Skyrim DragonBorn PS3 exclusive after Dawnguard misery

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 19, 2012

It is fair to say that Skyrim PS3 users have been through hell with the latest Elder Scrolls game, which started with bad frame-rate problems that eventually saw a fix from what had been a crazy issue with bookshelves. Then came the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC and PS3 owners still lack this content after it launched months ago on Xbox 360, so we should all hold some sympathy for PS3 owners right now.

Skyrim DLC 3, aka DragonBorn, as a timed PS3 exclusive – we’ve noticed an increasing amount of gamers stating that the Dawnguard and Hearthfire misery could be helped if Bethesda delivered a 30 day DLC exclusive for the Sony PlayStation system.

If the developer has in fact fixed the issues with bringing downloadable content to the PS3 system, as might be the case, then it would be a nice gesture for PS3 users. It shouldn’t be a big deal for the Skyrim DragonBorn DLC on Xbox 360 and PC considering their experience with Skyrim so far, and the fact that this could be a timed exclusive.

The image above shows what some believe is a reference to PS3 DLC being fixed, which had been found in the recent Skyrim 1.8 beta patch.

What gesture should Bethesda offer PS3 owners after they fix issues with DLC? We’re sure a few Xbox 360 gamers won’t be happy if this happened, but this would make thousands of PS3 owners love Bethesda again and stop them boycotting certain games. Any gesture will depend on how much Bethesda value PS3 users, and of course it must be good for business.

There are other gifts that could be offered, like Dawnguard for free on PS3 with newer purchased DLC, but if Bethesda doesn’t offer any “make-good” then we can imagine some hurt staying with a number of PS3 gamers for years to come.

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  • MEEE

    ps3 should get hearth fire for free and dawngaurd with a discount but not a huge discount and the dragonborn dlc…idk

  • Metal123499

    I’m a PS3 owner, but I don’t think releasing PS3 exclusive DLC is going to make me happy. I got exited for Dawnguard and that’s what I want. We didn’t have much time between the announcement of Heartfire and it’s release, so I didn’t get very exited, plus the fact I was furious that 360 owners got the second DLC but I was still waiting for the first. In my eyes the only course of action Bethesda can take is this: release Dawnguard and Heartfire for the PS3 with discounted prices or even Heartfire for free. Or they admit that their knowledge of the PS3 hardware is insufficient and they admit that they shouldn’t even have released the original game back in November last year with all the faults that were in the game. And they give us a free copy of either the PC or the 360 version to their customers and the same discount or free DLC I just mentiont. Any other way and I’ll never, ever set foot in Tamriel again.

  • The Griffiths Boys

    We own all three consoles. PS3, 360, and WII. I know many people who own more than one console. So it would be foolish to think that the lack of content would only hurt PS3 owners. I am also an XBOX owner. FallOut3 and Obliviion had some issues on our XBOX so we thought we would try the PS3 version. Our frustration came from simply choosing the wrong version. I expected to get the same product regardless of the console I purchase it for. If each console will have a different feature set, it should be disclosed prior to purchase. In our situation the problems with the PS3 version will keep us from buying any more Bethesda titles on ‘any’ console until the DLC issues have been resolved. And pior to this we had bought every game they made. So they are losing a loyal customer.

  • Perdition

    conclusion, xbox fanboys know nothing about msoft and couldn’t spell to save their lives.

  • gaara1193

    in all honesty im done trying to say dont rip on 360 gamers but seeing how so many have said that we ps3 users were just being crybabies about not having our dlc and all the xbox fanboys saying we should just get there system,along with a few pc fanboys as well, i now do hope we get dawnguard, hearthfire and most of all, a timed exculsive dragonborn dlc. not that only ps3 users should have it, but in order to finally shut the fanboys up i think the third dlc should be ours for the amount of time we have been w/o dlc to set a sort of tone for all gamers. we have already had our hell as ps3 cutomers of bethesda, now why should xbox and pc showboats not be given a little hell?? i mean they do already have the first and second dlc’s, im more than certain that they can do just fine with a couple months of delay for dragonborn

  • just a gamer1992

    Id love to see skyrim live up to later games made by them. but now being a ps3 owber for sometimes and to see dlc go on for months and nothing to show for ps3 is upsetting. It would be nice to offer free dlc because of time problems. I hope they can strraightin up ps3 might be slowly on system but should takee this long even few more quest to eassy the time.

  • short and simple….hey bethesda, f**k me? then f**k you too..
    the longer version would be – stop salivating at the microsoft exclusive dlc checks and make the game right like your supposed to…..i understand exclusive outfits and crap like that, but a 6 month+ bs fest on full parts of the game that you “can’t seem to get to work on the ps3” in a load of crap……release the xpacs or kill yourself…

  • Demonicrage

    I would happily pay for the dragonborn and hearthfire DLC, IF I get dawnguard for free as compensation for the cockup. I won’t boycott Bethesda games if this doesn’t happen but I will certainly try renting the games and trying them before buying. Come on Bethesda sort it all out.

