Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 fiasco about DLC communication

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 23, 2012

It would be hard to put into words the amount of fun we’ve had playing Skyrim, although the Dawnguard fiasco on PS3 meant that our review of all DLC on the Xbox 360 had been the only choice between consoles. We’ve heard a lot of gamers stating they’d never buy another Bethesda game again for the lack of Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, or in fact Hearthfire as well, although it seems that this frustration is more about communication than anything else.

We touched on the reasons to feel optimistic about the PlayStation 3 getting Skyrim DLC soon, which could include Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and the next DLC all at once after Skyrim patch 1.8 sees a release. The clues we published here were met with both excitement and also reasons why a lot of PS3 owners don’t feel optimistic when it comes to Bethesda delivering any DLC.

One gamer pointed out that it is not the fact that Skyrim Dawnguard isn’t on the PS3, but rather the “bad communication” is the reason they’d never buy another Bethesda game. This opinion has been backed by hundreds of PS3 players that ask for updates on the official website, and any progress to be reported to ease the frustration. Some people think that Bethesda is trying to distance themselves from the PS3 DLC problem with Skyrim.

Do you think Bethesda will deliver Skyrim PS3 DLC at some point, or do you think they’re in the process of distancing themselves from this problem? In our opinion it has to be that the situation has been fixed, considering Bethesda would have said “Sorry there won’t be any PS3 Dawnguard or Hearthfire” by now. We’ll find out soon enough once patch 1.8 has been released, and as we move towards the 3rd Skyrim DLC. If Bethesda had offered much better communication would you still be purchasing their games?

The bottom-line: The fact that Bethesda’s line of communication seems to be someone’s personal Twitter feed is ridiculous, so the upset with no Skyrim Dawnguard and other DLC on PS3 starts with communication alone.

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  • You’re spot on, Daniel Chubb. It is all about communication. Actually it is in my beliefs that the world goes around about communication. And there are a whole lot of examples. For instance why is it that in todays modern world the media is one of of the greatest factors when we are talking about influence amongst people. Naturally it is because of the fact that the media easily can both build and destroy people due to correct or incorrect storytelling, which is communication. I myself have a high position in the danish healthcare system and I wonder what the relatives to my patients would say if I told them that I would tell them more if I had any updates ? – The example is different than that of Bethesdas Pete Hines, but the bottomline is the exact same. Unproffessionalism. Its quite normal and okay to make mistakes. But its not okay to ignore people by a wall of silence. If you do make mistakes at least stand up to them. It is always suitable for a person or a company to admit their own mistakes. That’s how we all get better at what we do. It is both human and humble. In my opinion Bethesda have had to much success and have become arrogant. So arrogant that they wont admit their counterpart in this situation. So I dont believe in their future. Of simple reasons. They do not evolve. They cant get any better of what they do now. Because they wont.

  • its almost november so i highly doubt dawnguard will ever be released on ps3

  • They say that the excuse for not releasing the DLC is that is does not meet their standards of play ability… Well what about the PS3 Launch of Skyrim and the Progression stopping save bug which didn’t get fixed for at least the first couple of weeks? Was that really up to their standard? When I QA tested in the industry we held a higher standard for children’s games released on handheld consoles, come on Bethesda.

    If Bethesda tries to charge Normal/Full Price for these epicly late delivered DLC (if we ever see them.). I’m going to go out of my way to download instead of purchase the next 5 Bethesda games I feel like playing, I suggest you all do the same.

