Assassin’s Creed 3 exclusive DLC may decide reputation

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2012

As most of you are aware, the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed 3 is going to contain around an hour of extra content, which won’t be found on the Xbox 360 or PC versions. If you won’t have the chance to play the bonus gameplay, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have a little preview to show you, giving you the chance to see if it is worth it or not.

In an unusual turn of events, it appears that it is actually Sony who has managed to emerge victorious in the ever growing, but still painfully frustrating practice of ‘please make exclusive content for our console, we’ll pay you lots of money for it’.

The reality now is that Assassin’s Creed 3 on the PS3 looks like the superior copy to own, as it will give you access to the content, which Ubisoft has now unveiled to be based around the Benedict Arnold character. It will be split up between four different missions, with the main character Connor now working undercover for Arnold, as it ‘builds up to a full blown assault on West Point that Connor must halt at all costs.’

It looks like a really deep story-driven mini expansion, and the graphics on show look absolutely fantastic as well. Another pleasing aspect for PS3 users, is that these missions are free and no extra fee apart from what you pay for the game will be needed.

As a further reminder for Xbox 360 and PC owners, the Benedict Arnold missions are platform exclusive to the PS3, meaning that they will not be available for purchase after 30 days like other games – the only way to play this content is to get the PS3 version.

What are your views on this content being solely exclusive for the PS3? Do you see it as ‘sweet payback’ in a way for PS3 users, or has Ubisoft made a huge error in terms of their future reputation by not making it timed exclusive content instead? You can pick up the game along with the four Benedict Arnold PS3 missions on October 31st.

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  • steven9707

    to be perfectly honest I think that game companies need to put there brains together and realise that DLC across the board = more $$$ and keeps everyone happy. Microsoft or Sony isn’t exactly gonna say give us exclusive DLC or it wont go on out console….

  • TD4

    Damn, I’m Xbox & PC, though I feel everybody should get the same content, PS3 needed some sort of exclusive content.

  • Ash

    i think this kind of thing is just stupid. Im not really bothered about an extra hour but when i complete the game ill probaly wish i had it. The thing is with exclusivity is no one cares, there is only a year left with both consoles and when the new consoles come out people will buy the one they want and will only buy the other is they want it, not because of some stupid exclusivity. all microsoft and sony are doind is throwing away money to get exclusive stuff. just like this people with xboxs arent going to go and buy a ps3 for an extra hour so you are going to sell the same amount of copies as you would is there was no exclusivity bar the exception that some people who own both consoles will most likely buy the ps3 copy. i dont think it will ruin ubisofts reputation massively but they may get complants from the really hardcore fans.

  • jacob

    this is good im a ps3 fan ans a bigger ac one so im glad the microsft retards dont get anything when it comes to ac3 cant wat 2 get this 2morrow i pre-ordered it in april

  • Albions Dragon

    I think its disgusting that Assassins Creed started with XBOX 360, that the reason I favored the console was because of this franchise. I see a lot of Sony exclusives like games, extra content etc. For us all to pre-order the game and recieve less in return for what we pay for is pretty damn right out of order, Now if it was a ‘Pay for additional content’ I personally would not give a rats ass and think well ok, at least if they wanted it they have to pay for it. But no people like myself who purchased the freedom edition for the 360 are being undercut by this free exclusive addon.

    I honestly think Xbox 360 players should get something in return for the same cost as what the PS3 owners are getting exclusive content at. Why should top price payers be underhanded with missing content whilst PS3 Owners are given more for the same price? – or actually…. no


  • NiCk14AlPhA

    Im an XBOX owner, but honestly? im not that bothered. Although PS3 gets this and we don’t personally I don’t feel like im missing out. Im crazy about Creed and I’ll probably not notice the lost hour.

    However I bet anything it will come to XBOX eventually. Leave it a few months into next year and it will be up for sale for a ridiculous amount of MSP.

  • GanjaQueen

    While I generally don’t like the practice, I’d have to admit it’s usually only b/c I’ve grown accustomed to seeing us PS3 gamers usually getting the short end of the shaft, in terms of stuff like this. So to be frank, for once I’m kinda happy we don’t aren’t the ones getting screwed over. I know it kinda sucks for PC and 360 gamers, but ‘dems da breaks’.

