Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean: O2 issues update 22/10

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 22, 2012

Over the weekend we reported news on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update for O2 and that they experienced a few issues with pushing Android 4.1 to users, which had been due to problems that needed to be fixed with the help of Samsung. This report also touched on Vodafone UK going live with Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean today, and now we can confirm that statements have been provided from both networks about the availability of the new software.

We’ve had confirmation from a number of PR readers that Vodafone UK has delivered the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update this morning, and users are telling us that they have it already. It is good to remember this is a rollout so we don’t expect every Vodafone smartphone owner to have the update straight away, but you can certainly expect it very soon.

The image below shows a statement in regard to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update on O2 UK, which has only just been submitted to their official forums within the last hour. This confirms that the Android 4.1 update is live on O2 handsets, so feel free to hit the comments with your UK location and if you have the Jelly Bean update yet?

Do you have any problems after installing Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3? As we said above the software updates will be staggered, so this would also explain some of our readers reporting problems with the Jelly Bean roll out, which in most cases is just an expected delay. We’ve heard from a few people asking where their Three UK Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is? If you’re on that network and have the update, should’ve launched at the end of last week, then let everyone know.

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  • G Mac

    Anybody know when orange (EE) customers will receive the update?

  • robbo

    Since the update over the air from vodaphone.. My phone now continually bleeps to tell me its charged.. Great it wakes me up. I cant shut it up even with the phone muted.. And i can no longer connect to a wifi network.. Awsome update… Whatever you do.. Dont update.. Others having same problems read the forums.. Arrrgh.. Please can i have ics back jelly bean looks snappier but holy crap… It sucks

  • s3girl

    I updated my samsung galaxy s3 3 days ago..After that, i noticed that it is now charging very slow..i plugged it at 10 percent then after 6 hours the battery only goes up to 37 percent..o already did a factory reset but didnt resolve the iaaue
    reset but it d

  • Buttsy 01

    Jelly Bean Problems on my Galaxy S III.

    Hey all, I can’t delete apps from my home page as the bin icon simply doesn’t appear and I get terrible onscreen flashing when scrolling through email pages. Also, all operations feel slower, seriously considering a move back to ios. Any suggestion gratefully received.

  • aerassie

    Hey John-Phillip. I am on MTN but those guys dont know either. I was referred to Samsung SA and not even them can tell me when Jelly Bean is coming to SA. But I have to say it looks like many people have problems after the update.

  • shoot

    After Jellybean upgrade for my s3 , I cannot use voice commands for my camera.


    I don’t have boot animation

  • Greg Prokop

    Have jelly bean on mu s3 and it is much much slower now. There are few nice changes but phone keeps freezing and is seriously slow. Will try to reinstall and if this won’t help I will back to ICS.

  • today i have done my update to jelly bean..but after that my camera stopped working it opens and i am unable to take a snap or do anything and mean while its showing unfortunately camera stopped and force closing..i dnt know wot these guys have brought wid dis f***ing update 🙁

    • skmartin9

      Hi mine is doing the same now what was the cure for yours plz mate ?

  • I am on o2. Still no sign of the update

  • Ive got the jellybean software on, and now my phone is going back to samsung after a conversation with there tech people. as running slower, freezing, its not smooth at all juddering as u change screens and scrolling, and now its losing mobile internet and also losing my network, this as only happened since put the update on, now i could be without my phone for up to 14 days or more while they sort it

  • mo

    i dont have my update jelly beans on o2 what going on

  • amy

    Since the update i am not able to connect to my computer. Is this happening to anyone else

  • Alan

    I’m on pay as you go on the 3 network and downloaded the jelly bean update 4.1.1 update yesterday and now it’s taking a full night to charge my battery. This is a nightmare please someone get this fixed asap

  • Danny

    I’m on orange UK sim and getting the message saying it’s I not available via the order they request jt. Try again later. Logging onto kies now. Looks like orange is finally available! Update you later

  • PeteWolf

    I’m on O2, no update for me yet.

    Got my S3 from Phones4U. Apparently I’m not included in the O2 rollout and will have to wait until all the networks have deployed it.

    To be classed as an O2 phone you need to have bought it from O2 directly as it has different firmware.
    These devices are locked to a specific network i.e. O2.

    You can tell if yours is an O2 phone if you have the O2 bubbles startup screen.

    No point contacting O2 as its deployed by Samsung.

    Previously Samsung have deployed to the non-network locked devices first.

  • Lucrii

    In London, still waiting for the update.

  • paul

    jellybean has messed up my phone battery been on charge for 4 hours and wont go above 49%

  • Anton

    Does anyone know when the jelly bean software be available in South Africa?

    • I’m wondering the same thing.. nobody seems to know. I dont know if it’s network dependant here. But im on MTN but have a Vodacom handset.. please let me know if you find out anything.

  • Paul

    I can confirm my s3 on o2 with a orange sim card this morning, cool

  • Dave.S

    I have just updated my o2 Galaxy S3. The update menu on my phone said “try again later” but when I logged in to Keys it said “firmware update available”. Seems to have worked OK – I still have a functioning phone so I will have a play and see what’s new.

    • brody

      How do i log in to keys? I have the same problem

      • Dave.S

        Hi Brody – You need to instal Keys on your PC. Do a google search on “Samsung Keys” and follow the link to the samsung site. Kies is horrible buggy software. You may think it’s not working because it takes its time opening without any indication anthing is happening. It was useful on this occasion but generally I use GMail for synchronising etc.

  • No joy yet, im on o2

  • Dave

    I am on o2. Still no sign of the update, I am in Kent. I don’t understand why there is all the secrecy about this update, why can’t the carriers, Android or Samsung just be honest with their customers and let us know what’s going on, what date we can expect it etc. When you ask questions you are either ignored or brushed off with something like “soon”, “soon” we now know can mean months, so really doesn’t mean anything any more.

  • jbj844

    Im on o2 an when i do a ota update i get a message sayin “accsess to the update is available to users in the order they request it try later”.. any ideas

    • D_arkTrooper

      I get the same.At a guess thousands of people are all hammering the download server at once and the system can’t cope.

    • octo

      This problem can be solves with kies, if using an ota update you have to wait in a cue…kies you can download it instantly…

  • Susan

    Thought I would get Android 4.1.1 on my O2 Galaxy S3 last week, what a nightmare, although I also can confirm I have it now although only within the last hour. I’m in London, UK. Now I’m going to have a play with Jelly Bean, wont get much work done today.

  • Tony

    I can confirm Jelly Bean hit my Vodafone Galaxy S3 this morning.

    • where abouts are u, im on voderfone network mine is not unlocked to any network and i am still waiting for it, over the air, go into my setting click on software update and still saying none availble