Samsung Galaxy Note 2 teased by US network

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 22, 2012

There are a number of assumptions being made about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date delay for the United States, although during this confusion we’ve seen T-Mobile post the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone onto their website just to tease us a little more. The sad part of this is that they don’t include an exact launch date, or even a pre-order button.

You only need to run a search for Samsung’s “Galaxy Note II” on the T-Mobile website to be greeted with a couple of results, which include the Galaxy Note 2 in a Titanium Gray and Marble White. You’ll find a few photos showing the handset from different angles, the main specs that we all pretty much know by now, although the product pages are extremely detailed for every Galaxy Note 2 feature with the aim of explaining how good this device is.

You can see the Titanium Gray Galaxy Note 2 product page on T-Mobile here, which highlights the 5.5-inch screen, 1.6GHz Quad-core, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as main selling points, which are then followed up with a long list of features with a little about each of these.

Why is T-Mobile taking so long to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and also Verizon, Sprint, and other US networks? This is the question that some Note 2 fans cannot understand, although they’re joined by a few others with certain opinions about why this might be. Some of the more extreme views include the possibility that Verizon and AT&T lack pre-order dates thanks to the iPhone 5 hype, and some people believe that the sales are lacking, which resulted in stock that needs to be sold before they can push the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

This is certainly one of the opinions that need to be placed under “conspiracy theories“, although you never know and the popularity of the Galaxy Note 2 only seems to be growing the longer fans have to wait. It seems the more people that want it; the more people seem to be joining in with the love of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. We must also remember Apple has gained success from similar hype surrounding their iPhones, so maybe it is time for the Note 2 to share in that same marketing success through building hype.

How badly do you want the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and if so what US network do you want it on?

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  • SKM528

    I replaced my iPhone 4s with Note 2 and i have been using it for almost a month now, it is an amazing device i love it, it fits easily into my jeans and jacket pockets, and NO ! YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT USING IT IN PUBLIC ! …. the only experience i had using it publicly for making calls was ” IS THAT A NOTE-2 ? CAN I C IT”…..and to clear im not just being droid fan boy i have used all generations of iPhone and this is my first android device

  • Ohyeaa

    I have it already I live in lebanon (middle east) its worth the wait guys this phone is a super hulk very fast very useful the s pen is great the battery life also it lasts 2 days with moderate use

  • alabastar

    I lost my AT&T Note at the airport last week. Got 18 months of contract remaiing. I bought unlocked Note 2 on line after doing the maths. I loved my lost Note and can’t wait to open my Note2 which arrives tomorrow. I’m fed up with service providers empty promises on equipment and upgrades. Hopefully my reliance will be on the manufacturer for that support and not on a device crippled or full of bloat ware.

  • nomoreAppleforme

    it’s because of iPhone and all those Motorola craps that’s gotta have their grace periods before Samsung product launches…

  • Jennifer

    I am dumping Apple as soon as the Note is available. I have had an IPhone since 2007 also. Ready for a change. Looking forward the trying out Android. Just wish ATT would let us know when we can get it.

  • SamSung>iGarbage

    Leaving my iPhone 4 for the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note II, I’m so stoked.. The things are virtually ends with this phone, the potential is amazing and the wait is killing meee.. Give ’em hell Samsung, I hope the Note II breaks record sales along with the Galaxy SIII, I’ve come to love both! Can’t wait, please hurryyy 🙂

    • SamSung>iGarbage

      Trading in my iPhone4 to AT&T for $140 toward the glorious Note II, Ahhhhhh I can’t waiiit! Please release date/pre-order something confirmed soon asap, prrrease! :)))

  • dj takes no requests

    i want one . verizon .

  • DianaVenus

    Getting more annoyed with SN2, I want this phone a lot but sprint is the only one that has a release date, all the other companies are “We are getting it” but we are not telling you when or how much. (although I am sure that they will all be going about 16-299.32-399,64-499. I just want to know when I can get this phone. If I have to wait any longer then November to know when it will be coming out I will find a different phone to get… this is getting to be bs, I have been waiting longer then Aug 19th for this phone and I want it now!!!!

    • Unfortunately they are only releasing the 16gb for now. The 32gb will be released at a later date and perhaps the 64gb will release much later if the demand is strong enough.

