Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US rush starts in 2 days

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 23, 2012

We’ve been following the progress of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 making land on different shores over the last few weeks, and after the frustration of seeing this device rollout across Europe it is now time for the United States to see the Galaxy Note 2 gain a release date. Today AT&T has confirmed exactly when you can pre-order the 5.5-inch smartphone and also when you can expect the device to start shipping in the US.

The US Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will start with AT&T offering online pre-orders in 2 days time, Oct 25, and then on Nov 9 you’ll be able to pick up the device in an AT&T store or online with shipping right away, although this would obviously be down to stock levels. If you really want the Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T then we recommend you be one of the first in-line at a store, or get your pre-order in the moment it goes live in 2 days time.

AT&T only confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date today, which can be seen in their press statement below. This also mentions the just under $300 Galaxy Note 2 price on a two-year contract, and also recaps the main features and specs if you didn’t know them already. Interestingly AT&T promotes their claim of the largest 4G network in the US, which is said to include over 275m people and deliver a wide coverage area for LTE.

Will you be ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T in 2 days, or do you have your sights set on another network? If you don’t want the Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T, then feel free to share your reasons why that is in the comments below. Also in your opinion, what is the best network in the US for smartphones?

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  • rj5555

    Great phone…. trust me it is worth the wait.

    Typed from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • Fn

    My family currently has 5 iphones 3 ipads with AT&T but, they do not have LTE in area where we live in rural Pilot Point Tx. According to Verzion, they do therefore I’m getting Note 2 with Verizion and see if it works better. If it does I’m switching all my phones to Verzion.

  • bruno nappa

    WTF Now the 9th!!

  • nick

    Ive been tracking this phone for a while now im disapointed that at&t are not releasing it at the same time as other carriers. I will wait till the white 1 comes out hopefully wont have to wait much longer

  • M.T

    I want it Friday not the 9th I could be making the move.

  • Abdullah Naji

    WOOHOO! Can’t wait for the Note 2.


    number 1 fan here!