Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US silence frustrates

By Alan Ng - Oct 22, 2012

Consumers in the US have had to endure a frustrating wait for official Galaxy Note 2 release news to trickle out, but we’re pleased to say that it looks like the highly sought after device is going to be available from at least two of the big four carriers this week.

If the Galaxy Note 2 is going to be your next smartphone purchase, you’re probably aware that Sprint has already informed eager buyers that they’ll be releasing the device on October 25th at a price of $299 on a two year deal.

So far, Verizon and AT&T have remained quiet on their own respective availability for the Note 2, but over the weekend we’ve now learned that T-Mobile will be offering the device alongside Sprint as well – with the exact same pricing plan as well from a third-party retailer.

T-Mobile has yet to make things as concrete as Sprint, but some leaked details coming out of Walmart suggests that the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note 2 is going to come in at $299 on a two-year contract as well. While it will be pleasing for those of you who are thinking of getting the device on either T-Mobile or Sprint, some of you are very disappointed that there are still no word on when you’ll actually be able to pre-order the device to have it shipped to your home in time for launch.

As of now, there’s no clear cut pre-order page on both Sprint or T-Mobile’s websites, potentially forcing consumers to head into retail stores on October 25th to see if any stock is available on a first come, first serve basis. Sprint has sent out a full press release, confirming an October 25th release, but there’s no further information on how Sprint customers can pre-order one online.

What are your thoughts on the US confusion surrounding the Galaxy Note 2? Has the lack of communication between carriers and customers put you off from buying one, or is it a device that you’ll get regardless, when the craze begins to slow down?

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  • Levi Wallach

    It is definitely frustrating. I think they are attempting to do a Apple-esque deal where they do a launch party on the 24th and say it’s available in stores tomorrow on Sprint and Tmobile and in another week or two on AT&T (and possibly VZN). But really, it’s a bit annoying to customers who are trying to plan purchases and figure out what retailer options they will have, etc. Within a few days or at most a week or two, we’ll either have them and multiple locations or know when they will be out, but in the mean time, it’s just building people’s excitement, but mostly their anxiety and frustration for lack of info.

  • vinas03

    Getting about 15GB a month with T-mobile unlimited, at about 10mbps down/3 up.

  • Khan76

    I think there is no pre-order dates by AT&T and Verizon due the hype they created for iphone5. iphone5 sales are not up to the expectation by the carriers. I think everyone is waiting for Note2. But carriers have more iphone5 in there stocks compare to the orders. so they will first try to get rid off those and then they promote the Note2.

    • Yao

      lol wth are you talking about? All Iphone 5 are sold out. You cant buy one right now if you wanted, theres a 3-4 week wait even if you order from Apples website.

  • note_lover

    I will be getting the Note 2 the day it’s released, as frustrating as it is. I’ve been waiting a loooooong time for this phone and will continue to wait for it to come to T-Mobile. Even though it has been a long wait, it will be worth it once I have it in my hands!

  • Dan

    Yes i have Been waiting for a while. I was due to re due my contract at Verizon a month ago and was not happy with the iPhone 5 so after I read about the note I asked Verizon and no one knows I went to the store to preorder and they asked me to call then the caller sends me to the Samsung web site I’m about ready to cancel my account and really upset with Verizon they seem to be pushing the IPhone 5 I already have the 4 and really the 5 is not worth the difference in price considering I already have a phone that does probably 99% of the stuff of the iphone5

  • Brian

    I will get note 2 anyway, but indeed frustrating. ATT please tell me when I can do my own 5 feet drop test with now-sick-and-tired-of iPhone 4s!

  • Tired

    The fact that I’ve been grandfathered into the unlimited data
    Plan is the only reason I’m still with Verizon. Otherwise they are awful as far as price and services, they’ll squeeze every penny they can outta ya. I’m pretty sure I will be dropping them if I have to get jerked around just to get another phone.

    • duff60901

      How did you get grandfathered in? Been on Verizon over 10 years and have to pay full retail to keep unlimited data. First dragging on the Moto Razr HD and now this… think it is time for a new carrier.

      • DROID4LIFE

        I was also grandfathered in as well. I’m not sure why you weren’t.

      • kevjohn

        That’s the only way to upgrade your phone on a grandfathered plan, pay full retail for the phone. That’s what I’ll be doing when this Note 2 hits the shelves. It’s either that or fork over money each month for the inevitable overage fees.

