Skyrim Dawnguard social silence before PS3 DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 20, 2012

We’ve been tracking the problems with getting Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3 since it landed, and we met major disappointment after investing hundreds of hours on the PS3 with Skyrim, although we were one of the lucky ones with an Xbox 360 for testing all DLC. During this time we’ve also tracked comments from Pete Hines on Twitter, which have been constant on the subject of Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 although that all changed over the last couple of weeks.

More recently there has been social silence in regard to Hines talking about Skyrim Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and any future DLC for the Sony PS3 platform. This could mean a number of things, but there’s a growing belief among gamers that this is a clear sign towards the release of Skyrim DLC on the PS3. Have you noticed Hines keeping extra quiet about Skyrim PS3 DLC over the last week or so?

Clues in the recent Skyrim 1.8 patch certainly support this possibility, although what will be more interesting is how they launch Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3. Just at the standard price or with some sort of gift considering the long delay, so we’ll be watching this unfold with interest over the coming days/weeks.

We should also mention that this silence could just be Hines and Bethesda moving on from the PS3 issues, and hoping that gamers do the same, although we find this extremely hard to believe. They’d need to address the outcome eventually, so in our opinion it looks like we’re about to get a release date for Skyrim Dawnguard and other DLC on the PS3 at last. Do you feel optimistic?

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  • Mike de Haas

    Why even bother, i dont want it anymore i dont buy bethesda games after this. So even if they release dawnguard they lost me as a customer.

  • CrabTree

    They’re going to HAVE to release SOMETHING for PS3 or they’re going to be issuing a lot of refunds. The game I bought – at launch – clearly says “add-on content” on the case. If there’s no DLC at all, that’s the most clear-cut case of false advertising ever.

  • DCUnited

    I say any of you who lives in the DC area, we go to Rockville, Bethesda Softworks and storm the building with playstations, burn all the xboxs, take all the DEVs, and leak and information on upcoming games.

  • lorddie

    But, on the real, dragonplate and daedric armors are both great heavy armors, i use a fully enchanted s of both along with dragonscale, the best light armor.

    • arisen

      i wear what ever i want . my ring and necklace by them selves give me millions of points of stamina and health, my gloves hook up in the millions with smithing and alchemy aswell.

      • arisen

        millions for magic too

        • arisen

          i can one shot a flying ancient dragon with only a longbow

        • arisen

          while using practice arrows lol

  • lorddie

    I can ride horses and use weapons on horseback now, at least, the recent update made ps3’s skyrim worth playing til they finally resolve its dawnguard issues, who up in this mothafucka can say im wrong?!

    • arisen

      mounted combat kept me playing…. for about 5 minutes then i froze. got dragons dogma

  • lorddie

    Strangely enough, dragon weapons are powerful than daedric, but not the heavy dragonplate armor, daedric armor still reigns on top as the best, so when dawnguard finally comes to ps3, it’ll be funny seeing my argonian running around with dragonbone weapons and daedric armor. I haven’t lost hope, but so many others are because they’re letting their anger get the better of them, really ps fans, its just a fuckin game, grow up, man.

  • dragonking

    Sham to all of u. problems happen we should give them a shot it may work out in the end. so let us give them a shot what do u say ?

  • A.

    i wish i could “RELEASE THE KRACKEN!” on Bethesda -_- seriously.

  • gaurddutyguy

    Got to thinking, maybe I’m Pete Hines and I just don’t know it yet

  • Ell

    The way they’ve treated ps3 users over the skyrim dlc stopped me from buying dishonored. I actually picked it up in a shop the other day and read bethesda on the box and put it back on the shelf

  • NiggaOfWar

    Yes, thank you skyrim developers, not you bethesda

  • I can’t help but feel that the people who are seriously getting that upset over this are similar to the people getting upset about the end of Mass Effect 3. If you are one of these people, what you need to do is get over it. Developers make games. Sometimes you won’t like something in a game. You get over it and move on. Skyrim not having DLC for the PS3 does not make Skyrim any less of a great game. Mass Effect 3 having a (by your opinion) horrible ending does not ruin the enjoyment of the entire series up to that point. These self-entitled whiny gamers are so annoying, and they really aren’t the majority of people. They’re just really loud on the internet.

