GTA V Illustration captures imagination

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 30, 2013

Most weeks can pass by without any Grand Theft Auto 5 news, although the last week has delivered a lot more from Rockstar than most weeks. This is thanks to a request for help with GTA V crews, the new official Facebook channel being made live, and within the last couple of hours an Illustration for GTA V has landed on the official blog.

Meet the new GTA V artwork – you got to love the subtle hints and teasing from Rockstar, which the image below had been published on the blog with a tiny tagline that simply said, “get ready” for “lots” of information in November. This has resulted in almost 2,000 comments within a couple of hours from gamers, and one of the most desired details wanted next month would be the GTA V release date, which stands a good chance of being revealed considering the increased promotion.

The magazine exclusive will undoubtedly be the destination for most of the new GTA 5 information next month, and exactly what Rockstar means in their tease today, although if you hate purchasing magazines you can count on the news breaking online pretty quick. This will likely happen on their Facebook page as well, after the exclusive of course.

Considering Game Informer are going to publish some exclusive GTA 5 news, will you purchase the magazine next month? The image above shows some thumbnails for the GTA 5 screenshots that Rockstar published over the last few weeks, although you can see them in full screen at

The GTA 5 illustration seen above has also captured the imagination of fans, and the guessing game for what details are coming has started. These include predictions for GTA 5 trailer 2 arriving with release date in November, for a future date in 2013 of course, and also the majority of gamers cannot praise Rockstar enough for the awesome artwork. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what might be revealed next month, and also the artwork published today.

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  • Dec

    The Littlewoods website has it on preorder for 31 May 2013 so it must be around that time.

  • V0RTEX

    I think it will release around end of November and beggining of December, if you look at it from this point of view, They release 1 trailer in 2011, so people have waited a whole other year expecting the game and all there going to do is release another trailer. It’s just basically messing the GTA fans around. One of my friends always seems to predict and get it right, he says it will release 23rd of November.
    Like alot of people say, the longer the better… I just think it were kinda stupid getting everyone’s hopes up of it releasing this year by releasing a trailer LAST year and it comming out in 2013 like alot of people are saying it will. People are talking about the game not being released as there only JUST working on crews, this means nothing… It could be added through an online update like most games do.
    I just really hope it comes out before 2013.

  • NotAGameAddict

    Lizzy, most dvd/games are actually released on a Friday..

  • MardyBum

    Christmas Christmas Christmas!

  • Gtamad1

    Just release it Don’t want to wait no more

  • Daddy b

    Holy shizzzznit

  • Isaac

    Please release in March, then I will be old enough to go to shop on my own and buy it 😀

    It will give them an extra few months to fix any bugs and glitches and clean up any last few scuffles in multiplayer and single player, releasing it bug free, which is rare for most games.

  • A Christmas release date, heck ill even buy the special special edition.

  • Lizzy

    most video games, blurays/DVDs, and CDs/mp3 albums are released in a Tuesday.. the only exceptions in recent memory have been Skyrim and the bluray/DVD released of the Twilight movies and the Hunger Games. that said.. Christmas does fall on Tuesday this year… but the issue there is that most major retailers are not open on the day (yet movie theaters are)… so could it be a Christmas week release? so between the 18th and the 26th?? the only thing that makes me question any possibility of a 2012 release is when they asked the community what they want to see out of the Crews feature.. now this doesn’t mean the main multiplayer but it does make me wonder how far along they are with the online multiplayer.

    • Im thinking Feb.

      I’m pretty sure no one actually meant literally the 25th December…

    • errr… well no thats not true.. FIFA 13 on a friday? Assassin’s Creed to be releaced next wednesday? Little big planet karting on a friday.. it is down to when the game company want to release it. so release dates vary on the company… and when peopel say a christmas release, they dont mean on the 25th, they mean at the begining of december so they it is available to get or give on christmas! jus sayin

  • R.A.G.E.

    A x-mas release would blow sales out of this universe.

    • FrankS (Or is it?)

      I would cum in my pants if they said that.

  • Da Nixon

    Alls we need is a release date ….

  • jiveturkey

    imagine if they turn round and say gta v is being released for christmas!! i know im only dreaming, im getting soooo excited cant wait for trailer 2!