Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update in 2 days on Vodafone

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 20, 2012

There are plenty of reasons why most Samsung Galaxy S3 owners would be excited for the Jelly Bean update, which includes the Android 4.1 enhancements like a faster and smoother UI, improved widgets, a smarter camera application and keyboard, and a lot more. You can see a video from earlier in the year below this article, in case you missed it, which shows the difference between ICS and Jelly Bean when it comes to speed and smoothness.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean for Vodafone – the update started to arrive with O2 Galaxy S3 users in the UK yesterday, which had been one day after Three started their rollout. Vodafone didn’t want to leave their Samsung Galaxy S3 users in the dark after seeing O2/Three release Jelly Bean, so they took to their forum yesterday and explained that the new software would arrive on Monday, Oct 20. It is worth pointing out that this update will be a “staggered” release, so you won’t necessarily see Jelly Bean land on your Galaxy S3 right away. You can see their statement in the image below.

This has only teased US Galaxy S3 owners with seeing Europe enjoy the new features of Android 4.1, although it won’t be long before they’ll be enjoying Jelly Bean as well and it certainly has been a long time coming with frustration peaking over the last few days. Samsung issued a press statement this week to explain that Jelly Bean would be coming to the US version of the Galaxy S3, although stating “months” and not days did upset some people, but it is worth pointing out that any delay is now due to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and other carriers (not Samsung).

How has your road to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean been? The wait for each smartphone is very different, so feel free to share your story below in the comments.

Update: We’ve noticed that there has been a problem with O2 rolling out Jelly Bean, see the image below for an update from O2’s Social Media Team.

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  • tery

    shame on orange….. how long do we need to wait…

  • frank


  • Ben

    Jelly Bean has not been released by o2. You need to check your facts before you print. Samsung have suspended jelly bead updates. There’s no word on when they will resume

  • When does the unbranded s3 get update got mine from car phone wherehouse

    • Rob

      Yes I’m waiting for that too. I wonder, if I temporarily put a Vodafone, O2 or Three sim card in my phone, I should be able to get the update. Or doesn’t it work like that for unlocked phones.

      • Doesn work like that have an unbranded one from Luxembourg and three already started the rollout in ireland. Im with three and i cant get it 🙁

      • steveM

        it doesn’t work that way. i’m waiting for the same unbranded s3 update..
        Usually the unbranded updates come first because they are easier to setup and don’t involve any customisations made by phone carriers.
        who knows what’s going on? i dont!