Droid Bionic ICS update available for manual download

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2012

Everyone is pulling their hair out on whether their Android smartphone will be updated to a new version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but for Droid Bionic owners, there is a different celebration going on – the long awaited release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Motorola may have taken their time to deliver on this highly anticipated software update, but patient owners won’t care about that as the decision to hold off from the likes of the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 appears to be justified – for now.

Word has spread that an OTA update is rolling out, identified as build 6.7.246 and brings the Droid Bionic to the updated firmware of 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of you may have already received your update last week, but we understand that a lot of you have not received anything yet – but you should have now had the notification pop up over the last 24 hours.

If you take a quick look at our previous coverage on the update delay here, you’ll see that there is over one hundred comments from Droid Bionic owners, with most complaining that they still haven’t received their update, despite Motorola’s reassurances. The general rollout date was considered to be October 19th, but as with most Android updates these days, consumers are often left frustrated with the irritating nature of updates appearing in some locations and nothing in others.

The above image from Droid-Life suggests that the update is definitely happening though, so head to your settings page now via about phone>system updates and with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to push the Ice Cream Sandwich update manually. All this drama over an outdated version of Android, it will be interesting a few months down the line to see if we have the same problems arise regarding a Jelly Bean update.

What is the situation at the moment for you, in your area? Did you receive a notification through the night to update to the build number mentioned above. Congratulations if you have, fingers crossed if you are still waiting.

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  • I didn’t get a notification or automatic update. I found out about this online and looked through my settings to get it. I am very pleased with it. Perhaps I just missed the notification?

  • Shadjak

    I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Trying to manually get the update from Verizon all week, multiple times each day. Then voila! I powered off my phone and when I turned it back on a minute later I got the update!

  • cm5k

    I only found out that ICS was finally released when my coworked mentioned his phone was upgraded to a new OS. Had to manually update it, but am glad to finally have it…can’t wait to upgrade and never go with motorola again!

  • daashah

    My update keeps failing 🙁

  • Received the update late last night and after I downloaded it when it went to install after about 10 minutes my phone restarts and says that the install was unsucessful.

  • Ya. I got it lat night. Northern CA.

  • Moto Droid Man

    An update is supposed to improve what’s already there not
    change thing around for the sake of change. So far I see very little improvement just a whole lot to
    changes and not for the better either. I now wish I had hit cancel. As far as I’m concerned it’s a downgrade.

  • jt

    Gotmy update last night. The design of the update is like a child put it together. I hate it and will now be getting rid of my Bionic. Thanks for ruining something that wasn’t broke.

  • I got it this morning and its still stuck in “download suspended ….will resume shortly”. Its been 5hrs now.

  • Rakkasan

    My phones battery has been draining super fast since the update and im unable to play any of my music….

    No other problems to report but those are pretty big

    • My bettery drains super fast now too! Plus no 4G! Verizon says do a hard reset! Why should I have to do all that! I did a battery pull+sim pull+mem pull=no 4G! Angry!

  • Mel Illinois

    I just got the update this morning, and I keep getting a pop up that says “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” with na ok button to push. then when pushed, it closses the app I was trying to get into. Anybody know how to fix this?

  • Pissed Off

    this update sucks, made the phone interface look absolutely horrible. liked the interface of my phone at factory, WTF!!!

  • wilkems

    Got the update 2 days ago and love it. Took 20 minutes start to finish. The only problem is it can’t add folders to any home pages.

  • Robert Peterson

    I got my update manually the night before last. The interface is clear and works smooth, but it seems the battery drains quicker. I think I just need to tinker with the settings to get the battery life up. A little late, but great job Motorola!

  • jt

    I received my update very late Monday night. It has breathed new life into my droid bionic. But even better yet, I had purchased Motorola’s Lapdock 500 Pro in anticiaption of the upgrade. The difference is absolutely amazing! My lapdock now has the same smooth feel as my older Dell laptop (both are dual core systems at the same clock speed), as well as 100% functionality. The low memory issues I had on my lapdock before the upgrade seem to have gone away. It’s a shame Moto is no longer supporting their webtop, but I am very glad I made the purchase.