  • Mike A

    I will never be buying a bethesda game ever agen. I will be outraged if they do not release any DLC for ps3. Once agen bethesda would rather focus on gaining extra money from selling the content to microsoft. They couldnt care less about public constumer relations. The fact that they have not been saying anything to ps3 users proves that they are very ignorant. Also once again xbox have exclusive content. Like with obvlivion. I agree with all ps3 users who do not wish to purchase another bethesda product ever again. And i am not very impressed with the fact that i went out of my way to purchase the collectors edition of this game for £140 as i thought it will be amazing. Sadly i have been let down. I am still hoping that they will release the content for the ps3. But if they even think about charging ps3 users they are sadly mistaken. Because no one will purchase them after what we have been through. The only way ps3 users will purchase it is if bethesda put extra content in the ps3 DLC and not the xbox 360. So that ps3 users have something that is unique to that console, otherwise they will not make a penny from the ps3 content. Thats if it even released.

  • Oinarisama

    You are absolutely right that the main problem is the lack of communication but another big issue, at least for me, is the fact that they decided to release Hearthfire before fixing the problem with Dawnguard for PS3 and even then there was still no communication from Bethesda. That was like adding salt to an open wound for a lot of PS3 owners.

    On another point. Why on earth it could be so difficult to put up a list of their problems with Dawnguard on the forum and then check off whenever they fix something or add new problems as they surface is beyond me.
    That would have fixed their communication problem and we would have some idea of how close they were to releasing it but noo Bethesda would rather anger 1/3 of their playerbase and ultimately lose money in the process.

    At this point I am not buying anything that Bethesda had their hands in… At least not until they redeem themselves first… IF that ever happens lol.

  • T3gwh

    I personally think it would be great if they come out with dawngaurd and health fire and the next one!! I still have hope! Will Bethesda actually deliver I would hope so. If they don’t that will make them look bad as company. I just hope they know it is important to keep your customers happy. If you upset them then work to mend the relationship. It’s good for the company and it is good for your customers pc, ps3 and Xbox.

  • tap

    My opion is that even thought they may never release the epansions it was still a good game in all. I had fun killing dragons and raiding towns as a self made Bandit. My only dislike of the game is that some NPC cant die because they are needed for the missions. I wish they would get rid of that and have a thing pop up saying main mission can not be completed would you like to continue. It was fun doing the reg game but when i just wanted to murder what fun is it for all the towns to have an unlimited amount of guards. Why not make it to were you could be the only one left in the game be sides the caves being re monstered after a period of time. My fav one so far was morrowind I could jump across the whole world and even when i extremly maxed all of my stats the wolf expansion was still hard as f to beat which made it fun. Y have a game that i can one hit everything takes some of the fun away.

    • Gaming Loner

      You could play on the highest difficulty

  • Kirby12352

    I don’t care about Hearthfire or Dragonborn. All I ask is Dawnguard, but for some reason that can’t happen. The least Bethesda could do is tell us straight up whether we’re getting Dawnguard or not, not give us these 4 word replies. Seriously, hand the Elder Scrolls to a company who knows what they’re even doing.

  • john

    these same people complaining about lack of communication would still complain if they got constant updates. how many times should we be told its not ready? even if they give a more detailed explanation, how does that solve the problem of it not being ready? in the world of twitter and instant feedback, i understand why people feel a need for more communication but in this case, more does not mean it will get done faster. the problem with a more detailed explanation is that every “programmer” who plays skyrim will try to “solve” the problem for bethesda. they designed the game, they put it out, and they are working on it. i am just as upset as every other ps3 user but im beginning to think im the only one with any objectivity on the topic

  • hubbajube

    Wow still no news on Dawnguard for use? I got done with Borderlands a while ago, so I came to see if I could spend time in Dawnguard before AC3…. Yup don’t bother anymore Beth. I already walked by Dishonord and laughed when a gamestop employ asked if I wanted it. Yup 6 days now, and the only thing to be in my counsel for the next month or so will be Assassins Creed. Of course that is if I don’t take a break to blow the dust off my shitbox to play H4.
    Yeah I own an xbox, but I’m not about to give money to have it hooked up to the internet. F that. I’d rather use that money to buy a new game, then pay an extra 60 dollars to play a game I already own for the PS3 and play for free.
    “But why not pay to play Halo 4 online?” Why the He11 would I do that? I already told you I don’t want to pay to play a game I already bought.