  • sam

    PS3 is the better console

  • WHY?

    when Microsoft announced that we would get map packs on Xbox first i was just thinking whats the point why couldn’t we just get them all on the same day

  • I don’t care Xbox owners can suck it. After fallout cod and the skyrim incident

  • Does it matter that PS3 gets exclusive gameplay? by rights it is kinda good because come Xbox admit it that you get Cod maps early then the ps3 and also you still got them Skyrim dlc as well and the ps3 didn’t even get it and may never will. Yeah Assassin Creed 3 is worth raping the hole it provides but can’t we just think “hey we xbox got all this stuff like minecraft and dawngaurd and all that, let’s be chiiled that the ps3 have got a bit exclusive”.
    Ps3 do not rub it in their faces saying “we got the exclusive, and you don’t” because they can always say “you don’t have skyrim dlc and other cool things”
    thus starting the fanboy war, which i believe is so bloody ancient then the Assassin and Templar war.
    Anyways enjoy the game and hopefully we all get some of that sweet sweet dlc.

  • Ell

    Good to see some exclusive ps3 content for once.. Blame Microsoft for being douchebags

  • pcanyway

    pc will still be the best copy top own graphics wise anyway. i’d still rather have it run fluent without the mission on xbox 360 anyway than have to do the probable 3 hour mandatory install then watch connor run around with screen lag and mega slow loading times on my ps3. i’ll be getting it on pc because thats where it’ll look the best and i’m not a fan of loading screens =P


  • Ashley

    This is a true shame! Not to say that the PS3 is bad or anything, I own both. But to take my favorite historical tidbit from the Revolutionary War and make a whole HOUR (at least) of it exclusive to a console I’m not so comfortable using is a severe slap to the face for me. I’ve been a deticated fan of Assassin’s Creed since I first experienced Altair’s adventure, happily giving you my money for a grand and compelling story. Why? Why exclusive? Do you think it will curb sales in your favor? Is it sweet, petty payback for PS3 users who have yet to recieve Dawnguard or Hearthfire? Who’s the REAL Benedict here? Sony? The entire gaming industry? Perhaps we shall see.

    • Kratos

      Sony paid Ubisoft money for the DLC. Microsoft did the same with GTA. Cry me a river and get over it.

      • You sir, deserve a medal, microsoft paid for alot of dlc would be nice for the ps3 for a change. but why moan when the xbox had timed exclusive.

  • Jordan

    I happen to own both an xbox 360 and a PS3, so i guess i got my platform. usuly dont even have to think about it. 😛

  • A Upset Ubisoft Fan

    I think this is getting ridiculous and verging on discriminatory. First, PC users are told they have to wait an extra month over consoles and now to tell us we cant have the full product because we dont use a PS3? And its not a DLC as far as I am concerned, if its released on the same day as the game, it is then a part of that product. And this is not just happening with AC, but on many games, consoles are getting earlier access or PC’s exlusive content.
    This is getting out of hand in the name of a bigger payday at the expense of alot of gamers. Exclusive content should be available to all platforms and its up to the game developers to please their customers not their own pockets. An hour of extra content is far too large for extra content aswell, even if it turns out to have no impact on the main story line.
    As far as I’m concerned as a PC owner, Ubisoft sold me out twice over, first the extra month and being excluded from a large portion of the game. From now on, I will think long and hard before I invest any games from Ubisoft as it will probably mean considerable dissapointment and frustration because by their actions, they have proven that they care little if at all about the gaming community or its customers.

    • I’ts a very crude marketing but the PC have alot of things the consoles do not have. Mods. i would love to play them but alas i am not comfortable with the PC, being a playstation all my life i am more comfortable with the controller, and yes i have played the pc and vbox but prefer the ps3. no flaming need to be added lol.