  • I would love a Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon!

  • Appru-pai

    Did the author do his research? The official Samsung launch “hoo-ha” day for the Galaxy Note II is October 24th. Make sense now? Expect the phone for sale the 24th or the 25th on most carriers.

  • Frozengi

    I have to agree with the majority of other comments. I am dumping my Iphone 4S for a Note 2. Apple has really just bored me with their minute upgrades. The innovation is just not there for me personally anymore. The advertised features and massive screen of the Note has gotten my inner Geek excited. Being able to watch a video while doeing other task on my phone, seems to be an attractive feature for me.

  • Dumping my iPhone, loved the 4, eagerly waited for the 5, now less than impressed so I wait for the Note2 to be released on Verizon. I am only worried about getting my contacts over intact!

  • Geoff

    How much is retail for the Note 2 ? ($600-$750) I want to keep my Verizon unlimted data. My phone bill now is $90 ( $30 unlimted data & $60 talk & TX) I use about 6 Gb a month with NFL moble and watching games & playing games on phone. So 6GB cost $80 plus $40 for phone = $120 30 bucks a month more times 24 months is $720 over 2 years. So cheaper to pay $600- $700 for phone with unlimted data then $299 and no unlimted data. Any other verizon people doing this too?

  • Giovanna

    I have been waiting over a year for a Galaxy Note…..I would have dumped Verizon for the first Galaxy Note, but it is the only carrier that has a strong signal to my home. I am SO TIRED of waiting, but the Note is the only phone I am interested in, because of its large screen. I can’t WAIT not to have to use two pairs of reading glasses to read my email.

  • Welshy

    I think iphones are going to go the same way as blackberry as the market is getting bigger and better go for it Samsung and every other mobile phone manufacturer Apple has held onto the market for too long now 😀

  • Welshy

    I have just had my galaxy note 2 its amazing I am so glad I did not go for an iphone 5, I love it

  • bigger&better

    Would love it if verizon would have it by the end of the month if not I’m going to sprint for it. I’m not waiting till mid November! So verizon, if you know what’s best for you, put the galaxy note 2 out this month or sprint and tmobile will have half your business!! IPhone sucks so quit pushing it and come out with the next nig thing!!!!

  • girlatsea

    Enough to sell my iPhone 4S as soon as it hits stores. Bye bye iPhone~

  • mark schotten


  • gtabme

    No iFruit for me.

  • Bardock72

    I’ve been drooling over this for a couple of months. If AT&T doesn’t at least have pre-orders on the 25th, it will be the last straw and I’ll likely leave them for Sprint.

  • Poseidon

    I was and still am anxiously awaiting the Note2. Then I saw the recently announced Asus PadPhone 2. There isn’t a US LTE variant, so maybe by the time the Note 2 contract is up, there will be a US version of the Padphone. I’m still on a Motorola ATRIX and will miss the fingerprint unlocker. Was ecstatic when I went to it from an iphone. No more shackles!

  • I too will be leaving the iPhone 4 behind for this big beast… as soon as it is available on Verizon.

  • troy

    I’ll be getting the Note 2 for t mobile on the 25. I have been googling note 2 for the past 2 months now reading all the new updates about it, and this phone is definitely going to set the standard on all smart phones in the future you mark my words. I really think this phone blows Apple 5 out the water and its gonna be great to watch other smart phone makers react to the new developments by the note 2. I currently have the galaxy s 2 was gonna, go s3 but Note 2 is just too good to pass up, good job Samsung

  • So, so thankful I couldn’t upgrade till November, cause I woulda never known about this phone. Bye bye Iphone.

  • Jz

    I want my GN2 and I want it on Verizon, yesterday!

  • gheath1369

    Been panting over it since August. Can’t wait! I check the web daily for new updates. Verizon user.

  • ON one that won’t reduce my unlimited data use.(nuf said)

    • Sprint baby ….

    • I worked out the cost difference (Verizon) on my unlimited plan (which includes 20% discount because of my employer) and the new 2GB plan which has no discount. It is $36.03 more per month, that’s $864.72 for the 24 month contract. I am going to purchase the phone at full price, and save about $200.00. Verizon will let you pay up to $400.00 at $50.00 per month, but I have to pay the other $300.00 or so up front. BUT I won’t have any contract where I have to wait to get out or trade up.

