Heading towards the PS4, Xbox 720 release date

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 20, 2012

Gamers are certainly divided over how tired they are of the current console hardware, which is a result of some people owning the PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii since they first launched and others only just picking up one of these systems recently. There’s no denying that the hardware is pretty ancient it terms of specs and you only need to look at the cheapest desktop PCs to see how graphics, memory, and processor technology is years beyond the current consoles.

Heading towards the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 release date – it is true that we don’t really know what the name will be for these next-gen consoles, although we do know officially that the brands have started work on them some time ago. This upgrade for gamers and technology reviewers like us couldn’t come soon enough, which is after owning our current console technology for almost 7 years for Xbox 360 and 6 years for PS3.

It is true that both consoles have been refreshed over this time with new models, all of which we have been hands-on with at launch, although these are just minor updates to the specs and design without any major upgrades to memory, graphics, and processor abilities. Considering how fast graphics and processor technology alone has improved in the last 6/7 years would give you insight into how old these gaming platforms are when compared to what is really possible.

Are we ready for the Xbox 720 and PS4 to launch? It is pretty straightforward really, unless you are a new console owner that purchased the PS3 or Xbox 360 just a few weeks/months ago, and there are a large number of people like this. You can see the first-generation machines in the image below, which gamers that bought these at launch feel like it is “a long time ago“.

We’ve heard from a growing number of analysts in 2012, which point to 2013 for the launch of an Xbox 720 and the year after for the PS4 launch. This does make sense considering how both brands launched this generation, and also it sounds like Sony don’t want to release new hardware just yet as seen in this article.

Bottom-line: The Wii U is already here, the so-called Xbox 720 and PS4 will arrive within the next couple of years, which means we’ll finally see the aging hardware upgraded. Considering the extremely low memory alone on current hardware, understandable for the age of these consoles, shouldn’t we see both Microsoft and Sony add an option to install more memory on next-gen hardware just like we can slot in a new hard drive on the PS3? What other ways would you like to see these companies allow customization on their next-gen hardware?

You can also read about some recent Xbox 720 release doubts in this article, and read about the idea of a free to play model for next-gen hardware here.

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  • alex

    i agree it would be fun for xbox and ps3 players to play together online

  • ace ell ah

    i was gonna say the same thing

  • lee red beard clifford

    they should do online pass for 720 and ps4 which means they go head to head x box vs playstation on multiplayer games shut as black opps this would give the fans something new than playing against other x box players i have x box and i would love to smash against play station

  • lilkade

    whats up

  • EastBaySports

    It makes sense for people holding off on 360 and ps3 because of games coming out like halo 4, black ops 2(for those who like COD series) gears of war 4, gta 5, assasins creed, why torture yourself and wait?.

  • leon

    sugar honey ice tea

  • leon


  • leon

    ps4 looks better than the xbox 720

    • Robbie Rob

      Considering Sony this time will likely use an AMD processor like Xbox I’d say you should wait to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Its been easier for developers to tap power out of the Xbox and they have to work harder to get the same result out of PS4 so now Sony is finally done and gonna go the same route as M$ has with Xbox1 and xb360.. The PS4 will be much more like an Xbox – basically much more like a PC then ever..

  • leon

    no point getting one of these cant imagine them being better than the ones we have now

  • neo

    i want us players to meet online using different consoles

  • dmitry

    the consoles are very outdated, and the fact that you cant modify any games with them sucks. 2 months ago, i built myself a computer so i can play gta 4 on the pc. the diference between my original xbox 360 and my pc is unbeleivable. the pc is so much better and gta 4 isnt as boring because of all the car mods and map mods.
    for those of you that cant afford to get a pc, my pc cost $1100 usd, and will last at least 3 years without needing upgrades. i7 3770k, 16gb ram, gta 560 2gb gpu, 1tb hdd 240gb ssd. also, you can pnly play games on consoles, you can do alot more on a pc. pc ftw. thats why i havent used my 360 in 1.5 years…

    • James


  • What i’d like to see from Xbox 720, PS4 and the games we buy is a cross over network in multiplayer mode because not all of us like the same console but if we could join our friends in an online game on a different console

  • john hill

    cant see the ps4/xbox 720 coming out for 2 more years at least..plenty of life in the ps3/xbox 360.

    • Cobalt Sieg

      Someone’s an old geezer if he thinks gamers will settle for that. Console gamers are abandoning the aged hardware in droves, and switching to Steam on the PC. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have all three spoken about the risk of console gaming dieing out. Our phones are handhelds, and the current consoles can barely handle the cheapest modern games on the lowest settings.
      The consoles are dead. They need an upgrade last year at the latest. It will be interesting to see how far the next generation goes to impress.