    Ps nice Pressie for Xmas too ha ha

  • Syphix_Ninja

    Guys, the writing is on the wall. Think about it for a second. Pete Hines spent a solid month on Twitter responding to complaint after complaint from PS3 users, but has gone strangely silent over the past two weeks. In fact, he hasn’t posted a single tweet about the Skyrim DLC PS3 issue since October 5th! This is great news, as he can no longer tell us the status has not changed yet….it HAS! But he likely can’t make any statement until the official announcement is made by Bethesda. Look at what’s going on and it’s pretty clear to see…PS3 DLC has been figured out and is on it’s way! (at least I hope….)

  • Tough situation they are in(and deservedly so). On the one hand, outside of offering Dawnguard for free to PS3 users I don’t see them being forgiven on this matter. However doing so runs the risk of angering 360 users. On top of which it may not be the best financial move. Kind of in a lose/lose situation right now.

    Personally if it isn’t free, I won’t be buying it or any of their products in the future. As really, that is all you can do on the matter. Outside of buying their products and complaining about it.

  • Shayne

    It should be a timed exclusive. For those saying that they’d be punishing the 360 community for no reason, what about the fact the other two were timed exclusives for 360? Didn’t they punish PC and PS3 users for no reason then? Yes.

    We deserve it. They should drop Dawnguard and make Hearthfire, release it free for PS3 users, or go ahead and make Dragonborn a time exclusive. If neither of those happen, I’ll just continue my spree of piracy.

  • ninja

    I’m a ps3 guy who is quite pissed off about dawnguard but i don’t think ps3 needs a timed exclusive or whatever just to say sorry. Just get the other 2 working for a nice discount and get the next one out on time whether exclusive for xbox again or not. And here is a question I’m sure someone can answer…can’t xbox and pc have the same code for the most part? If thats the case then xbox doesn’t need a line in there…Just wondering…

    • Perdition

      how to tel someone is lying about owning a ps3. the comment above and every other comment is damn near exactly the same.

  • Jp10

    If any of you are Bethesda workers just realease it and fix the problems later

  • holigan

    with the bad memory allocation of the PS3 and the difficulty it presents to programmers, and as a programmer myself i know that mistakes in programming tend to get buried by the billion lines of code and how long it takes to find and correct every mistake.but as Bethesda said its not Sony’s problem, it’s Bethesda’s game therefore its their problem. With that said I cannot justfiy pointing fingers, and taking sides is a big mistake (that goes double for exclusives)

  • IchiYamamoto

    We need to speak with Todd Howard. Not the PR members.

  • i have both systems but only have skyrim for xbox im srry yall have missed out on the first two but i promise u werent missin much…. but…. i will burn bethesda down if the third dlc is ps3 exclusive…. i mean wtf is wrong with u bethesda….

  • casper13rocks

    if the developer has infact fixed the dlc issue like you keep sujesting then why hasnt bathesda said a word it’s in the best intrest to release any information on a fix as soon as posible please do the world a favor and stop makeing idle speculation and get direct confermation from bathesda befor writeing anouther articl news reports are spose to be based on facts not you opinion

  • look 360 owners should get it like a month after ps3 gets it or they will lose alot of money.

  • Tyler

    Iam a ps3 owner myself and the only thing I want is for Bethesda to release some kind of dlc already I don’t care if its free or not iam just tired of waiting.

  • getreal

    man! an other time exclusive. what makes them a time exclusive is going to fix ps3 owner are still waiting for a game that came out 2 months ago. all a time exclusive is going to do piss of 360 users and some pc because they were part of the wait. long story short get rid of the time exclusive it not going to solve the problem and just give ps3 user a discount or free dlc or both that will help but the still going to be tension when the next elder scroll come. they will remember this!

  • TheAngriestAngel

    As an xbox owner I’m impartial to a PS3 exclusive 30 day trial. I think a better idea, however, would be to give PS3 owners Hearthfire for free and release the new DLC equally. The Hearthfire DLC was a piece of dirty excrement anyway. The only joys I received from it was displaying my unused armour as trophies. That and stuffing the bard’s dead body in the main hall display case so he looked like Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.

    • Joseph

      Han Solo in Carbonite……….very creative……..

  • Koda

    In what way is giving an exclusivity program for Dragonborn a good, fair idea? All it does is make everyone else annoyed. No one (besides x box users) were pleased to see Microsoft buy the deal, and no one will be happy when it is just handed to PS3. Give us a discount on Dawnguard, or Hearthfire for free, but do not just pull the exclusivity thing. It’ll just get you in the doghouse with other platforms, Bethesda.

    • Perdition

      msoft pays for the exclusivity deals, not bethesda.

