GTA V social rush calms after silence

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 22, 2012

Last Friday we noticed that Grand Theft Auto 5 had a new social channel, which saw a launch many months after it had been originally been created, so this obviously caused 10,000 people to like it in just over one day. The following day we reported the GTA V news about their social profile going live and the fact that it climbed to 25,000 just 24 hours later.

GTA V social rush calms after silence – seeing 25,000 people join Rockstar’s Facebook profile is understandable considering the promises made on their wall, which includes a statement that the news will come first there, so if this is the case why not like it? The problem is there has been nothing posted to the wall since it went live, and in fact the last message had been almost 2 months ago.

There are a lot more than 34,577 people, the current like number, on Facebook that are looking forward to getting hands-on with GTA V, so why the massive slowdown over the weekend with not even another 10,000 likes in 2 days, which is of course still a respectable number?

The key with most companies that create Facebook pages is communication, so we hope this isn’t a sign of things to come and Rockstar do start to get active with their wall in the coming week. They had to make it live for a reason, unless someone pushed the “live” button a little premature like the early trailer reveal?

What would you like to see go live on the GTA 5 wall next? Personally we’d like to see GTA 5 trailer number 2, which needs to include some gameplay with clues towards upcoming features and character involvement. We’d hate to see all the juicy details left to the magazine reveal next month, but we guess that might be the case unless we can all have the GTA 5 release date news and features on the Facebook wall that is, which is what those liking the page are hoping.

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  • normanself

    patience people patience

  • Batking

    How about they post “People need to stop writing pointless articles!”

  • WhiteWomenOverBlackBitches

    all i want to do is play gta 5

    its the only game i masturbated to when going in the prostitution houses.

    the graphics for this one will be more realistic. cant wait for beetter graphic ass and tits

  • Sj62

    What’s worked on other realises in different industries IE music film trailers etc is a count down. R* could have a timer on there official site with a countdown timer to the next trailer, new news or anything, this will stop all the crappy articles being written and give us gamers something to look forward to with a date

  • David

    I just hope they give us SOMETHING. Been nearly a year now since the trailer was revealed and the only thing we’ve been given is a few screens.

  • Ade

    calm down you bunch of dicks its only a game.



  • Anon

    Well, If you actually did your job Mr. Journalist, You would know that the news is coming early-mid november. Andy McNamara revealed that GTA V would be on the cover of Game Informer for December, which was confirmed and then later updated to reveal that Rockstar would be announcing details on their facebook page a short time before that.

  • I<3LS

    I hope thay stick it out, mention nothing til’ the marketing launch; adverts, magazines, statements and all the rest. The only thing we should get before the December marketing run up is a trailer on the 2nd with a taste of what’s to come. maybe even a realese date that would cement their whole mark on marketing an unfinished product. All games these days give you a cinimatic saying it’s coming and put it out over the various platforms. What do Rock* do; deny any devolpment, upload a video with the statement that it’s well into development less than a month later and generate 25,000,000 view almost and millions of posts from anxious consumers. That kind of marketing and approach is why we love them, they are in no way conformative yet I can’t remember not buying their games!

  • giggitygiggitygoo

    “calms after silence”? wtf? how can something be calmer after it was the calmest kind of calm
    my f*cking god. Dan Chubb is a stupid pile of sh*t. seriously, the only explanation i can give to that c*nt’s stupidity it that his parents are identical twins and he has only 1 braincell, that dumbf*ck, no good loser. how he got a job as a writer i don’t f*cking know but 1 thing’s for sure. the person who hired him was so desperate and has never been able to hire anyone since

    • bobby

      lmfao man i need you to curse out my little brother


    Yep give us another trailer, god i hope the walking/climbing mechanics are greatly improved think they touched on it it but obviously focused elsewhere in GTA4. How good would some parkour (or however you spell it) action be!!!! Bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnn biatchhhhhsssssssss!!!! woooooooooooooooooooot!!!

  • theshach100

    gta v is going to be awesome and i hope they dont take the best things out of it like san andreas….the should be women police officers, children , animals, police bikes,uncensored sex, drug usage, selling drugs, all weapons, big big map, nice blue california water, oh yeah when you go to jail you actuslly really are put in jail!!!!….more activites, girlfriends, friends, backup, better cheats, clothes, real jobs, all submissions,dialouge between you and people, bank accounts, haircuts, every good thing in beta version to be in final release…FUCK ANNOYING PARENTS AND COPYRIGHT ISSUES…

    • firas1032

      lol heheh

  • I just tried the link that Susan posted (I removed the spaces between /), and it said page not found?!?!

  • DeeezNutz

    Like Bart Scott Said, “Can’t Wait.” R* can’t stop a nose bleed.

  • Johnny Blaze


    • MostSeriousOfSams


  • they wont show gameplay in the t2 because if there is only 1 protag then that would revel him and they wouldn’t like to do that unless they have already shown him (oldman,black-hispanic-family guy-at mountains) then they can
    also i think the trailer will come a few days after the new game informer mag comes out or even a Christmas t2 release and obviously-hopefully the relese date will come in that – coz i think i hered that game informer are giving an official release date , but i think thats just a guess…
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    i make great gta5 picture analysis videos and have many more planed
    thanks for reading

  • Nintenjoe

    Some gameplay would be nice but let’s face it, GTA5 will be GTA4:San Andreas.

    I wanna know if they’ll do a wii u version. A map would be handy and wiimote drive bys while using the gamepad as a steering wheel would be fun

    • ds


  • StarDust

    To come out………….in this millenium!!!


    WHENS IT COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS TAKING TOO LONG

    • halorules

      true dat only sorry games give a gameplay dats d only way they will sell. cod, saint row, halo, gears of war

  • The Truth

    The GTAV Facebook page was active long Before it was under Rockstars games admins. It was launched around the same time the first trailer was launched and a fan was he admin. Rockstar simply adopted the page as they put it.

  • Ell

    Honestly is a slow down in likes on facebook really that distressing or newsworthy?

  • Brian

    The GTA V facebook pages have hundreds of thousands of likes. Rockstar’s page is named Grand Theft Auto V, and unfortunately, the first thing some one searches is GTA V and not the full name.

  • fufacebook

    a gameplay? guys its gta! gta 5 dont need a gameplay dey never gave a gameplay before. gta4 had no gameplay demo

    • halorules

      true dat only sorry games give a gameplay dats d only way they will sell. cod, saint row, halo, gears of war

  • JoeKing

    GTA 5 Trailer 2 is all I want for now, it has been TOO LONG since the first.

    • S3R6i0

      Yeah. The first trailer kinda left me with a bad impression.


      GTA V first trailer released on 2 November last year (too long Rockstar),and it’s 8 days from now.
      i’m sure they release second trailer at same day

      • Dave

        I hope R* do release another trailer on the 2nd.
        On another note…. Just wanna say this article was bullsh*t

  • Susan

    There is another, unofficial, GTA 5 Facebook page with over 250,000 followers. Come on Rockstar stop playing catch up. It is at / gta5.grandtheftauto5.

  • Matt

    If they put the GTA 5 release date in a magazine first I will be unhappy, it needs to hit their wall first for free rather than making money from a magazine.

    • Zach

      No offense buddy but what are you talking about. Once a release date is announced for gta v its going to be all over the place, even if game informer is the first to announce the release date do you actually think your going to have to buy the magazine to find out what it is?