  • gaara1193

    In all honesty i dream of the day that we ps3 gamers just GET our well overdue dlc…i have been on this website since day one and have been dying to hear anything positive,which the “dragonborn” 1.8 beta code has been the first in months. Hines should step down from PR not because he himself is a bad guy but because he does not give Any gamers, ps3 mainly on this topic, any comfort or sympaty let alone no respect as well. I do hope that the ps3 does get our dlc by holiday come december, im not saying give us it for free, maybe a discount would be cool on dawnguard and or hearthfire, but i do believe that the dragonborn dlc should be exclusive for us just to allow us to get over bethesdas mishap and show the fanboys of xbox and pc users what hell we’ve as a community have been through.

  • Who give a sh*t about you bethesda we have move on in the future though if i saw any game with bethesda on it i will never buy it Period. lol suck on that beth.

  • Judas

    I’m so tired of waiting, ive never wanted anything more (gaming wise) than to be able to keep playing additional Skyrim content…..Even toying with buying an old xbox and the game again..Only thing is now we have some cles we may actually get dawnguard, so im stuck in limbo with my ps3 again waiting….Soooooo tired of waiting!

  • Rodders

    If you guys remember we didnt get all the dlc for ES4 oblivion eg wizards tower just knights of 9 and shivering Isles come on sort it out 5 years later and still nothing changes…

  • Big Rob

    All i really want is the lycan perk tree and more lycan stuff, if they really wanna impress me give them a second form based on speed, strength , or a combination of the to based on what the player wants each with unique abilities and appearance. i’d really love that oh and a not so weak in human form, i thought lycans and vampires still was far stronger then humans even in basic forms oh and i want to see those Frost vampires that can grab you threw ice. It’s in one of the books in oblivion i think.

  • Bethesda has the world’s worst relationship with costumers. It’s like giving them $60 to be treated like crap. Those who are still licking Bethesda’s boots have no idea what Bethesda thinks of them. Bethesda is selling cocaine, a very addictive substance, and they know it . Addicts will come to Bethesda to get the high and don’t care how many times addicts get spit on after they take the money. Bethesda is not a company you would want to praise. Avoid all future Bethesda’s products and anything it publishes, the better your life will be.

  • adam

    on one end people act immature about it….and say things that might discourage bethesda from even trying with them. instead of tens of thousands of people being rude and thousands being optimistic, hopeful, and definatly loyal, the PS3 community needs to chill out. people were dissing them before there was a release problem, ive played elder scrolls games since daggerfall, and no other game can match what they did, accept FFVII, maybe if people stopped throwing tantrums about it, they might be more inclined to care, cuz they dont have too. they develop games for unappreciative people, if you look at their forums before the twitter feed people were fighting and stuff. who wants to deal with that? there are problems on both ends, even though bethesda is really messin up, communication and unreasonable behavior by the consumer is the problem. those who act like 3 year olds not getting the toy they want will ruin it for the rest who wait patiently. the ones who do, get blended in the mix with neanderthals and maybe thats why bethesda has not tried to commuincate better, they stopped reading insults at one point.

    • MuffinMan

      Truth is, you can’t simply blame the PS3 community. When you buy something you expect it to work. PS3 users spended $60 on a product Bethesda knew it was broken (PS3 version). Now it has been greatly fixed, but at least from my point of view, the game is still quite unplayable.

  • rob

    This is why i play blizzard games……..

  • the face is back

    Agreed the communication is terrible, the only communication between the company and dawnguard to the ps3 players is a guy’s personal twitter page, which when people ask him about dawnguard he seems to have a bit of a smart mouth like reply.

    i remember when they interviewed skyrim dawnguard they said the 1st 2 dlcs would land on xbox first (dawnguard and hearthfire) meaning we’re getting dragonborn with the xbox 360 release.

