Wii U content cutting may harm launch

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2012

It was only a few days ago when we told you about the Wii U’s difficulty in providing voice chat amongst various titles on the new console. You’ll need a licensed headset to be able to make use of that feature and now we have some rather worrying news for those of you who are planning to pick up the Wii U version of FIFA 13.

To get the bad news out of the way first, we can tell you that FIFA 13 on Wii U is going to be missing a fair number of key features, as EA has confirmed that Nintendo’s version will go on sale without the new First Touch features within the game, or the FIFA Street skill system.

Unlike previous titles, EA isn’t hiding around the fact that the Wii U version has less content either, as producer Matt Prior has said in black and white that there are two versions of the game – version one for Xbox 360 and PS3 and version two, which Wii U owners will get on November 30 when the console launches in the UK.

Being even more honest, EA admits that the Wii U version was completed in under 14 months, with the development team working under time constraints in order to get the game ready for the Wii U launch. While these are included factors in the game having less content, EA has also said that the Wii U hardware itself was a challenge to develop for, with “different processors, CPUs and libraries”.

On a more pleasing note, EA has however managed to get the game looking as good as the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions apparently, with the Wii U version also playable at 60 frames per second and controller support for one GamePad, or four Wii U controllers and four Pro Controllers.

What are your thoughts on the fact that new Nintendo games are still being released with missing content? Is this acceptable for a so called next generation console? Don’t forget that the Wii U version of FIFA 13 will also be lacking an Ultimate Team mode, as we’ve told you in the past.

Will you skip the entire Wii U launch lineup and come back when games are on par content wise with other platforms?

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  • John

    Damn, I wanted FIFA 13 on the day wii u is released. Oh well… I’m Still getting:
    Black Ops 2
    Zombie U
    Nintendo Land
    Super Mario Bros U

    Going to be great fun!

  • Paul Phillips

    This is sad news but it’s understandable, I hope it doesn’t paint a bad picture to people who don’t understand why its missing bits. As far as graphics go I heard that a number of textures were better than the XBOX/PS3 version though mainly for things that don’t really matter like crowd and stadium. I do hope that the added Wii U features still make this a good game to own as I need a decent football title for my new system.
    Basically the Wii U doesn’t look like it was hard to develop for but FIFA is a game which has been refined over years on the other two systems rather than making a new engine every year so the basics needed to be implemented first, Mass Effect 3 looks like an excellent port and as I haven’t played it yet on my XBOX I will be picking it up for some MP shenanigans as well as the Turtle Beach wired headset, bizarrely after paying £300 for a console with a tablet controller I want to use the tablet to play games, so the headset thing doesn’t bother me at all 🙂

  • 4f4tft

    Why did you miss the part of the story where Fifa 13 looks better on the Wii U and EA were able to improve the players, field and crowd textures because Wii U is more powerful. Seriously you media guys make me sick with your Wii U naysaying. You’re a disgrace.

    • DrunkDragon

      Completely agree! They blame Nintendo for an EA game issue. This is on EA not Nintendo. Again these developers are underestimating the power of Nintendo. I for one plan on getting or try to get a Wii U on launch. The system looks amazing.

  • Igotemall

    Not a slanted story at all. And to say that ea was able to make the game look as good as 360 and ps3. I’ve read that it will look better. The wii u will have lots of crapy games as every system does. But I’m looking forward to the good ones and yes there will be those too. I am waiting for wii u to get batman. Not getting the system for that game but I waited due to how interesting it looked for wii u.

  • Not-biased

    Glad you left out the games with added, exclusive content. Batman, Darksiders 2, etc.

    • NgTurbo

      Because people are really buying a Wii U to play Batman again. The Wii had a whole load of games which had content cut compared to Xbox 360, PS3 and the same pattern appears to be emerging with the Wii U.

      Like someone said below, most will probably get one for Zelda and Mario…oh and Darksiders 2, can’t forget Darksiders 2.

      • Powerbomb

        What about people who haven’t played Batman before? I’m sure they’re excited to see what’s on tap when it’s released on Wii U.

        This is a slanted article espousing the writer’s own system preferences, marginalizing the Wii U. Every system gets crappy games. Blame the developer for being lazy; it won’t be the first time someone accused EA of that.

        • But we got to stop accusing EA for everything, how can you be serious when your controller is a TouchScreen Pad ? As he said, WiiU is good enougth for Mario and Zelda, but the games that already came out like Fifa13, Batman or Darksiders 2, are not good reasons to get one. Most of the time, people already have the Big Systems at home, and if they don’t THEN we can say a WiiU is worthy for the Multiplatform Games.

        • Logan

          What does the controller have to do with seriousness? Also, content is getting cut because its a new console and they had to start from scratch. Sports games are not built from the ground up every year, they use much of the same content. EA had to start from the ground up for the Wii U and I don’t believe EA will have done a lazy job. That being said I don’t expect the Wii U to have any content cut from next years release. Madden 2006 for the Xbox 360 had a significant amount of content cut. The Xbox 1 version looked better, it is not uncommon for developers to have difficulty developing for new consoles. Hell, most developers still can’t utilize the PS3 because it was a beast to program for. The internet has an inexcusable bias against the Wii U.

        • Let’s hope you’re right, I couldn’t imagine if the WiiU is another flop in the gaming industry, First was the PS VITA and now it might be this :S. Let’s just hope that Nintendo will come out with a multitude of content so users won’t necessarily need to hack it to unlock the possibilities for it.

  • Sam

    It’s a launch title plus EA hasn’t been taking the Wii U seriously, if people find this truly upsetting just by next years release which should be better than it’s counterparts.

  • DarthNintendo

    This news doesn’t effect me at all. If I get sports games I want until the next year when they are $10 or less.

    I’ll get a WiiU for Mario and Zelda games when they come out.