  • Emloch

    Regarding “the superior console”; it’s all a matter of opinion. Whether the PS3, factually, has more powerful hardware, they have failed to utilize it over the years. I’ve yet to see any game that looks better on this system. I have both systems and I’ve seen many games run on both consoles.
    I can say that, in my opinion, the Xbox 360 is a better gaming system while the PS3 remains triumphant as an overall media console.The 360 has a much better UI, a better online system and a much better controller. The PS3’s UI is very clunky and ugly.
    However, the PS3 does a much better job handling audio and video; not to mention it’s blu-ray capabilities. And kudos to it’s quiet nature. The 360 is a loud beast.
    Regarding this article; this exclusive content is “ass.” Time limited exclusive DLC is fair game, even though it’s silly, but he developer and publisher should know better than to isolate a huge demographic of their customer base (you know, the ones who actually put money in their pocket) with fully exclusive DLC. An exlusive title is another matter but a game released on all platforms should not have exclusive DLC for just one platform. That is a slap in the face.
    And before all the PS3 owners go crying “revenge” or “payback” (i.e. Bethesda/Dawnguard fiasco) please acknowledge that the blame goes to Sony, themselves, for creating a system with an awkward and complicated architecture to develop for.

  • Kris

    To be honest, I’m 50/50. Im thinking ‘sweet payback’ as it makes a change for something to be exclusive for PS3. I’m also thinking ‘I don’t really care’. Again, I’m also thinking that it MIGHT ruin the reputation, but only if people allow it to. It’s only 1 hour of extra gameplay, it’s not big deal. All platform users should just be happy that they have AC3 with or without the extra gameplay. It’s going to be a good game, so just enjoy it!

  • psn=trash

    this sucks for xbox players like me but hey i can always go back and play some dawnguard xbox 360 is better than ps3 for online games all ps3 has is a better disc psn is really bad compared to xbox live will sony ever get good servers ? whfo!

    • Kratos

      For £40 you get Xbox Live for 1 year.

      For £40 you get PS+ 1 year, free games (good games), discounts, exclusives, beta’s and more.

      I think PSN is better.


  • I think it’s a shame that there is any form of exclusive content for each console. Surely it would still benefit those who design the games to just let one and all have everything possible. I own an Xbox and hate the fact that some content comes out on it before it does for the Playstation — is there any need, really? Why not just make it available to everyone at the same time? In fact, I also hate all the extra content that gets released in the months following a game’s release. We pay for the damn game, so give us it in its entirety straight off the bat. I hate feeling like I’m missing out on the full game, because I refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of cash for content that is only a fraction of the game I paid nearly the same price for. It’s also a pain in the arse having to look around for what certain editions have that others don’t; what will be released at a later date and what is available for a limited time only.

    So, yes, I wish all this one-sided content crap would stop. It’s just making all these childish little ‘my console is better than yours’ arguments become even worse. In this instance, it’s even more annoying, as I’m a massive fan of Assassin’s Creed, and would like as much of the game as I can have. It’s nothing new, though — they did the same with Brotherhood in favour of the Playstation.

  • dirkpitt007

    it really annoys me that fanboys for both consoles are constantly arguing about which is superior, most people who argue over it arent really old enough to remember how gaming was before dicks just started arguing about it, ive had tons of consoles and not once have i thought wow this is way better than anything else, ive enjoyed the games that ive played, i dont care if one has a blu-ray player built in, i have a blu-ray player for that, it only agrivates me that something is released as DLC for one console and not the other, its just favouritism, console manufacturers should cater to the needs of improving games designers not the other way around


    …I don’t care about the DLC really.

    I just want to buy my own copy of the game and play it.

    It’s supposed to be really long already with the single-player mode, right? So I don’t think that we need even more reason to waste our time playing more of a video game when we can be doing other things – like having a life.

    • most of us do have a life my friend, i consider it as a luxery that i play longer games because i be concentrated on one game and not waste loads of money for another million games. the longer the better i say.

  • Poggle566

    I’m getting this DLC for PS3 but I find it very unfair that users of one console get everything but users of another are punished for simply buying their favored platform.

  • Tristn

    It is payback! I don’t see why the XBox owners are all upset. I’m not ever going to see Halo on my PS3, and I’m not upset; so what’s wrong with them not getting 4 little missions?