    I only want dawnguard for the dragonbone weapons now the vampire lord vs werewolf is just extra too me i’ve been so enthusiastically waiting that im bored of dawnguard and i haven’t even played it yet.

    • the face again.

      but microsoft and those stupid contracts might call dibs on dragonborn….

  • Skyrim Fan

    They should release all 3 DLC on PS3 as a discounted bundle.

  • I for one just want concrete facts and proper news such as a date when ps3 users will get the dlc3 the so called dragonborn. i know Bethesda is trying their best but lets face it, it’s not good enough the ps3 fans are losing hope and faith in you so come on guys give us something like more good news thats all we want and more communication.oh and xbox fans pls check the facts on why you get dawnguard first google (why do xbox get the first dlc for skyrim before ps3) then you will understand and ps3 fans pls check it out aswell it might put you at ease ( i did say it MIGHT ). And i just want the crossbows and get to build a players home…….

  • Mike

    Im almost at the point of giving up on this game and any others by bethsda. There last few games have almost always had some problem or another. Its like anything for the ps3 is a second thought.

  • Brandon B. 14yrs old

    Hey I’m fine with this as long as they are still delivering the dlc, but i will expect some kind of extra thing as sympathy for their pain and ours of waiting. I also agree with Nick S. people would be happier than with oh “we’re still working on it”. The only things I’m hoping for is 1.) the dlc for free/an exclusive dlc and 2.) Spears are added to the game cuz dat would be AWESOME!!!!

  • geoff

    I am so happy hearing people explain the real reason why we are mad at bethesda. Lack of communication…. at first there was NO communication. They just left us. It was very unprofessional. They very easily could have explained the problem everyday. I believe that would have changed everything. I am a gamer, and Bethesda, you have disappointed me. Please try harder next time.

  • Drakced

    1st fallout now skyrim i don’t care about communication or pete hines i just want the dlc, after that all will be forgiven bethesda does make the best games on the planet after all

  • Bryan H.

    I think its a problem with the ps3 itself. The Xbox 360 and computers all have more system ROM than ps3. Maybe the game is too big? If this is the case maybe Sony is preventing them talking about the issue. Microsoft could use this problem to promote the 360 which would ps3 sales in its final years.

    • Y2Joris

      MGS4 & InFamous, 2 games, which the creators of both said were on the PS3 and not the Xbox, because the Xbox isn’t powerful enough for them. So the problem really isn’t the PS3.

      • inFamous was too powerful? Really…?

        No offense, I love the game, but it doesn’t strike me as a game that boasts system-cracking requirements to run. MGS4 on the other hand… hooo boy. Makes me wonder how the 360 is going to handle Ground Zeroes

    • senator476ad

      Well, you apparently know jack squat…first off, ROM refers to the insertable media, such as CDs, DVDs, and BluRays. What you intended to state was RAM, which in layman’s terms is a computer’s short term memory. Now the problem you are referring to isn’t Sony’s fault, though I will admit that they could have added more RAM to the PS3. However, Bethesda has been working with PS3 programming just as long as anyone else. So why are they the ones that still haven’t gotten it right? The problem is their memory management techniques. They know what they are dealing with, they have encountered these issues with previous games, but yet still try to do the same thing over and over again. Never learning from their mistakes.

      Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “attempting to perform the same task repeatedly using the same means and expecting different result each time.”

      I think this more than applies to Bethesda’s programming capabilities…

  • james daly

    Cant wait for the day hines is replaced, Bethesda you deserve a representative who communicates a little more constructively with the public, no matter what fanbase or console!

  • Fear not PS3 users, we are getting exclusive missions in ACIII that xbox or pc will never see. looks to be a good story to the extra missions too.

    • p-niiice

      Assassin’s creed is re-hashed garbage.

  • No old news

    Only post new information, thank you.

    • senator476ad

      Then stop reading the articles…

      • No-old-news

        This is to let them know to not post any old information. Plus I didn’t even read the article. I read the title.