    Nobody owes you anything. Developers don’t owe you DLC. They don’t have to provide it. Just because it’s offered on one console, does not mean that you are owed it on your console of choice. I want to see Skyrim DLC as well, but I’m not going to throw a tantrum and “boycott” Bethesda because I can’t play what some other kid is playing. The game is the most value for $60 I’ve gotten from a video game in a long time. Pretending that Bethesda doesn’t care about their customers when they provide about 10 times more content than almost any other developer in their game is not only an insult to Bethesda, it’s blatant disrespect for a developer that went out of their way to value content over budget. Then you complain because you don’t get the DLC. I can’t stand the whiny little brats that gamers have turned into today. It’s so annoying and so rude to developers. Just shut up and play your games. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them, but don’t argue that you have any right to tell developers what they have to do.

    • Legend

      Spoken like a TRUE gamer. I agree with you.

    • Skinner

      Yes, they do owe PS3 users content. Reason? Clearly, on the back top right corner of the Skyrim packaging, it says, “Add-on content”. Yes, they owe us content.

  • Aathrix

    Okay i have no faith in dawngaurd or hearth fire being released on the ps3 for 3 major reasons
    Reason 1: Bethesda has been working with microsoft since Morrowind they released it on xbox they released it later on the pc but never on the ps2 With Oblivion Xbox got every single dlc while ps3 did not.
    Reason 2: the way Hines is being secretive with info on these dlc’s hints at how Bethesda doesn’t even care about the ps3 version and when he says “it’s not compatible with the other mods” means they aren’t even trying to make it for the ps3
    reason 3: Bethesda is just one of the shittiest game companies in america that over hypes their games way to much.

  • maw

    i have moved on to borderlands 2. really sad. i really loved fallout 3 and skyrim. but i cannot love a studio that fucks me for being a ps3 user.

  • just got an xbox 2 days ago have no intention of buying another copy for it either they either release a ps3 version of dlc or dont get my money simple as that; I wanna say that its a real issue especially if they have sony helping them now but seriously doubt it, it makes more sense being a “dlc issue” since integration of the dlc into a game like skyrim on an extremely complex system is a lot more acceptable to hear than “dawngaurd don’t work” but still they shouldve made the dlc and tested transfer to a ps3 before releasing the xbox version.

  • Rime

    Really if you didn’t care than why say anything in the first place?

  • Rime

    If you release a faulty product you retain the fault for it being faulty. It is a simple thing really….

  • I honestly don’t care, from the videos I’ve seen Dawnguard isn’t that good and I for one don’t really think that ps3 players deserve any type of discount or special treatment, It’s not their fault that the ps3 isn’t accepting the dawnguard code…. hell, they had help from Sony which means they’re not at fault. Oh and don’t whine that xbox users get dlc before us, its not their fault that Microsoft gets it for them… hell if you guys need to be mad at anyone, be mad at Sony for pussing out on us.

    • ILT

      Look here we have a neutral gamer here go buy a console dickhead

    • Iamthebatman

      In a way it is Bethesda’s fault because if they’re going to release a game on ps3 then they have to take the responsibility of making a working dlc for the ps3…

  • HarleyQuinn93

    we shouldn’t get our hopes up -_-

  • nathan

    awesome!!! iv’e been waiting soooooooo long. I can’t wait!!!!! but do you know for sure it’s coming out?

    • ILT

      Don’t get overexcited

  • syphix_ninja

    Dang, man I posted just yesterday on multiple ‘DragonBorn’ news stories about this being a possibility because of hines’ silence. Totally stole my idea.

  • Feel optimistic? Hahahahha. No. When it comes to a company standing behind their products, Bethesda is the most unreliable and untrustworthy. The reason I’m not buying any more of Bethesda game is because even though it has a great story and structure, I can’t depend on Bethesda to have quality programming nor any customer service. Once Bethesda sells you the product, you are completely shut off and disconnected from the company. They don’t know you anymore.

  • Al

    I sold my PS3 version of Skyrim already, not worth it anymore and with the money I got NBA 2K13. Screw you Bethesda and your faulty game.

    • Majin_Romulus

      2K FTW!

  • BethesdaBlows

    Lol Im not optimistic at all.. All this looks like to me is Bethesda ignoring it and hoping that PS3 owners eventually stop caring and forget about it. Come November it will have been 4 months since Microsoft lost the rights. If they havent had any positive news for us by now then its pretty clear to me its never coming to PS3.

