Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update missing for some

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2012

Despite previous promises of the infamous Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 landing on three of the UK’s biggest carriers this month, it appears that some unfortunate customers are still waiting for their own update to start.

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and are on contract with either Three, Vodafone or O2, there’s a good chance that you are now figuring out the new nuts and bolts of your handset after a recent OTA notification over the last few days. However, we’ve received feedback from some of you, stating that the update is still missing in your area though, particularly for those on Vodafone and O2.

We informed you over the weekend and earlier this week that O2 customers had a particularly frustrating time, after O2 initially revealed that the Jelly Bean update had gone live, only to experience some serious problems which resulted in the update being delayed momentarily. The problem appears to have been solved by O2 officially, but we are still getting some complaints from O2 customers who are still waiting for the Android 4.1 update to start.

While that covers three of the networks in the UK, spare a thought for Galaxy S3 owners who happen to be on Orange, T-Mobile, Tesco or Virgin Mobile. Jelly Bean still isn’t available officially for any of these networks, and we could face a further wait on when Samsung and each respective network manage to push the update out for customers individually.

We remember seeing some major delays for Android Ice Cream Sandwich over in the US for various Droid handsets, but we have a feeling that Samsung may be starting to break some records with the painfully slow rollout of Jelly Bean across all regions. We can understand the frustration at hand, as it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Samsung are now starting to focus on the Galaxy S3 Mini, which comes with Jelly Bean out of the box.

After initially being touted as an Android handset from the promised land, how do you feel now that your device has been firmly pushed to the bottom of the pecking order? Let’s hope we have some encouraging news regarding a US Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 soon.

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  • rastaboy

    My and my gf’s sgs3 got the Jelly bean 4.1 upgrade! We r deeply disappointed,cuz we have loads of problems now with the phone! Slow, crashing, make file’s only for read, but no moveable. ..some 1 can help 4 us!?:/

  • mike upset

    My girlfriend and I have a s3 on orange I got mine end of September. She got her phone last week and now has updated to jelly bean wtf

  • Woolfie167

    I’m on the orange/EE network still now sign of a jelly bean update, when I go into my settings there isn’t an option to update software

  • nav&tech

    hi guys, does someone know when you update to JB does the saved data such as games music and contacts get deleted or do they stay. or if they do get deleted and your backed up all data on gmail will be downloaded automatecly.
    thanks in advance

  • Spiritwolf Taylor

    Still waiting and contacted T-Mobile UK to ask when the update to jelly bean will be available and all they keep telling me is that it will be soon. Samsung needs to stop messing us around and get it sorted out instead of concentrating on new handsets how about you consider the loyal customers who have the latest handsets already and then finish off with the newer products.

  • PEN

    my friend is on vodafone in australia and has already got his jellybean update. why have some got it and others dont………….i dont understand

  • Carl Harverson

    I will not buy branded again. I will get a nexus phone direct from Google

  • essexoutlaw

    On Three, in southend essex…still no update.

  • skippypaul

    My wife and I are on Three. She has got the update and I’m still waiting. Bought phones at same time. How does this work

  • Dave

    At last, I got the update this morning through Kies.

  • eskimo

    Tried over and over again since Monday to download from Vodafone via Wi-Fi with no joy. No mention of Jelly Bean on their website and both their customer service and tech teams had no idea when things were happening. Visit to Vodafone store was no help either. Does anyone out there know any more about how Vodafone plan to deploy 4.1??????

  • eclat01

    Simfree update is the base software for all the networks to add their bloatware too…
    When we eventually get the update, it will be with a date which precedes all the networks…
    The ONLY possible explanation is the networks have struck a deal so locked handsets get the updates first – or we will be pushed 4.1.2?
    ALL of the delays and speculation can be solved by a simple timescale release from Samsung – as much as I loath Apple, they release software to all platforms on the same day and release timely updates after… Instead of non-stop court cases, how about some customer support!!!

  • Dave

    Well, another day has gone by, it’s now the 24th, the update we were told was starting on the 19th still hasn’t got to my phone, I still can’t get it through Kies, o2 tell me “it should be soon, be patient”, and it looks like, as I got mine through CPW that I may have to wait even longer for the unlocked version update, however o2 havn’t said anything about this. Surely it would make far more sense for Samsung to update directly from their website or dedicated servers, so we all have a chance to get it. Let’s have some decent after sales service, at the moment I feel that we are just being pushed aside and ignored.

  • therevokid

    You carrier versions think yourselves lucky … the international customers (mines
    unbranded and unlocked) are going to have to wait even longer – there’s still no news
    of our update. patience is one thing but ineptitude is something else 🙁

  • Dave

    My phone is on o2, I got it from CPW, no update yet either ota or on kies. I am getting very fed up with this. This is a fantastic phone so lets have customer service to match, not this silence we get when trying to find out what’s going on. I have emailed Samsung and they didn’t have the courtessy to reply, o2 don’t seem to know what’s going on,and as for Samsung’s “very soon” that we were given in August, after lots of rumoured dates, well. I for one am disapointed. I am soon going to give up waiting and try a custom ROM, or try to download the official ROM from somewhere like Sammobile.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if someone would just give us honest information.

  • Rajesh Mahana

    There are no update jb4.1 yet…… please conform me when i will got on my galaxy s3

  • This is all because Samsung does not really care once they have are money in there little korean hands….No wonder Apple out sold them and to tell you the truth I have gone and purchase an IPhone 5 for now I do not care when the update comes for when it does I will sell there piece of crap and never buy anything with there name on it again….TO bad Samsung you snooze you loose and I know of others doing the same….

  • aa599

    on T-Mobile, and aren’t surprised about the delay. ICS was an anti-climax, don’t see JB as being anything to hold my breath for.