  • Jacob

    There has been bad communication however, as a ps3 owner, am I going to stop buying brilliant games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim, DLCless or not – hell no. I’ve still had great fun on all of their titles and punishing yourself by not getting another one of their excellent games and punishing a massive company £40 (/ $ or whatever) is not going to put them out of business. Personally I think it’s absurd to not buy their future games and not having dawnguard hasn’t hindered my experience, it just hasn’t enhanced it. (Although I cannot deny that there has been awful communication from them.)

  • Harry

    They should give us the DLC for free! I mean I want to test my daedric warhammer out on a vampire lord, and after this fiasco we deserve it for free!

  • ninja

    Whoa I just made comment like that this morning on a different site. But yea why should we buy another bethesda game when they apparently don’t know how to communicate with their gamers.

  • 3 words Bethesda… 3 words. I.HATE.YOU

  • Gene G

    I think that there never was an issue with the PS3 when it comes to the release of the DLC. Yes the game had issues with frame rate and file size, but when it comes to the DLC, I think is that the company has some sort of exclusive deal with Microsoft. This would explain why they are able to get DLC for the 360 and pc out and not the PS3. I base my opinion is that Skyrim is not the first first person RPG they have put out across all the platforms, And yet, every time, the DLC is delayed for the PS3. At least with Fallout 3, they didn’t pretend that it was a system issue. As for boycotting the company, because of their repeated failure for DLC on PS3 and lack or real communication, their next game, Dishonored, has fallen to the back of the line that is my shopping list for games in the winter. And even when I do buy it, I plan on just letting it sit there and see what BS Bethesda pulls with that game before I begin.

    • White Wolf

      There was an exclusivity deal, but it supposedly only lasted for 30 days for each dlc, and then only the first 2 dlc.

  • scott

    Xbox is a dying system anyways

  • casper13rocks

    pete hines should be sacked as public relations gose he sux ass his job is to comunicate with customers not piss them off wich is what he seems to do every time he gives a 4 word responce to wheres dawnguard soru bathedsa arfter 7yrs of ps3 to try say were haveing issues isnt good enuff at E3 bathesda stated they looking foward to the next genaration console cause there have so much fun now how they cant even program for the current systems what do they have for the futer i see bathesda slowly going banclrupt if they continuly disregard ps3 owners as seconed class customers

    • ninja

      Just because he doesn’t communicate doesn’t mean he isn’t being told to go silent along with the rest of the company. Just something to think about. Blame bethesda as a whole first.

      • Jeff Dion

        Wrong ninja. So wrong. Pete Hines is the face of Bethesda. He could of chosen to be and forthcoming or to act….hmmmm douchey and annoyed. He sux at P.R. Period. Don’t make excuses for him.

    • White Wolf

      Could your spelling be any worse? *cause *sucks *which *response *where’s *sorry *Bethesda *after *years *we’re *having *isn’t *enough *Bethesda *forward *generation *can’t *future *I *Bethesda *bankrupt *continually *second. Don’t even get me started on punctuation.

      • Nojodas

        I love you.

        • White Wolf

          Well, someone had to say it eventually. I just made it a little quicker.

  • Josh101

    I keep stopping by to read these articles. To be honest, I hope this fiasco will stop developers from trying to tack on DLC to games in the first place. If they spent all the time just making the game the best it could be, this situation would not exist. The game that comes to mind is Metal Gear Solid 2. That game was a masterpiece, beginning to end. No DLC needed, that game came complete. With the advent of online connectivity we have only given devs the ability to release a buggy game and fix it later with a patch. Which they have to issue a patch to fix the patch they implemented to fix the game in the first place. Call it what you will. But DLC whether planned or not is horrible. Yeah, we have more horsepower under the hood. But they aren’t utilising it the way it should. The only thing this has done to the gaming industry is give them the ability to monetize even further with less effort. “Oh, nevermind that bug, we can just patch it later.” Does not ring “innovation” to me.
    Hoping for something that will not be I suppose. I guess think of it this way, does Activision care about any of what I just said?? Not at all, especially with how much they pull in charging 15$ per “expansion” packs.