  • Joseph

    Neither system is better then the other, just with the Disk Space on the Blue ray disc that the PS3 uses, being bigger then the DVD that the Xbox uses they probably were able to fit this in. This system wars crap is old and stupid, Though I would hope that this comes out on all other systems on a later date.

    • lolol

      What part of Exclusive do you not understand… It’s the same as the AC:B exclusive dlc, it will never go on xbox

  • Amanda Coodle ;)

    the author seems extremely bias favouring Xbox. Anyway I don’t care much for COD stuff, I hate the game.

  • Gareth

    I doubt I’ll get it on ps3. I have all the other main games on Xbox 360 and my desire for them to match outweighs my desire to play this mission.

  • Dam

    For once though Failbox owners know how it feels, i’m still awaiting Skyrim DLC and not to mention the whole COD thing other things, before anybody says i have all 3 consoles just based on performance and utility PS3 dominates the xbox.

    • Emloch

      I entirely disagree. The Skyrim DLC fiasco can be blamed on your beloved Sony. They made the decision to release a ridiculously complicated architecture to develop for. Although the PS3 does have superior hardware, it is irrelevant when they (or any developer) fail to actually utilize it.

      • Itt is not sony’s fault. it is Bethedas fault for porting the PS3 version onto the xbox. BIG freaking difference between console and just being cheap and lazy. Do not blame the manufacturers for the developers mistake.

      • Dan

        Bull-crap. The PS3 has been out for 6 years at this point. You’re telling me in six years of games-making programmers aren’t able to code for PS3? Bethesda thought they could do a cheap port to the PS3 from the XBox version, and it blew up in their face spectacularly.

  • it doesn’t matter which is better they both have pros and cons. It is wrong that a game is incomplete on one console. Ubisoft already pissed most of us off by creating a Vita only game, so why so Sony need more exclusives?

    • Thomas

      With all due respect Microsoft doesn’t have a handheld console so isn’t that a bit of a non-conflict? Isn’t it kinda like saying “Why can’t I play pokemon on my 360? This sucks!”. I do agree however that the comparisons of the consoles do seem rather pointless.

  • Danny

    Umm……. X-box users have a problem still? Should I be the one to bring up Minecraft? Or was that conveniently forgotten?

    • Lieber

      The thing is Minecraft was a full exclusive.

      Here we are talking about content removed from the XBOX 360, PC and Wii U versions of the game.

      • Arran

        Minecraft couldn’t run on ps3 because it requires more RAM than the ps3 has. That is the same reason ps3 doesn’t have party chat.

        • Erm, the PS3 has had a party chat since DAY 1.. Where did you get your misinformation from?

  • Blame microsoft they started it .

  • Sand

    A complete joke as XBOX has 50% more pre-orders than PS3, they are just quashing the community that actually plays the game

  • Jack Frost

    At this point, Bethesda is almost the only high-profile company that favors the FailBox 360. I’m guessing people finally noticed Micro$oft’s monopolistic business practices and how it treats its customers like illiterate retarded monkeys.


    I’m an Xbox owner, its disgraceful from either console and the producers who allow it, to withhold content from dedicated fans who invested there time and money into the franchise and made it what it is now, and being told that they spent hundreds on the wrong console, is a real slap in the face to everyone. its about time they brought this elitism of the consoles to an end once and for all.


    I have both consoles and its crap that one gets content over the other. I have to buy a copy of AC3 and the DLC on both just to get one DLC? no that’s wrong,just plain greed. make the game, make the DLC and release on all platforms that carry the game.trying to lure people over to one side or the other by DLC or exclusive games is low. if your system is good the gamers with decide not exclusives.

    • Ian

      You what? Why do you need to buy both Xbox and PS3 versions? Buy the PS3 and have all of it, or am i missing something?
      I do agree though that all DLC and games should be released on all platforms, and all companies are guilty of this nasty practice, but in this instance you only need buy the PS3 for all DLC, for me one of the MOST annoying things is different DLC depending upon where you pre-order, and the fact i am getting the best edition and do not get all of the DLC because Gamestop, Game, Amazon, Ubishop all have different DLC and then the different editions have different DLC? Why?

