2012 iMac price joins Mac mini in freeze

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 23, 2012

We are starting to get a tingly feeling in our stomach following the growing rumors towards the 2012 iMac launch, and also the likelihood of a new Apple Mac mini also arriving at the same time. Most analysts and Apple fans agree that the Retina display isn’t going to be included in the 2012 iMac specs, but we can expect improved features with a price that stays pretty much the same.

Towards the end of last week we noticed the UK Apple Store had a new shipping date that didn’t follow the normal “in stock” message, so this hinted towards a new iMac for 2012 just like it has in previous years. This situation hasn’t changed with the shipping times, and they’re still sitting at 1-3 business days before shipping, which is pretty convenient considering there’s an Apple event tomorrow obviously featuring the iPad mini and most likely a refresh of the iMac as well.

The new iMac will feature a price point in 2012 similar to the cost of current models, so this should mean prices ranging from just under $1,200 to almost $2,000. There is a chance that the top-end 27-inch model could drop in price slightly with a 2012 refresh, although this might vary by country when taxes are taken into account.

Feedback from UK Apple Stores – It is worth noting that we rung two Apple stores in the UK today, and when we asked about stock of the 27-inch iMac we had been told there’s none. After asking when stock is likely to return, the two different staff members said “come in later in the week”, or “visit the website within the next couple of days”. Very strange, but this could also be confirmation of the 2012 iMac landing as well.

We’re also hearing that the new Mac mini, expected at the same Apple event on Oct 23, will also hold its price and should start at just under $600 and increasing up to just under $1,000, which would include better specs thrown in at no extra cost. It will be interesting to see what features are improved on both of these products, and the idea of RAM increasing as an option to 32GB could be welcomed a lot on the both computers.

UPDATE: See the new 2012 iMac here.

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  • Hi Guys, I cheekily went into an Apple Store in the Northwest of England last week and spoke to one of the staff. I explained to him I had the money waiting for my new version of the 27″ imac and wanted to know when I might see the new machine. There was some questions as to why I thought there was a new machine due and of course passed on suspciions from here and other places.
    With a grin aswide as a 27 inch machine my helper told me to perhaps come back on Tuesday (Tomorrow) and he would be happy to relieve me of my savings! May have been teasing me but somehow I dont think so!

    • Benny

      The same thing happened to me (sort of) !! Last Saturday was my birthday so I went out with my dad to get a new 27″ iMac as my birthday gift. Sadly, the model I chose was out of stock, so I chose another model and it too was out of stock… to cut the story short, I think the Apple sales guy felt bad for me so he ended up saying “check back by Tuesday afternoon” coz we “might” get “a better one for the same price.” Yep, methinks they’re really coming. i’m so excited for my first ever iMac!