance. 55% failure at launch and recent survey said 25% failure just last year. Sure the slim is better but so much of the consoles life it’s been dead. Also no true exclusives since best are on PC, including Halo, Gears, Mass Effect 1, Battlestations, All Fables, Left 4 Dead and more. Also free online play the PC way.

      Also 360 has no exclusive content like PS3. Only in the best games too, Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Batman AA and AC, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Fight Night, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Mafia 2, Mass Effect 2 (even though it was your old exclusive), Saints row 3 (even though its your old exclusive).

      Plus PS+ kicks the living crap out of 360, 15 huge free AAA games in the last 3 months alone plus a bunch of other great things all for only $50/year and more stuff coming every month plus great discounts on brand new games, free map packs and more.

      Also you haven’t had a browser it’s entire life, no blu ray, no price decreases, old cd tray, huge power brick, AA eating controller that costs $50 yet no blue tooth or gyroscope either and you gotta swap disks on many games like it’s 1995.

      on top of all that you can’t even stream netflix or like service without paying M$ $300 every 5 years. LOL, for nothing, for something that is free on every other gaming platform and always has been.

      No thanks.

  • hah we PS3 got exclusive on assassin creed 3 just that alone will beat all of your shitbox dlc hahaha and by the way Gran turismo 5 is way better than Forza , hell for example in forza motorsport what kind of a car that started the engine but the monitor screen doesn’t turn on Period lol . Better graphic my arse we got Blu-ray disc what do you got Shitty box with a shitty disc inside ? and by the way nobody is using PC anymore they moved on to Apple . Period

    • Lightf33t

      You aren’t a lowlife junkie manchild at all, are you.

    • actually this guy has a very valid point.

    • Josh101

      Nahhh, I wouldn’t go as far as saying all that. Microsoft has ALOT of money to spend on dlc exclusives.

  • Lightf33t

    Another thing I’d like to add is that, from my experience, 360 updates are very quick, whereas PS3 patches and updates take unacceptably long times to download. I’ve got a fantastic connection with Virgin Media (can stream movies easily), so it’s not the connection to blame for the Resistance 3 patch/update taking an hour to download.

    Unnacceptable, Sony.

    • MacVities

      Your Internet is rubbish then, many ISP’s throttle the server (Akami) that Sony use for PSN updates, as they get classed as download servers. Xbox use their own hosting, which rarely gets throttled by ISP’s

      My firmware updates are downloaded and installed in less than 3 minutes.

      Stop being a cheapskate and get a decent ISP is your answer, rather than naively blaming Sony.

  • Lightf33t

    Having owned both a 360 and a PS3, I most definitely enjoyed the 360 SO much more. Unfortunately the 360 died (RROD) a year ago and I only have the PS3 now. People are mentioning so-called exclusives on PS3 but there are more exclusives on the 360 and a much bigger catalogue of games. Another thing I loved about the 360 was the superior controller. The PS3 controller is so small and uncomfortable, and the analogue sticks are too sensitive. That’s another major dealbreaker for me.

    It’s such a shame that the 360 hardware (At least in the earlier versions) is so unreliable.

    • Josh101

      Ummm, what?? 360 having more exclusives?? Ps3- Uncharted, Infamous, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Resistance, Wipeout, God of War. I could keep going but lets move to 360- Gears of war, Fable, Forza, Half-life and Halo. Going by purely AAA In-house titles. Sony owns Nintendo and Microsoft.

      • MacVities

        Uncharted series is the best gaming series ever, on any console.. Too bad so many brainwashed Xbox fanboys will never experience anything close to the train scene in Uncharted 2, or the sinking ship level in Uncharted 3.

        Their loss…

  • Rogue

    I love my PS3 fat. More than my Xbox 360 in quite a few ways. But there’s no way that the PS3 can beat the monster that is the Xbox 360 until attitudes at Sony change drastically. Mutilating the PS3 & soon the PS vita (believe me it’s going to happen), isn’t the way forward. All Sony have to do is realise what they have, use it in a less restrictive & more innovative way. Copy & improve on what Mircosoft do and are doing. Advertise with more frequency and in a way that connects to it’s customers better, (in other words more grounded and less artsy). Then & only then Microsoft can and will fall. But is it really going to happen? Doubt it.

  • Justajoe

    Definitely PS3 for me no amount of DLC exclusivity could ever make me buy an Xbox

  • HD

    360 > PS3. Xbox is 10x better and has Halo 4, Forza Motorsport.

  • yeahisaidit

    360 sucks and call of duty is extremely overrated. PS3 all the way it just has tooooo many awesome exclusives.

    • Thee Hack

      typical fanboy