  • M-Rob

    Still can’t download the update in Atlanta, Georgia… keep getting the “Check Back Later” message when I try to manually update.

  • skyhigh

    Ok so sometime back I updated my DROID Bionic with the leaked ICS build from Motorola System Version 6.7.230.XT875.Verizon.en.US Build # 6.7.2-223_DBN_M4-7. So I am already on 4.0.4. Although the ICS rollout that is ongoing right now is a different build on Android OS version 4.0.4 I am still receiving “Your system is up to date”. Can anyone post here if I would receive an update in my case or not? Thanks.

  • Kelly

    I live Boise, ID and when I check for phone update! comes up with Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time! phone is running Android 2.3.4 system version 5.7.893.X875 Verizon.en.US

    • Johnny14o

      Get a new Bionic from Verizon. If you have not gotten updates to before, something is wrong. To go to ICS you have to be on. 905

    • Chris

      I live in Boise too. It popped up on my wifes bionic last night but i did a manual push this morning.

  • Kevin Mortimer

    My Bionic works Great!!! However I was not able to turn 4GLTE off and stay with 3G only as that was DESTROYING my battery. I called verizon and I downloaded an app called SWITCHIT-4G LTE TOGGLE. That seems to work.
    Does any other Bionic user have any suggestions for a very sluggish video player. All my videos are recording great and my video uploads work great on PC’s, youtube, fb,etc… However any video playback on my phone is ver sluggish and skips. I can’t find a video player that will fix the issue. Even with ICS update it still sucks. Any help will do.

    • pnyryde6


  • Ellie

    Manually updated very late Monday night near Tampa, FL. No notification was received so make sure you keep checking yourself!

  • Bob S

    The October 19th roll out you mentioned was actually a “soak” test, which was sent to a few bionic owners who signed up for the test. The soak test is now complete and the actual roll out began Tuesday evening. Everyone should receive the ICS 4.04 update in the coming days. Hope this is helpful.

    • Zach B.

      I recieved the update on the 19th and I have never signed up to be a soak tester.

  • Lance Lewis

    I believe my problem is that I had my 4G turned off before the upgrade. But now when I try to go to mobile options its freezes. Sooooooooooo What do I do……… Anyone? I have NO SERVICE!!!!

  • biggie

    I can’t text from my phone since the update. Anyone can help?

    • ex0sk

      I know I can’t either :/

      • irishprnzs

        me either. this sucks. have to do a factory reset

  • Mike West

    I can’t even do the update because my stinking Bionic will not stay on the network. My 4G at the top of the screen goes white every time I try to go to anything.,

  • eddieV

    This update is great! I dont know all the features it brings but my phone is responding very fast when i switch apps. And 4g is steady. If ics is this good i wonder how jb would be on my phone…. wishful thinking. Happy for now

  • finally happy

    I manually push the update on my phone and my wife’s phone yesterday. It has been working fantastic has not slowed down great battery life and all applications and functions have improved. It’s been a long time waiting for this update and it’s actually worth it. I don’t even care about jelly bean right now I’m enjoying ice cream sandwich. I’m still going by the note 2 but until then I’m going to enjoy my Droid Bionic with ice cream sandwich.

  • Lance Lewis

    Now I dont have service. :O WTF

  • Seth

    I received my upgrade yesterday morning. It could not have come at a better time, I was ready to dump my phone for a new Windows 8 model later in the year.

    So far I’m very happy with the new version, it’s faster and allows me to get rid of some of the bloatware. I’m still learning about the new features, but I would definitely say it’s a strong step in the right direction for Android.

  • Fred

    I got my update on the 19th. I love it. I didn’t have to do a hard reset pull the battery in the SIM card but after that everything works perfect and it’s more stable and fast.

  • My update is getting pushed to my phone right now. this is in SLC, UT

  • Bionic in NJ

    I got the update notification yesterday morning, finally downloaded it last night. I love the look and features but it has slowed down my phone considerably. Deleting an email can take 5-6 seconds. Loading my calendar can be almost 10 seconds. I am deleting some old apps so see if it helps but for right now I’m a little frustrated. Chome browser is awesome though. If it speeds up I will love it.