      • Lieber

        I wholeheartedly agree with you.

      • RONIN

        No, I was saying I have an Xbox and a PS3.

  • Ian

    Its about time, the PS3 is the superior console, whether Xbox fan-boys like this fact or not, and before anybody calls me a Sony fan-boy please know that i have owned all three consoles, and hate the poor quality that is the Xbox and its operating system.
    Xbox owners didn’t complain when they got Splinter cell Conviction an Exclusive game, not DLC but a whole game, they didn’t complain when they get all the COD maps early, but they do complain when the PS3 gets on piece of DLC exclusively.

    @ John, do you think it unfair what Xbox does and how they spend their money on exclusive content and advertising? Or just PlayStation?

    • Lightf33t

      How is it superior?

      I haven’t seen any game for the PS3 beat the 360 on graphics, for example. I kept waiting for it to happen, because we were told how ‘powerful’ the PS3 is. As it turns out, the PS3 has a different architecture from the 360, which makes it more complicated to programme for.

      • Ian

        Plenty of games look and run better on the PS, GTA IV for example, plus the PS3 exclusives like Drakes, GT 5 and now the last of us, plus it has a Blu-ray player, Web browser, and until Xbox came out with the newer models came with built-in hard drive and wifi.
        Also have you seen the differences between the two when playing back media content, the PS3 and its controls are far easier to use and offer more options over the Xbox.
        And before you say anything about Xbox exclusives, they are always shorter in game time and rely far too much on online play to fluff up their games, and you have to pay extra for online play.
        Its not just about games its about the whole package, which includes all of the multimedia side of things as well, remember that this generation of consoles are supposed to be more that just consoles, they are supposed to be media centers and the PS3 does this a lot better.
        I am interested in checking out Xbox’s new OS with added functionality, but lets be honest some of the things they have only just added should have been day one features not year 8 features.

        • Taylorific

          Xbox gets a working Skyrim and DLC for it. PS3 deserves this.

        • bleed green

          Wrong so wrong nothing you said has any truth to it at all if you played an Xbox at all you would know the truth of the full in home entertainment. I don’t ever hear anyone saying man I want to go buy a ps3 so I can…….but that may be why Xbox is the number one selling in home entertainment item for the past few years in a row. So what about your few extra levels I will still go get my A.C.3 the day I comes out and love every minute of it. I will not give a second thought to your lamentation or your dlc

        • lol

          The ONLY reason xbox got more sales is simply because of how cheaper it is, not because its a WAY MORE BETTAR CONSOLE LOLZ

      • Graphics are the same, both consols have their ups and downs, no point argueing with each other because you are all have your head up your arses and think they all superior. Can’t we agree that they are all superior?

      • uh sorry dude but uncharted 2 and 3 blows away anything microsoft has and thats a fact.

        • Lightf33t

          That’s an opinion, not a fact, and I hardly doubt you’re unbiased.

        • im def unbiased and i have both systems(seriously cant wait till halo4 this tues)but seriously name one game on xbox that looks better than uncharted 2 and 3 im just interested because you stated thats nothing on ps3 looks as good as xbox and you made that sound like fact so i want you to back it up is all.

  • John

    Still it’s not fair that ps3 get more content just because of money

    • you may think it’s unfair but believe me the xbox is fairing better then the ps3 with the dlc and games at the current moment like gaining timed exclusive. this might be timed as well but who knows.

  • aRUBBER Ducky

    Well PS3 players had to suffer with COD elite and Xbox receiving map packs earlier so this one small piece of extra content isn’t as bad as what PS3 players had to go through

    • MrGiffster

      But at least you actually got the content. As far as we know, Xbox and PC players aren’t getting this at all.

      • Zinoka

        Dawnguard & Heartfire still no release date set for PS3 take your PC/Xbox pity party elsewhere nobody cares about your butthurt.

        • Lieber

          Blame the actual PS3 system and Bethesda for not being able to develop proper PS3 games/DLC.

        • jacob

          damn right lolz