  • aabye

    I want this phone soo bad! I’ve read almost every article about it & am sold on it. Im with Verizon so im nervous because there isn’t much word from Verizon

  • @Goat, not sure which carrier you have. I contacted my local AT&T authorized retailer and he said it launches the 24th and he will have them on Monday 29th.

    • Bardock72

      Jeff, I really hope the agent you spoke to is right.

  • I want the note 2 AT&T

    • exynos5450

      Same. I’m buying day one guaranteed. Hopefully, Oct. 25 is when it will either be available in stores or at least a pre-order. At&t was one of the first to get the s3, so hopefully they continue that pattern with the note 2.

    • Gemini

      I’ll take you and the galaxy note 2! 🙂

  • I really want the Samsung Galaxy note 2 I’ve been waiting for the release of this phone come on carriers give us a release date I’m obsessive about the note lol

  • 2darnsassy

    Although I love Apple, I am ready to give up my iphone 4 come January when my contract is up and get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I can’t wait!!! I already have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and I love it. I will be giving that to my boyfriend when I get the phone since I don’t need both of them!!

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to get rid of my iPhone 4 too! The specs in it seem very future proof for at least 2.5 years.

    • Felonious Drunk

      Not when Sammy releases the Galaxy Beam 2.

    • Like wise goodbye Apple, HELLO Samsung ….

  • moulin681

    Really really bad. I am so ready to leave ATT and I will be glad do drop the 4S !

  • Sean

    We’ll see what kind of phone / phone’s Nexus has to offer on the 29th. I would much rather have vanilla android, but if it’s going to be crippled by an LG Nexus “only” option I would rather take my “upgrade” chances with the Note 2. Note 2 is a bitch’en piece of hardware. If the HTC 5 Nexus rumors prove to be true … then I will be VERY inclined to go that route. The very best of hardware and software … oh my!

    • fadilkarim

      I’ve always been a fan of Vanilla, but this is the first time I would rather take touchwwiz over vanilla. Alllll the features that make the note 2 unique such as snote, pop up note, sMart stay smart rotation all of the spen. Functionality multiview is only possible because of touchwiz. I would never give them all up for vanilla android!

  • Chelun

    I already sold my iPhone 4s to buy note 2 on oct 25 for sprint!! Can’t wait!!

  • kumbi Dosunmu

    omg!! i’m dying here!!! I’ve been following the release of this phone for a month now. At least we’ll finally get some answers Wednesday, October 24 @ 7 pm. It’s too bad i have AT&T, they’re most likely going to get it last while T-Mobile’s target release date is on the 25th!! I am soo not going to wait til Mid November with AT&T. If T-mobile brings out the LTE version this Week, I’m switching service and going with them plus they have unlimited data!!

    • They have “unlimited data” but it’s slow, and their “4G” isn’t LTE, or even really 4G, for that matter.

  • Same here, I’m jumping in the Galaxy Note 2 bandwagon, I’ve been an iPhone user since 2007, My iPhone 4 will be my last phone with apple. I am ready to make a change, I have been waiting for a year for something great but apple ceased to be innovative unlike Samsung, and best of all, my contract ends in mid november. Can’t wait for the launch.

  • GOAT

    I am dumping my iPhone 4 for the Note 2. I did not upgrade to the iPhone 5 because it is not a game changer. The Note 2 is a game changer and it raises the bar to a level which Apple won’t hit until the iPhone 6. Add in the fact that you can make changes to the phone (Android) under the hood unlike Apple and it’s a winner. I hope AT&T has it soon. I received a tweet from Samsung Mobile today and it said that the Note 2 will be available by mid November. This waiting game has become tiring and nail biting at the same time. But the phone is worth the wait.

  • SeanNipper

    Sooooo Bad! I cant wait to dump my iPhone 4.
    As far as carriers go, I think perhaps t-mobile. They have some pretty great data plans.
    Coverage is an issue with all my travel but I’m mostly in major cities.

    • twillz

      If you don’t mind it being just HSPA+ (4g) and not 4g LTE, then that would be okay.