  • web

    Got my update this morning — now I have no phone service!!!!

    • Steven Huff

      Ditto! Did my update on my Bionic and now I cannot get phone service.

      • Lance Lewis

        I have the same phone with the same problem.

        • Angry Bionic User

          F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAME HERE!!! The Bionic was so shitty that I was excited to update before doing research on the update!!!….so what is the solution to this!?

  • jimc100

    The problem is the lack of information from Verizon and Moto, all they need to do is keep their customers informed and again they dropped the ball and have been blown up on the internet. It appears clear that they did a limited release on the 19th, sent out a survey and did the full release on the 23rd. If they had just told us people would understand, their lack of public relations is amazing! By the way I did the download yesterday a.m. and it is working great, worth the wait and makes for a new phone.

  • Andy

    Terrible update, made my phone slow

  • ROM2099

    I just received my update overnight. It seems OK, new looks to certain things, but it seems to just be superficial changes to me.

  • Kerry

    ICS is awesome. Like some have said its like having a new phone!!! Cheers!!!!

  • cdreifuss

    Got mine this morning (Nashville, TN)

  • Abigail Fay

    I got the update and it is stuck at 20% for hours on end. Says it will resume later… ugh.

    • Chrome

      You may want to call Motorola Customer Service (1-800- 734-5870and maybe they can help. I was having trouble with mine yesterday and they were able to help. However, if it is connectivity issue then Verizon may be bale to help.

    • warlock960

      Try shutting it down then restart

  • Tim

    Got my update yesterday. I have to say, compared to the leaks that were found in the system…the final build is quite nice. I like the improvements that Moto made with it. Still doesn’t gain my forgiveness after keeping it from getting to us for so long though. Atlanta, GA

  • Brad

    I got mine. How do I switch back to black type on white background?

    • Chris

      I had a user who had the same question. The short answer is: You don’t. Go hunt for a theme you like in the Play Store.

  • Texasman

    I got my update yesterday evening, 10/23 (Houston, TX). The phone felt really hot in the process, but not the ICS is running on my Bionic and, so far so good.

  • racy

    Finally received. Now have a new phone. But what worries me is that it took so long. Promises broken make you a little wary on future moto purchases.

  • Robert2012

    I had to manually check for the update on my phone yesterday afternoon. (Dallas Tx) It took a couple of hours to download. But the install was quick about 15 minutes. Everything looks good and a better 4G signal. 4.0 update was succesful!

  • bster

    Recieved my ota buy a manual push yesterday and insulation keeps failing! F ing frustrated! I called Verizon with no help on the situation and they’re sending me out a new Bionic, so the wait continues.

  • Trey

    I got mine yesterday morningbi havent had any problems so far.

  • john

    Got my update yesterday morning now I could have a fun with my phone till I get the RAZR HD in November. ( buffalo NY)

  • RayNc

    Got my update this morning. Awesome and loving it

  • SirDigbyChknCzr

    October 19th was only for Soak Testers. General rollout started Yesterday evening. Please stop mis-reporting this information.. it is only fueling irritation!

    • 9024Steven

      That may be what the “official soak tester” email said however Motorola’s own Bionic public forum began getting reports from non-soak users receiving the update as early as the 19th. I got hammered by a soak tester for proclaiming this on another site but it was he who didn’t bother to see on Motorola’s public forum that it began rolling out much earlier than the soak test email stated. It may have been one of those “oops” releases but either way, everyone with a Bionic who hasn’t installed an unofficial leaked version of ICS is now getting it. And overall, it does seem to be going smoother than the ICS updates for the Razr and Razr MAXX as far as initial problem reporting indicates. It appears they took their time to make sure of that.

  • mb923

    Just got my update. 1 word to describe it- WOW

  • Chrome

    I received my update yesterday morning (Rochester NY) and it is great. It is like having a new phone. It did take quite a long time to download and install but it was worth it.

  • Daniel Russo

    i just received update and phone keeps freezing and restarting no matter what i do!