    • The thing is, a linear, story-driven game like a MGS would be absurd to try to add extra chapters to. If the existence of DLC means that a sandbox-style RPG gets to continue development past the release date, I’m all for that. It’s not just one story or one way to play, so it’s sortof already more than complete and has the potential to be even more so. And it’s also not as though they said “okay, let’s stop here and put the rest of the drawing board in the expansion”… most of the stuff in the DLC (so far) was from their Game Jam free-for-all development week… stuff that only adds to the gameplay and wasn’t even conceived of before the game went gold.

      If we were talking about Assassin’s Creed II, I’d be right in your corner. The “missing chapters” were an example of everything that is wrong with DLC. And don’t get me started on Castlevania: LoS… But yay for Skyrim DLC for sure.

  • SkyrimFan

    dawnguard for PS3 is affecting disonered sales so just to the problem and fix.

  • Nick S.

    You are absolutely correct. It is an epic communication failure on the part of Bethesda’s Public Relations Officer.

    Many gamers are very computer programming/engineering savy and perfectly capable of understanding a more detailed technical explanation of the issues surrounding the DLC for PS3 if someone would offer a few paragraphs rather than a simple 15 second tweet every once in a while saying “we’re working on it”. I would even go out on a limb and speculate that their PR department could generate some sympathy and user loyalty if they were just more open and honest about what precisely is going on. It really isn’t that difficult for someone to make the effort to appear as if they are actually concerned and spend a little time writing something a little more substantive that people can sink their teeth into.

    • NoDur

      Exactly! The VP or whatever may not know what is going on, but he sure as hell has the ability to gather that information. It is a lack of communication AND a lack of effort. I can’t imagine it being overly difficult for Pines to get some substantial information from the developers.

      • Brandon Wolf

        Even if I favor the Xbox 360 and PC more, and gave my PS3 away, I think this is very unfair, and not communicating with the PS3 gamers is very irresponsible. I’m sorry for y’all, and not sarcastically too, and hope you guys get ALL the DLC soon.

        • that is nice to hear that and thank you. it would be nice to get all 3 dlc’s together but i don’t think we should get the dlc3 30 days before 360 and pc it should be brought out at the same time on all platforms. just being cheeky maybe we should get Hearthfire for

      • senator476ad

        Well, considering what his degree is in (which is not in programming), he probably has gotten the full run down. He just doesn’t understand it, and by proxy is unable to relate it to the fans.That being said, it wouldn’t/shouldn’t be a huge issue to get someone that does understand the techno-babble to relate to us. This is just sheer laziness…

  • Matt

    people actually blame the PS3 for this problem but that is not the case. The reason the problem exists is the fact that Bethesda decided to be lazy and code the game/DLCs for the 360, then copy them onto PC and PS3. The problem with that is that PS3 has a entirely different coding than the 360 so what we get is a sloppy copy of what the 360 has. The fact that the game Skyrim even starts up on the PS3, when it was never really coded to be for it just shows how powerful the PS3 actually is. And how unprofessional Bethesda is.

    The other pet peeve I have of this is that I had to keep going to random articles to find info about the DLCs release on PS3 because Bethesda’s customers service was a damned twitter account by a wannabe soccar player.

    • They industry consensus is code for the PS3 then port over to the 360. Behtesda really needs to hire additional programmers or ditch the ones they have.

    • Where I agree with you on most of your points I have to say that the ps3 is by no means more powerful than the xbox nor is the xbox more powerful than ps3. they both have 3.2 GHz tri core cpu’s and both have 550 MHz graphics the only thing that is different is that the xbox has 512 MB RAM and the ps3 has 256 MB. Also every game made is coded on a PC first then ported to said system either 360 or ps3 why do you think PC games that are on console too never have more bugs or glitches.

