Apple iOS 6 maps vs. Google maps visually

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 20, 2012

Apple has had a hard time since launching iOS 6 and especially with the new maps application, which has resulted in a number of screenshots appearing online revealing faults, so is this just teething issues with a new direction or are Apple’s iOS 6 maps a disaster when compared to Google maps? We’ve tracked down a couple of videos that look at this very topic for a number of abilities, which includes turn-by-turn navigation, 3D, and if you have a medical emergency.

The first video performs a driving test with iOS 6 turn-by-turn vs. Google maps and Navigation, which the Apple maps were reviewed using an iPhone 4S and the Google maps on a HTC One X. Some user reactions to this video claim that Google’s software seems much quicker when it comes to GPS, although we’d love to know how you think they compare, so check out the first video below this article.

We recently performed a test as well with Apple’s new turn-by-turn for 2 hours around London, which in our experience had been a major improvement and one without any problems, although we are aware that this is not the case for thousands of other users.

When we first got hands-on with Apple’s new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 maps we’d have to admit the 3D impressed us, although shortly after we did see a number of problems with 3D buildings in the wrong places or looking a bit strange. These are problems Apple said would be fixed partially by user feedback, so you can certainly expect constant fixes thanks to this feedback and the fact that Apple users cloud technology as well.

The second video takes a look at Apple’s 3D maps in iOS 6 vs. Google Earth 3D buildings, and aims to find out what software produces the best 3D buildings. They explain the main differences between Apple and Google maps, so take a look at that video and feel free to leave your opinion, especially if you’ve been hands-on yourself.

Finally we’ve included a third video that focuses on using iOS 6 maps and Google maps when you have an emergency, and the video creator claims it might not be a good idea to use Apple maps when you have a medical emergency. See the video for exactly why that is, although we can’t help but wonder if we’d pick up the phone and dial for help rather than use maps. See all three videos below looking at Apple iOS 6 maps vs. Google maps, and then hit the comments with your experiences using either software.

It is worth noting that some leaked screenshots have appeared online within the last couple of days, which could point to Google maps being available on iOS 6 as an app really soon, although at this stage this should be classed as simply a rumor.

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  • GalaxyHereIcome

    I purchased an iPhone 4s for each of my two children and felt comfortable and secure when they were out in London as they would be able to navigate back home using public transport. I purchased the phones based on its functionality as described by apple only for apple to remove the same functionality and replace it with a pile of junk that they want us users to fix for them. I would have been happy to do so if they allowed me to use the previous app it parallel. This would have caused a race to produce the best. Instead we have to suffer for the privilege. This contravenes our consumer rights. Anyone remember the iconic 1984 apple advert? Anyone see the irony?!

  • mcdave

    Liking iOS6 Maps. Way better representation than the Google predecessor. I must be lucky as we’ve seen no poor routing or missing info just better visuals , cleaner, smoother, more Apple-like.

    As a bonus, it’s good to see someone taking a stand against Google’s bullying tactics.

  • akhil

    This tom tom map of iOS 6 SUX big time. Google Maps was so detailed and covered each and every narrow lane, New iOS 6 map does not even tags the roads (NOT ATLEAST FOR MY AREA), only major roads and landmarks. I don’t have enough thumbs to show it thumbs down. I reached here in search for how to get Google maps on ios 6.

  • Anonymous

    3d don’t work

  • WCoaster

    I have to agree with Ivan56. I was so close to being an apple convert and going the next step to add an iPad to match my i4. However the move away from google to just floored me.
    It has nothing to do with how pretty the 3D drawings look unless you just want to use a map app from your couch. It is all about the data behind the image. Apple may have the most beautiful phone but who has been the real pro’s in accumulating and disseminating data? If there is one thing that geomatics requires it’s data.
    The proof in Apples error was not some of the glitches in the photo rendering but not including or being prepared to include the additional data requirement for foot and transit routing. Huge miss! The ability to be able to fully integrate our data devices into our live is what is changing the way the world operates. Why on earth would Apple or anyone want to make the integration less than the status quo?
    Ok, so benefit of the doubt Apple is just a little late getting started. Really? Look at how far ahead Google is and where they’re going next. As Apple fumbles around reinventing the wheel they no longer have the luxury of drawing on the resources of the most experienced wheel builder on the planet. When it come to market share, sure the retail market will continue for a while, but the commercial market will move immediately to where the actual real world business solutions are and it is clearly Google.
    It was a beautiful opportunity squandered by Apple. Simply Stunning. Oh well maybe some of the lawsuits Apple has with other innovators in the industry will come through and keep Apple alive for a few more years because everything seen post Jobs is looking like Apple is heading back to it’s 1990’s roots.Obscurity.

    • Kishor Dangi

      I use iphone 4. Updated to ios6. Nothing great change for iphone 4. New Maps are screwed by apple. Google maps were fantastic. New maps are useless for me. Many places went missing. Hopeless… why apple did this with users ??Secondly, no chance for roll back to ios 5.1.1

  • Mickuk

    New iPad, update to os6.. Now just made it a very expensive crap games consul!!
    Os5 needs to be allowed to reload till os6 CRAP been sorted

  • Ivan56

    I recently bought an IPad3 and used Google maps to great use.I then was told to update to ISO6 which to my horror found I no longer had the use of Google maps but had Apples version.What a load of rubbish that are.I asked Apple to delete ISO6 but was told no way.I have to takemy IPad3 back Apple to get sorted.Apple made a massive error to break away from Google maps,why fix something when you have the best already.I feel Google will join up with Samsung and seriously affect Apple sales in the future as Apple think they are untouchable.