  • Barney5ive

    I’m a sad panda 🙁 both Dlc’s look so Phun! I want to sell my ps3 now

  • Rippy8835

    The sad thing about this whole situation is really the way we PS3 users are all still so loyal to Bethesda. Lets think about this for a moment. They have always showed PC favoritism over everyone else. That’s kind of understandable though considering they got their start designing PC games, so I can give them a little slack their. Now anyone who has worked on game consoles in the past knows that all an Xbox is (360 or origional), is a computer that has been stripped and reassembled to play video games specifically. This is why Xbox users get the DLC’s, patches, and general updates months before PS3 users. The codes are so similar it’s a matter of a few hours work programming work to change a few hundred lines of code. Whereas to put the same software on the PS3 would be a rather large undertaking. More than likely several programmers and a couple weeks of work. Also another thing is look at all of the problems that Skyrim had on the PS3 that Xbox users never saw. I mean, the game wasn’t even complete for the PS3 before it was released. Many people didn’t even realize that when they were installing the game for the first time your system said that this game has an update you had to install to play it. Honestly the only thing Bethesda really cares about in the end is making money. Same as any company. To do that they need to keep making good PC games. Porting said games to console is just a way to rake in more money but they are never really priority, And that is why PC (the companies original market), and Xbox (being so similar to a PC it actually is scary) will always appear to be shown favoritism by Bethesda. And it’s fans like us, who love Skyrim and other Bethesda games, who make it so easy for them to treat us terribly. Because we have always waited for our DLC’s and just downloaded them whenever they came along, and we will continue to do so. Until there is a massive uprising of PS3 consumers who say “I will not buy another Bethesda game until they make one FOR the PS3 (and not just a shoddy job of porting a PC game over)”, we will continue to just be treated exactly like this, and Bethesda will just continue to make money. To be completely fair to all parties involved, it is our own fault that we don’t have any DLC’s yet.

  • Crantz

    Pete Hines is wearing a Sounders jersey. Sounders are sponsored by Xbox360. Microsoft make Xbox. Xbox are arch rivals of Sony. Sony make PS3. Er-go Pete Hines and Microsoft are in cahoots…

  • Dragon

    Were not children bethesda.

    • cchiu

      i think some of us are like the bad parents letting their kids play

  • Well i know as a ps3 owner and a bethesda fan I am pretty upset with the fact that they are not releasing any info and the fact that when you try to contact the company about this issue they ignore you and wont even answer the nicest of emails. If they dont fix this soon then I will be boycotting all future bethesda games. A sad time in gaming when you cant get all of the content that is promised by a company and when everyone asks about it they give you the cold shoulder!!!

    • ILT

      you won’t boycott anything sooner or later your going to want another RPG like skyrim+ im sure there going to release it soon

      • arisen

        dragons dogma. beeyatch

  • william

    well i know its a pain in the arse to wait this long for the DLC but really iam not worried about it so much it will get there I dont really understand why ppl get upset with a simple DLC they be trying to fix and it might just come out at last but I do understand if they just give it to the 360 or pc and not ps3 that i could understand but there is no reason to cry over it besides there are better games that are coming out and if ps3 users dont get the dlc iam still going to buy there games that they made mainly couse i like there games but that is just my opinon

    • Colin

      buy there
      please…that one’s easy

  • Hehehe

    Awnser to all the Ps3 users skyrim dlc problems. Get an xbox or get a pc there solved

    • Damuel

      Because obviously PS3 users should have to pay 60 dollars, buy a new console, then buy the DLC to get the same privileges as everyone else? Go soak your head.

  • Damuel

    DLC wasn’t that good anyways. Bethesda is reeeeally all over the place with Skyrim. PC didn’t even get release dates, Bethesda just kind of suddenly decided to slide them under the table for us. And for PS3? It seems like they either do not care at all about the PS3 or they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

    Judging by Bethesda’s somewhat greedy work lately, I HIGHLY doubt PS3 will get a discount or some special reward for the DLC being so late. If it ever comes that is.

  • HyperDuck

    Ps3 don’t worry about the DLC unless you’re really into vampires. It really isn’t even that good.

    • tcurtis_18

      what about hearth fire?

  • wehttam

    No, I do not feel optimistic My optimism towards bethesda died right around the middle of september, when it became clear that dawnguard was not coming out on PS3.

  • spiritreaver

    Do i as a PS3 Bethesda customer feel optimistic? Not in the slightest.

    First off, i have said since the beginning of this whole fiasco around the net in comment pits like this and even on Bethesda’s own forums that making the only source of info from the company be someone’s personal Twitter feed is ridiculous. That alone was/is shady and a slap in the face to all Bethesda’s customers, regardless of platform. Reeks of little to no respect for us.

    Adding in the fact that Hines’ replies have always had more than a little snark and marked lack of empathy doesn’t help. Sure little tidbits snuck through from time to time, but the most common reply was that old stonewalling favorite, “I have no new info.”

    It was speculated by many on the official Bethesda forum that something like this would happen as the situation drug on. And we were proven correct as pretty much as soon as Dishonored was released, replies to the status of PS3 version of Skyrim DLC issues and any info on resolution of the same stopped showing up.

