Galaxy Note 2 coming to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon starting tomorrow

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 24, 2012

Some relief had been gained yesterday thanks to AT&T officially releasing a statement on their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date and pre-order date, but today it seems that Samsung is joining in with the promotion of their 5.5-inch device on all the main networks. This has clearly been shown on Samsung’s social channels, which include a message about Galaxy Note 2 coming to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular starting tomorrow.

The image that accompanied Samsung’s promotion of the Galaxy Note 2 can be seen below, from Google Plus, which basically outlines the main specs and features. These are pretty well-known by fans of this device by now, although feel free to take a look at the graphic below for an update as to why you love the Galaxy Note 2 so much.

Reactions from fans have included words like “finally” but also some wonder why they’re waiting for a November 9 release, and not sooner, although it is fair that some people won’t rush into one carrier and wanted the choice from all of those networks Samsung mentioned today. Considering the constant pushbacks by Samsung it is understandable why some people would state their “willingness to believe a date from Samsung” is pretty low.

Samsung’s Oct 24 event and the real Galaxy Note 2 release date – it is interesting the way their message had been submitted on Google Plus, which said that the Galaxy Note 2 is coming to the above carriers “starting tomorrow“. We knew that Samsung’s event had been scheduled for Oct 24, and AT&T said yesterday that you could pre-order on Oct 25, but the device would not release until Nov 9.

This is clearly Samsung stating that the pre-orders are “starting” and not when you’ll see the tablet release, so at least this means the majority of networks are allowing pre-orders around the same time.

If you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will it be on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or U.S. Cellular?

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  • AT&T is last again. Go figure.

  • JJ

    It is crazy that AT&T will wait until 09NOV to release the device. People getting in new contracts might just take this opportunity to leave the carrier. I have two of my friends who just did that!

  • Thomas

    No new news here. *yawns*

  • Loyal sprint

    My sprint store is actually carrying the phone starting on Thursday. I have 2 on reserve and am scheduled to pick them up Thursday morning!

  • mike william

    how to do to minimize the you tube video? Can any one explain me? Thanks a lot guy!

  • David

    Is there any info on when Verizon will release it?

  • chico

    T-Mobile has both colors available now! Sprint will have both colors the 25th as well!

  • duff60901

    Guess I’ll keep waiting for the bloatware king V to release it. My droid X should hold out a little longer. Razr Maxx HD was my previous choice but without a removable battery other options first.

  • marlon

    so i went to t mobile today and i got to play around with the note 2. the rep told me they only have 4 in the titanium color no white up for sale in the morning….and he doesn’t know when they will get more he’s thinking around mid November.

    • James Tock

      I’ma Verizon rep working at a mall. I chatted with the T Mobile guys and they said White was only for a “special release” So I stopped in another T Mobile store and they fed me the same bs.

  • The Schnipe

    AT&T makes me so sad. I was so stoked to pick my Note 2 up on the 25th and now I have to wait till the 9th…

  • Bo0bh3ad

    I don’t want to wait till nov. 9th. I already been waiting for months now with a broken phone. Should’ve just gotten my phone fixed in the mean time if I knew it was gonna take this long.