  • next time tell us something we dont know Dansway Communications LTD. its comming soon we know, were upset we know!

  • Scott

    I got my S3 through Phones4U, and am still awaiting the update. I’m not that bothered about it to be honest since the phone does everything I want already, and I’m incredibly happy. If I never get the update, I’m not going to be bothered about it at all.

  • Davey7807

    Im on Three and nothing for me either.. tried on Kies and it tells me im running the latest firmware.. Im in Warwickshire and I also had to wait for the phone to be delivered to my local Three store as I ordered the blue version.. Im not actually desperate for the update, but I am just interested in how much smoother it actually feels, as ICS is pretty smooth itself on the S3.. plus its something new and exciting for us owners to play around with and we all love new things don’t we!!!

  • Pissed

    Im in the US and theirs no release date for us so stop bitching. At least you’ll have a release date.

  • Bruno

    Ok guys can someone help me out? I’m all the way in Mozambique, using Vodacom/Vodafone, I believe we will get the update soon as Vodacom in South Africa gets it but why doesn’t samsung just place the update on their server i mean isnt it much easier??? And when we will even get the update down here???

  • dave hensey

    i awoke this morning to see update on my screen and now i hve the jellybean i live in ireland and am wit vodafone

  • There is nothing as yet for my samsung s3 on voderfone im in yorkshire..when is it supposed to be updating? ive read that vodefone networks av already got the update tho

  • Antonio

    For everyone on Three, the update is through Kies at the moment, ota update says it’s not available, my S3 buttery smooth now

    • luke1991

      Dude kies doesnt work, i tried about 12 times, it crashed my phone every time i made an attemt… and im on three so yh ;/

  • im on three , no update yet . got the samsung s3

  • nmmmmm

    i am with Vodafone (southampton area). I am downloading the update from Kies and it seems to work.It is at 60% the upgrade process and it goes very slowly.On occasions seems that it is frozen the progress but just be patient.So far it has taken 23′ from the download process

  • Rich Packham, Kent

    My S3 is on the Three network and I was one of the first to get it, as I got it in the first batch of the 1000 blues that came into the country, but it now seems like I’m one of the last to get the upgrade, how the hell does that work?

  • j

    im on three, live in east london, no update for me neither…

  • S. Bansal

    I am a patient person, which is a rare thing it appears having read through a lot of the comments on here and other places with regards to this update being rolled out. Having said that I do also share the bewilderment others feel towards the ambiguous nature of firmware updates from companies other than Apple. I previously had a Nokia N8 phone and awaited the Belle update for months and months, with a phone that was barely functional and when it rolled out, my carrier was still behind by weeks. It all comes down to fairness, why should some wait longer than others? This is where I can see Apple have an operational advantage. One source of firmware and one update, all released at a press event. No waiting or messages of “update coming SOON”. As much as Samsung hope to emulate Apple, this is the one area I wish they really did! Oh well thankfully I am patient as I said, and what’s more they S3 is an awesome phone on ICS anyway!

  • Mamaly Rashad

    samsung make good products but their customer care in every department is atrocious…Why isn’t an update a universal update? I have written to Samsung about various issues I’ve had with their products and never received a reply and in my personal experience they just don’t care about anything other than profit, and that is where Apple have the upper hand, sure they care about profit and sure they have issues but their customer care is second to none.

  • Brendan

    Nothing on Kies or over the air for Vodfone in London for me so far. Purchased through Phones 4U

  • lordjames

    I brought my s3 from o2, no update for me yet, what’s happening?

  • steve

    I have a sim free s3 i9300 from Carphone Warehouse.
    Its easier for samsung to release jellly bean for my sim free unlocked phone than for the mobile carriers. This is because it doesnt need all the carrier bloatware and configurations to be installed.
    For some odd reason we have to wait longer than most to get it. I hope it arrives today.
    I expect it will be a while yet.

  • Bought My S3 from CPW sim free!! I’m surprised that updates haven’t come in directly from Sansung yet??

  • syrus

    i’m on three no update for me yet

  • Matt

    Why are we having to wait on t mobile, they are supposed to be one of the front runners for mobiles but sadly they are lacking as they are making us wait!!!

  • indian_uk

    Samsung scored a own goal.why cant samsung just put the Jelly Bean update on their site for people to download .would have been simpler and quicker.

  • beakster

    I’ve bought my S3 from the carphone warehouse on 02,so it is unlocked. Not got the update yet, but I’m sure it will be here soon. I can’t understand the panic to get what Is basically a small incremental update.

    • Dave

      I can understand people being unhappy about this, as I myself am very unhapopy about it. I rely on my phone for work, mostly while driving, A better voice command system is very important as I have issues with Svoice, also I have intermittant problems with bluetooth, which it would seem are caused by ICS, so I am hoping that JB will overcome the problems.
      This update has been out for months now, there is another update on the way and we havn’t got the 1st one yet.
      This phone is supposed to be Samsung’s flagship, along with the Note 2, the Note 2 has JB out of the box, but the S3 has been left behind.
      The worst thing about all of this is the secrecy and silence about the JB update.
      Also Samsung’s promise, back in August, of “very soon” gives a whole new meaning of “very soon”, please will someone re-write the dictionary to define “very soon” as sometime, eventually.

  • PeteWolf

    I’m on O2, no update for me yet.
    Got my S3 from Phones4U.
    Apparently I’m not included in the O2 rollout and will have to wait until all the networks have deployed it.
    To be classed as an O2 phone you need to have bought it from O2 directly as it has different firmware.
    These devices are locked to a specific network i.e. O2.
    You can tell if yours is an O2 phone if you have the O2 bubbles startup screen.
    No point contacting O2 as its deployed by Samsung.
    Previously Samsung have deployed to the non network locked devices first.