Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs. original, price and attributes

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 20, 2012

There are a number of reasons why someone would choose the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs. its original design, which is not only bigger but includes some better specs. The size is obviously the most notable difference from a first glance, although there are key other changes to attributes and of course the Galaxy S3 mini price will be significantly less for some.

If you want to hear about the differences in specs between the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs. original design, then you should see the video we’ve embedded below this article. It runs for just under 9 minutes and studies the key changes in screen size, battery, camera, memory, processor, weight, and a few other specs and features.

Those of our readers in the UK have seen the Galaxy S3 mini on pre-order for a while now, and one of the first stores to do this had been Clove. If you are wondering how different the prices are between the Galaxy S3 mini and full-size S3, then you could take their price into account, which delivers a difference of more than a third. They are selling the Mini for £298 and the original S III for £420, so this should give you an idea of the gap in pricing.

We’ve also added a second video that shows a quick hands-on review with the original Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new mini smartphone, so this certainly gives you a better look at the size differences between the two models from a hands-on point of view. If you want to see these two Samsung smartphones in a comparison next to other popular phones, then you should see our earlier article that also includes a video with the iPhone 5, Note 2, and more next to the Galaxy S3 mini.

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  • Zak

    Total waste of time, people expecting a quad core processor and they get dual core. The iphone 4S all over again by the looks of it.

  • RGA

    A pointless phone in my opinion, and it’s not even close spec wise to the original S3. Certainly not worth £300.

    • It’s allways about money, and there will allways be someone to contribute to the succes of this little thing even knowing the bigger one is better. 😛

      • visitor

        Yes, mostly about money… for me I like small phones in my pocket rather than a big one.. when I want to read or surf the Web for long time, I prefer a tablet monitor …