    Now to be honest Mr. Chubb, you could have the right of it. Hines’ silence could mean that DLC for the PS3 is close to release. But realistically, taking into account his manner and actions even before 11/11/11 in regards to how much attention the PS3 version of Skyrim was getting(which we can all see how much that was….), it is much more likely in my opinion that now Bethesda is going to try and start distancing themselves from the issue as much as they can.

    Hey, i hope i’m being overly pessimistic and at the end of the 1.08 patch beta Bethesda rolls out DLC onto the PS3. But i very much doubt it at this point sadly.

  • Troll man

    Ps3 w@nkrrs don’t deseve dlc bahahaha

    • Colin

      aptly named troll man. I swear if I find you I, as a ps3 user, will fight you. We deserve the DLC far more than the slaves to the evil microsoft corporation.

    • shut up

      • ILT

        F*** you too

  • adog

    11-11-12. Why not release something big on Skyrims one year anniversary.?

    • Atlas

      Are you Aaron Lang?

  • blig

    i just want the werewolf skill tree please come on bethesda patch it

    • spiritreaver

      Would be nice, but one of the few bits of info we got from Tweet HInes was that Bethesda is going all or nothing with Dawnguard in particular.

      Meaning all the neat things that were withheld(Ammo crafting, Dragon Bone weapons, werewolf perk tree, crossbows, etc) from the base game will stay withheld if the DLC doesn’t make it to the PS3. They will not make a smaller item pack that we can purchase.

  • casper13rocks

    as a reportor you suck if you dont have anything to say dont say it we want news on dawngaurd direct from bathesda not your idle speculation if i was your publishor id sack you

    • Susan

      I think you need to get a life.

      • Peanut Butter Jelly Time !

        • cchiu

          naw, DOUBLE RAINBOWS

    • Haideez

      Rather than wasting time giving someone grief over there speculation, I suggest you learn how to spell and use punctuation you ill-educated moron.

      • turok785

        well that escalated quickly.

      • joey1995456

        does anyone on the interwebs give a F#($ about punctuation or even use proper punctuation when they “voice” there opinions on any topic that they want to. not very likely

        • Patrick Myers

          No, not really. But what it really does is renounce any credibility that you might have had. I mean if someone can’t tell the difference between “there” and “their” why in the world would I hold their opinion to any real meaning above the disgruntled ramblings of a high school freshman. Just sayin’.

        • Danny P

          No punctuation at the end of “not very likely.”

        • solleyam

          Actually, a lot of people on the “interwebs” care about grammar and punctuation. Normally I ignore comments that look as if they were typed by a child, but for you I’ll make an exception. 😉

    • Ruddrick

      You must suck as a reporter with you inability to us punctuation, capitalize properly and lack of spelling prowess.

      • Damuel


        Please check your own grammar before criticizing someone else on theirs.


        You stupid fing people need to stop with the punctuation and grammar. You are not the authority in this discourse community, so stop trying to act like it. Half of these comments prob come from peoples phones, and to be honest i want to hear news about the game not a grammar lesson. So stop trying to act like your better than everyone, If you get your kicks from making fun of peoples grammar you should invest in a career in education, so you can be a college English professor. Here is something for your un-educated ass to think about. Why should we conform our writing to writing rules that were proposed by people that have been dead for a hundred years. The only real use for grammar rules is to help us understand someone’s writing. If you get what the intended message is than leave the person alone you douchebag…

        • solleyam

          Are you six years old? Did you correct Daddy’s grammar once and get smacked with a bottle? Why are you so angry about this?

          The guy called the author a bad reporter using godawful spelling and no punctuation. People called him on it. I don’t understand why would would get so angry as to take time out of your day to write that diatribe above.

          You advice about people becoming English teachers is sound, though. From the looks of this place, we could use a lot more English teachers.

    • tyler foster

      When are you people going to learn? The DLC isn’t coming this patch, Pete Hines would definitely say something so he could get people off his back. Also I suggest checking with his twitter rather than a game review site. Useless……

      • casper13rocks

        i think bathesda have told pete to shut his mouth because his lack of information and short no answer coments have only angerd more ppl and maid it worse for bathesda

        • cchiu

          beth told him to shut his mouth cause they have nothing left to LIE about

        • x16900

          It’s Bethesda.

    • jason bradley

      well you would have to learn how to spell first if you were going to be a publisher

  • Reece

    … and call me maybe.

  • Ps3uk

    Maybe =D

  • Dan


  • Lojobro