      • Andrew

        That is alot of nonsense, games like skyrim and uncharted look superb in hd on consoles, to say that gamers are leaving consoles in droves and getting pc’s is just an outright lie, if anything the opposite is true, constantly upgrading pc hardware is far too expensive for most people and they wouldn’t know how to even if they could afford it, there is plenty of life in the current gen consoles yet…………

        • Kevin

          Depends on what your definition of superb is. If you’re used to playing games on a decent computer, the graphics of new games on consoles are absolutely terrible. Skyrim and Battlefield 3 are like completely different games on a good PC. The difference in graphical fidelity on PC is more than a generational leap over consoles at this point. Console games look like a blurry low resolution mess and run at terrible frame rates compared to the PC.

          Also, the PC market is growing right now. All the new high quality free to play games are attracting many new players. When basic laptops that people buy for school or whatever can deliver better graphics than home consoles you better believe that people are going to switch over.

        • Biggsy

          I completely agree with Kevin, those games & others are a generation ahead. The Xbox 360 & PS3 utilise Direct X 9 & at a push DX 10, but the newer games engines like the Frostbite 2 engine & the upcoming Unreal 4 engine are DX11 only & have to be seriously cut down to fit the limited specs of the 360 & PS3. BF3 is a different game altogether on a mid to top end PC then on the current consoles & the gap is only going to increase.
          I can’t afford a top end PC, I have a family to support, more then that though I have been a console fanboy from the Atari 2600 days (that’s the early to mid 80s for those who don’t know). I know we need the next gen asap. I’m hoping for the 720 (or whatever it’ll be called) next year & the PS4 the year after.
          The current gen has done well, very well, but in my opinion their day has past. I think Sony & Microsoft are very aware of the threat that Steam, OnLive & iOS devices pose to their profit margins. So I’m certain we’ll have a very interesting E3 next year.

        • Andrew

          ”Console games look like a blurry low resolution mess and run at terrible frame rates compared to the PC.”

          Well i don’t know what kind of television you use to play console games kevin but it must be a very old one, games certainly don’t look blurry on my HD television, skyrim looks wonderful in 1080p on my xbox 360, and there is nothing wrong with the frame rate, if you favour the pc then thats fine but don’t come out with outright lies to support your stance, it is immature fanboyism to do so…………

        • Luis Torres

          Lmao…you really havent seen skyrim on a god PC then…not being elitist..ive just built a gaming rig…play Ps3 for gran turismo and other exclusives if it wasnt for that i wouldn’t touch consoles..the graphical difference is enormous ..fram rates and resolution alone bother me when i have to go back and game on PS3..im so used to the smooth gameplay…its not even just being able to max out graphics…but the smooth gameplay…be biased all you want…its fact. dont be so butthurt…im also cheering on for these companies to come up with something new for the next gen…but they need it NOW…gaming industry…well the console side is in a freefall right now…btw consoles upscale to HD which isnt even true 1080p more like.. low res textures upscaled to 720p or worse 1080p ….. sooo… your so called 1920×1080 vs PC 2560×1600…you work that out

        • James

          Shame that the only thing PC has is graphics. In terms of compelling games it’s severely lacking. It also helps if you don’t buy games with terrible framerates on console. I hate it too. Just stick with GT5, SSF4, UC3, LBP 2, MW3 all are fun have good consistent framerates.

        • James

          PC market growing? That will be the day. You’ve obviously not played Uncharted 3 on PS3 if you think the graphics are ‘absolutely terrible’. What a ridiculous statement.

      • sxs

        makes sense to me, the consoles outdated and dont last 5 minutes, i expect the game developers would also love it….just look at skyrim and PS3 for starters(what a joke) how good du think it would have been (skyrim that is) if all the resources were working solely on one format???……since building own pc to top spec for all in home theatre and gaming,(so easy)…. i would welcome it….

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          Wrong, developers would HATE to work with PC as the only real platform. If consoles died, video game developers would suffer like you would not believe. It’d be Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition in almost every single game for half a decade at least, and even then it’d ALWAYS be more expensive to optimize for thousands of sets of hardware instead of optimizing for one or two. Skyrim on the PS3 is an extreme scenario, with Bethesda being incompetent AND favoring the Xbox. I guarantee the next Playstation will have a more straight-forward build, just look at the Vita(the current easiest platform to make games on) for evidence.

        • sxs5

          extreme scenario, bethesda being incompetent, and YOU quarantee the next playstation will have a more straight-forward build….big words…you must really be in the know….hope you right!!! and who the F#@k plays the vita??

  • sxs

    ‘You can see the first-generation machines in the image below…’ where???. people still buying them cause they break every 2 years…..

    • Bryan

      Souds like Xbox…

    • Bryan

      sounds like Xbox…