      • i work indirectly for Verizon and im also a customer no one is no longer grandfathered in unlimited. When the galaxy note 2 comes out i will have to purchase it at full retail price. I actually use my unlimited i could use 5GB by myself so the new plans would do me no justice.

    • i have Verizon and i love them i have had all the other companies and let me tell you its no difference. you sign a 2 year contract, you have to wait so many months before you can upgrade, you have a one year warranty on the phone. if you dont have insurance and you damage the phone and the warranty is up you have to then purchase a certified like new device or a new device at full retail price. Its no difference at any other wireless company i get complaints form AT&T customers about the same thing and they think if they jump ship and hop on another one things will be different well its not. I am also an indirect employee of Verizon. I will tell you that if you use your upgrade to get that phone you can not keep that unlimited plan. I’m buying my note 2 full retail price so that i can keep my unlimited. AT&T is the same way. The reason why these companies are going away from unlimited is that most of the customers barely use their unlimited and it slows down the network speeds. T=mobile Sprint and C-Spire all have unlimited but let me tell you those 3g & (3G HSPA+= 4g) their speeds are not as fast. I hate to see customers go but i hate that you had a bad experience but i love Verizon. Before Verizon done away with unlimted people would come in a buy their phones at full retail price just so they could keep their upgrades and plans well these companies monitor all that and they figure if you want to keep something they dont offer anymore just do what people been doing all along buying phones off ebay, purchasing them at full reatail price and so on.

      • cleptomaniac

        That’s the worst advice I have ever heard. Verizon’s planned pricing include a subsidy cost. This is one of the ways they justify the higher plan pricing. They eat 400-600 dollars a device and you make that up over your two year contract. If you feverishly hold onto your grandfathered plan your are getting screwed twice. Once by that fact you never get to take advantage of an upgrade ( and therefore you end up buying phones for 600 instead of the 200 or 300 with upgrade ). And then you are getting screwed by paying for a payment plan that includes subsidy costs, that you never end up using.

        There is only one circumstance that I could understand keeping hold of the plan, and that is if you are using verizon as your only internet provider. Otherwise, turn on your damn wifi and stop torrenting over 3G/4G.

        • duff60901

          I usually use about 7G a month so a data plan would suck. But it is terrible to pay 700 for a phone AND 10 a month for insurance only to damage it and pay 75 more for someone’s repaired phone. Almost cheaper to just buy a new one.

  • coldpie

    I hate the first come, first serve without any chance of preorder. No way I can get time off to get a cell phone. I’ll probably have to wait weeks to get that sucker

  • Xiu Seal

    Awesome device. Everything I desire in a smart phone. Convenience of androids flash support for better web browsing with powerful CPU and 2gb of ram will ensure hardly any slow downs of the device. Great large 5.5 inch for great web browsing and reading or for just about everything. Will be at sprint’s door when it opens on October 25th to snatch one and have the best phone experience ever made til now. Much thanks Samsung. Samsung note 1 was great and now samsung note 2 is far superior and beauty all in one. Experience phone/tablet all in one in your pocket.

    • Doug W

      Sorry to burst your bubble but Android won’t support “flash” with Jelly Bean 4.1.1

      • Kev

        Adobe doesn’t support anymore but you can still install flash player and watch flash videos on any browsers other than chrome.

      • Karlos G

        But that’s the good thing of Android, there’s always a way to do it, probably an apk!

      • Dan

        What? Crap realy

        • Yes but there is an apk out for you I downloaded it on my Motorola Xoom running JB

        • Michael Phelps

          it’s not officially supported but IT DOES WORK! i have JB and i have flash player. NO ISSUES.

      • Magnus100

        Wrong! You can download xScope browser and it supports flash. So there you have it.

    • I’ve had the Note 2 for 2 weeks now and it does not dissapoint! The only problem I have had is that I quickly filled up the 16GB internal memory with games that I could not play on my GSI and Spotify playlists. I really hope Google/Samsungemake apps2SD a possibilty soon. My 32 GB SD card sits empty at present.
      David, Sweden

  • L Fizzel

    I’m not so happy about Verizon’s choice of adding a $30 upgrade fee on top of the 299 price tag. If it is anything like the GS3 you won’t be able to upgrade even a day earlier than you upgrade date. They are normally pretty cool about being a little early, but I dont see that happening. So basically I have to wait until the 17th to get it. I hope I’m wrong, but i doubt it. I will wait for It and get it no matter what the circumstances are.

    • Guest

      Please clarify what you’ve heard about VZ release date and fees.

    • Agent_Blade

      all top 4 carriers do upgrade fees…