Untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak after iOS 6.1 update

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2012

While it’s clear that a lot of you are still expecting an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak for iOS 6 to come out before the end of this month, or if not definitely next month, we have some new thoughts to share with you on why the wait for a Cydia update on Apple’s iPhone 5 could take a lot longer than expected.

After the revelation appeared on Twitter showing that a breakthrough had been made by well known hacker Chpwn, his jailbreak for iOS 6 has since remained unaccessible to the public, with many starting to question why it is taking such a long time for an untethered method to become available.

We’ve seen at recent jailbreak events that exploits for iOS 6 are available, but so far no developer has come forward and actually released anything to the public – why? There’s probably a good reason for that and it could rest in the fact that they are waiting for Apple to release another software update for iOS 6 first, so that their hard work doesn’t end up meaningless.

In the past, we have seen a cat and mouse game develop between Apple and iOS hackers where exploits are found, but held back so that Apple can release new software updates, without fixing the said exploit. This means that a jailbreak can still be possible on the new update and this could be the main reason why developers are refusing to release any untethered jailbreak software for iOS 6, until Apple possibly releases their usual iOS 6.0.1 or 6.1 update containing a plethora of bug and glitch fixes.

As we told you in a recent article, developers are now in possession of so called ‘failbreaks’, as they secretly work behind closed doors to ensure that Apple cannot spoil their party by releasing an update to iOS 6. You can imagine if an untethered jailbreak is released now, only for Apple to find a workaround days later – it just doesn’t make sense.

So as you ponder and pull your hair out on why a jailbreak still hasn’t become available to download, rest assured, there will probably be one released the very moment that Apple puts out a new official update to iOS 6. Let us know if you also think that this is a key factor in the delay of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.

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  • I get this and I’m waiting on a iphone 5 jailbreak love my i5 and will be excited to jailbreak I understand if its released after ios 6.1 I remember it took a while to jailbreak ipad 2 so its all good we can wait longer. just missing my games thats all.

  • ahmedonti Majid

    For the last year and they only promise as I am a user of I pad 3 sorry guys but your update 6.1 is zero still maps not giving correct Infos to a popular places like KFC and Hardee’s, bad battery, one attachment only allowed in one email, hang like hell, for no reason Internet never works until you restart ipad, no YouTube, no flash support, I really think this will never be fixed and really my next machine will be Samsung cause my brother use it and it is really waaw

  • BND

    So many stupid impatient whiney babies on this comments section. Why are you all getting pissed and being demanding? The jailbreaks are offered for free by people who don’t have to do what they do. You’ll get it when they say you get it, in the meantime shut up.

  • Kral

    Needed as soon as posible thank you

  • Shakur

    People r waiting

  • Shakur

    Come on pod2g and dev team we need jailbreak soon soon soon plz plz

  • Shakur

    We want the jailbreak

  • Taking Forever..

    You’re right, I am tearing my hair out, I’m tired of being I jailbroken on my ip5..

  • YOLO

    I will be laughing when iOS 6.1 blocks the jailbreak

  • Andrey

    please give it to us!!!!!!!!NOW

    • hbjdhbs

      Hey Man, Be grateful! Without these people there would be no such thing as a jailbreak, and they are doing this for FREE. They don’t even have to. Just Shut your mouth.

  • jailbr3akhelper

    it makes so much sense to do that

  • Ray

    I agree wait for a new iOS 6.01 or a 6.1

  • Eugene Twumasi

    please we want it so help us soon apple

  • Gangster

    We want it this week plz

  • Gangster

    Know plz plz plz

  • Gangster

    I can not wait

  • Gangster

    We want the jailbreak know plz

  • Threeze

    This article makes no sense at all. What’s the difference when the jailbreak is released – it will take apple programmers equally as long to correct the exploit. Whether its included in 6.0.1 or shoved into 6.0.2 makes no difference (as they could rush 6.0.2 out a week after 6.0.1 – who’s to say?)

    Additionally, when has a .0.1 update ever come with any upgrades of substantial worth that the entire jailbreak world would sacrifice their jailbroken .0.0?

    People have never had a problem waiting to upgrade to the next update until it was jailbroken before, so why would they care now?

  • Anon

    This makes a lot of sense, I never thought of it this way. Bait for them to first release an update to 6.0.1, and THEN boom jailbreak that. Forces Apple to work much longer to patch the jailbreak.

  • Expo97

    Man u all sound like a bunch of babys!!! When we this, when is going to be out!!,u people need to get a grip of urselfs… Leave the geniues at work when they feel it ready it will be out!!! For now STOP UR BITCHIN PLEASE!!!!!

  • Xprodigy

    Ummm even if thtz true, I’m sure we could all wait to update iOS 6.1 …. While Dev teams do their magic again…. People are getting pissed waiting…. Even heard some people saying they’re switching to ss3…. Too bad now tho… And I’m sure lots of the same exploits will be in 6.1 tht were/is currently in 6.0…

  • lazyeejay

    Part of me wonders if we will see a jailbreak at all. Apple have initiated legal wrangles into jail breaking of 6.0 and whilst I believe it can be jailbroken, I think there is a lot if stalling going on because someone does not want to end up prosecuted over it. I think the delay is primarily long to be because of the legal implications and that’s why I think it may not be made public. I hope it does as I upgraded to try it out on my 4S and now I’m stuck and have been for a month. I miss the being able to customise my phone, I don’t do normal!! Lol:)

    • amp3d

      You are incorrect. It is not illegal to jailbreak and never will be. Apple has already approached the courts and the cases have all been dismissed.

      The real reason the jb hasnt been released is because they have only a tethered jailbreak right now, and need to find a couple more vulnerabilities before a fully untethered can be completed.

      The don’t want Apple to patch the ones they found and waste it on a tethered.

  • Gangster

    Pod2g how long do we have to wait

  • Gangster

    To long for jailbreak by 25 th dec

  • Lawrence1099

    That sounds sensible there is no point in releasing now , then when the update from apple is released have another long wait for a another jailbreak.not to mention the extra work for these good people ( Hackers). I am lucky that my iPhone 4 is downgraded back to 5.1.1 which I may add was a simple process with the new redsnow release

  • Shakur

    When is 6.1 or 6.01 comeing out

  • Jose

    iOS 6.0.1 is slated to be released in the next few weeks. Apple then will work on iOS 6.1 but not until after Christmas. Jail breakers are hoping to release a jailbreak by dec 25th.

  • Chris

    Take your time lads no point working so hard to get it patched within day 😉 keep u the good work 🙂

  • breakuriphone

    So true, thats what i thought as well. They are playing who have better patience, and we suffer the consequences

  • namsu

    The failbreak isn’t really a jailbreak for it requires a dev account. Legal issues…

  • Shakur

    We need it soon plz