PS3 4.30 firmware update, narrowing release time

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 22, 2012

By now most of our readers should know there is a PS3 firmware update tomorrow, which is v4.30 and includes a focused set of new features and changes. This news had been made live within the last 24 hours on the official PlayStation blog, which explains how the PS3 4.30 update will also remove some features as well.

Changes for PS3 4.30 firmware – the system update will change how you’ll see Trophies on your Sony PlayStation 3 from now on, which the most obvious change will be the new home for Trophies and that’s under XMB’s PlayStation Network. One change that PS Vita users will love is the ability to see Vita trophies on the PS3, which will also include details of the current level and how close you are to the next Trophy level.

The PS3 4.30 update will also stop offering the Life with PlayStation app to people, which is thanks to this service closing from the start of next month. This is pretty much all we know about the 4.30 PS3 firmware update, although sometimes we do find out about a few hidden features after the software sees a release date.

Are you happy to see PS Vita Trophies supported on the PS3, and what features/fixes are missing from PS3 update 4.30 in your opinion? Early reactions seem positive for this firmware, although that has been mostly from Vita owners so far considering the lack of much else happening, but we are sure there will be a number of PS3 problems still need fixing that were not addressed with this update. One feature we want added is the ability to keep downloads going while watching Blu-ray movies, which has been a pain and even more so when you have a few free games to download from PlayStation Plus and use the PS3 as a Blu-ray player as well.

PS3 4.30 update release time – Sony explained that the new firmware would arrive on Oct 23, although they didn’t mention exactly what time the update would launch. What time will PS3 firmware 4.30 go live? We’ve seen updates vary in release times, which can some times see new software launch right after midnight although not all countries receive the update at the same time. Feel free to share when you’ve seen most PS3 firmware updates go live, and especially when the 4.30 update hits your system tomorrow and what part of the world you’re in.

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  • lolwut

    I think they need to add more dirty dubstep influences

  • Peter T

    Had a fat PS3 which died immediately after finally accepting the loss of my “use other OS” functions. YLOD on the reboot. I was so annoyed I refused to buy another. My wife got me a slim for xmas. Sony have a lot of crawling to do to get back in my good books. They could start by making my favourite PS1 and PS2 games available through PSN for PS3 play. How can they get away with removing features like this? If Ford came round your house and stole your radio and spare tyre, they’d be arrested. But Sony steals the features you bought the machine for all the time. There was a time when PS3 was a far superior gaming machine than an X-Box. Now it’s just a BD player with extras.

  • Stone The Crow

    downloaded it without any problems but now , on the browser , ALL the streaming doesnt load .. the MAIN thing i used my ps3 for was watching shows , streamed on the browser … i hope theyll fix it soon ..or ill be pissed!!

  • ben

    i have tried to download it about 5 or 6 times now and it keeps saying after about 70-80% the way through it, it says “download error” and i have to keep trying again and it still wont work, any suggestions to this??

  • I did the updated (v4.30) and now my PS3 does not see my router. Not even with a cable. Nice going PS.

  • i have the update.

  • Palwinder

    its live now downloaded it.

  • TisticSwag

    Lol it’s out. But I’m jailbroken and don’t want to update ! 😡 waiting for 4.26 OFW for them to put it online.

  • casper13rocks

    well it’s the 24th now still no update so much for a 23rd release i wish ppl would get there facts straight befor issueing any statement

  • xp_killer

    Sony getting a bit lazy on updates.when can we get cool updates like change the xmb or stream videos from the ps3 to phones conect more ways with remote play with Xperia videos in the background willgoing tru options,playlist for multimedia to phone

  • Demonicrage

    I think the ps3 could do with a better web browser GUI, this one getting old and boring lol. Bring it up to date!!

  • panda supreme

    I can play ps2 games……have done since launch day……. :/

    • MacVities

      I play PS2 games on my PS3 all the time. There are loads of them on the store. Perhaps if you spent less time moaning online and opened your eyes, you would know this…

  • still waiting for firmware that allows ps2 games to be played

    • Helghast92

      Thats just not possible. I have one of the phat B/C PS3’s and it can play PS2 games because it has the hardware to do so. It is simply not possible to emulate the PS2 fully through software. That is why only select PS2 games that have been modified to run on the PS3 are available in the store. It is up to Sony to get developers to make each individual game run.

    • THIS! x 10^100