  • A.

    3 words, Bethesda Is Corny. even if we do get “dragonborn” f**k i want Bonemold armor for?? i want some cool sh*t & dawnguard has it. and dawnguard has new shouts. this blows.

  • Fbethesda

    Did anyone else play Fallout 3? Do you remember all your XBOX friends playing the dlc, months before you got to, because of issues Bethesda had getting the DLC’s to work on PS3. This is an ongoing problem, people forget with each game. Not me! I remember that sh!t, and that’s why I canceled my Dishonored pre-order.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Dishonored was developed by Arkane Studios (you probably knew that but just in case) and they know how the ps3 works so their won’t be problems. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it because Arkane deserves the money but on the other hand Bethesda gets money too. If i do decide to get it, I’ll get it at a lower price because $60 is too much for such a short game. Its probably because of Bethesda that it has a $60 price tag. I’m sure Arkane would have sold it for 30-40 dollars.
      In unrelated news Dethalbum 3 is out now! Dethklok Rules!

      • Dishonoredftw

        Dishonored is amazing, and totally worth the 60$ price tag in my opinion. The game is indeed a bit short, but considering the different play styles there is no disappointment in playing the game multiple times. You determine the out come in the end by your actions throughout the game, and I think that is awesome.

    • Dishonored is only being produced by Bethesda. Not buying it might indeed take some money from Beth, but moreso, it’s screwing over Arkane Studios, who have nothing to do with the Skyrim DLC fiasco. Come on man.

  • luis4spurs

    Bethesda broke my heart when they released heartfire on Xbox. I was on Bethesda website almost every day to see when dawguard will be available on ps3. Bethesda should just get it over with and break my heart completely so I Could heal faster, instead of torturing me and saying maybe we will release the dlc on ps3. Just Say No!!! and give me a reasonable answer of why not you freaking ahole.

  • I think that everything that they have managed to make the time and effort to say (meager though it was) is fairly consistent and allows for some optimism. They are working out the problems.

    They said that Hearthfire could work, but that implementing it would mean no Dawnguard. Since we don’t have Hearthfire yet, that would seem to suggest that they’re still working on Dawnguard. If they’d given up on Dawnguard, the smart thing to do would be to release Hearthfire so they can make at least some money.

    I am guessing at this point that there will not be exclusivity for the third DLC, and that all three DLC will debut simultaneously as separate items on PSN, with an option to save some money by bundling them. If they’re smart, they’ll make the option to bundle a PSN-exclusive deal, at least for the first week or two, that way PS3 users can say “well I had to wait, but I basically got Hearthfire for free, so…”

    I’m not happy, but I’m still dumb enough to retain some optimism, and I’m not disenfranchised by the delay or by the sparse commentary from their PR man.

    Mainly I just want to play.

    • I should say I’m not TOTALLY disenfranchised. I have definitely gotten to the point, after FNV and Skyrim, where I’m not planning on buying a Beth game on release day. You know that s**t is going to need a new patch every week for the first month or so. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      • Akassassin

        What do people do who buy FNV/Skyrim and don’t have internet? Are they just stuck with a broken game? That isn’t right at all.

  • Honestly Even if they lack Communication, even if they don’t deliver on a DLC for Skyrim. I personally would still buy future Bethesda Games because even without DLC’s, Skyrim was an awesome and worthwhile buy, I quite enjoyed playing it And just because they can’t/wouldn’t be able to put DLC’s for skyrim on the PS3 doesn’t mean that it will happen with future games. But then again that is just my opinion. They make very good games and I hope they will continue to make more because I for one will totally buy future games made by Bethesda.

    • You speak sensible words. Did someone not tell you that is not how the internet works?

    • Sadly, that’s true for me as well. I want to not buy them, to teach Bethesda a lesson for neglecting the platform… but…

      Man, I LOVE these games.