  • DevonTheWolfman

    Idc what Bethesda does as long as PS3 owners can get their fair share, personally i better get a werewolf skill tree in some of the upcoming DLC or some ppl might die

  • CrimsonRedempt

    Yay, another useless PS3 Skyrim DLC article based on speculation and opinion. Thanks for rehashing everything we already know with a catchy title, and bringing absolutelo zero worthwhile information.

    • Joseph

      Right there with you man. When will we see an official Bethesda post saying that they have actually made progress?

      • holigan

        i prefer Bethesdas plan of action, not saying anything. There is nothing worse then empty promises, espesially during election 🙂

  • Someguy

    The title of this article is extremely misleading. First off, this is total speculation. Second, the context of the article suggests a “time exclusive” release, not an exclusive release; as if it were never destined for Xbox or PC. This is not very good journalism.

  • Kim

    GOTY -> Offer it for free with any exchange of the PS3 version.

    • cmdragon

      Sadly I don’t think bethesda deserves anymore goty titles, they need to learn how to treat their customers properly first. No madder how fun any of their games are, they simply don’t deserve it.

  • It’s never a great idea–unless you are receiving some special marketing funds to offset the cost–of withholding your product from one market to favor another. Rather, I agree with others who’ve suggested giving Hearthfire for free to PS3 users. However, for all users, you should have a more transparent bug resolution process.

    Many software companies open up their issue management systems, with necessary protections, to the community, and I believe Bethesda could benefit from this process. Moreover, it’s also a great opportunity to provide a higher level of touch with the high tech game. So, I suggest:

    1. Let users view current open issues list information

    2. Have users register to be notified about an issue’s resolution. Then, when it’s going into a new release, send out the emails. (There are some broken quests I have, and each time a new release comes out, I go to test if I can finish.)

    3. Allow some form of polling, letting users gauge their real concerns. Of course you balance that information with the needs to manage resources vs. new features, maintenance, etc.

    4. Lastly, commit to a fixed release schedule. Come out with patches ever 2 months. That way, we as consumers can also set some expectations.

    Using this process provides a means to not only manage expectations but also communicate more freely. It’s a much more democratic process as well, and it avoids the doublespeak of PR people, obfuscating their language to hedge forward-looking commitments. Please consider it as an opportunity for improvement.

  • KyleRay

    I will never buy another game from Bethesda! …..they suck as much as MicroCrApple. Honestly CrApple and MicroCrApple are obviously teaming up like Dr Evil (CrApple) and MicroMe!
    Sony….. who puts out far better hardware doesn’t stand a chance against them.
    Therefore I hope Bethesda, CrApple and MicroCrApple belly up sometime soon! ….couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Proprietary Colluding Morons and iDIOTS!

    • ninja

      Calm down bro. We don’t need any fanboys here…

    • H.Hardy

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen such diarrhea of the mouth or in this case, of the fingers since I ran into a five year old on Gta4 (which wasn’t fun if I may add).

      Also given that microsoft is a multi-billion dollar fortune 500 computer based company that makes all the operating systems most people use, save for the apple and linux users. They won’t be going belly up any time soon.

      Also remember, Sony’s primarily a Japanese based company so yes their hardware is better but remember, the PS3 also has a lack of security functions compared to microsofts anchorbox360 and the xbox live. I hope I don’t have to remind everyone of the hacker fiasco that shut down the ps3 service for, what was it? nearly four months? Or the fact that it was made possible by one George hotz?

      • Perdition

        ahem, hackers didn’t shut psn down soe shut psn down to check for any stolen data, on the other side, xbl has been hacked numerous times msoft only cares about money, not gamers not securitry not the fack that they are just ripping psn off.

  • realmsplitter

    I don’t know if another timed exclusive would be the best solution. PS3 users have been waiting quite a while for the other DLC. Giving them the third DLC first doesn’t exactly make up for the issues concerning Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

    I am an XBox owner, but it’s been frustrating to watch this whole ordeal for the PS3 users. At this point, I would say that the timed exclusive thing should just be done with. I get that Microsoft, or other companies for that matter, might see it as a good marketing strategy, but it’s just not. If it’s to try an convince other gamers to switch consoles, it wouldn’t do any good anyway. Most people that I know are pretty set on the brand of consoles that they use, no exclusives or other incentives will convince them to change.

    I agree that at least PS3 users should get a direct apology for their inconveniences and receiving very little information/updates on the situation. And I would agree that they should receive some sort of discount on one or both of the first two DLC’s. It’s about customer service, and keeping your customers happy. If the PS3 community felt like a timed exclusive for the third DLC would suffice, then I’d be OK with waiting. It seems only fair.

    As for the PC community, I have to admit that I’m a little ignorant on the issues which you may have faced. The PS3 thing has controlled the spot light. I would say that if the third DLC was a timed exclusive (complete speculation), then PC users should probably be included as part of that as well. Otherwise, it seems like it’d be another slap in the face to them (regardless of their ability to mod), since they’ve had to wait at least 30 days for both of the previous DLC’s.

  • Garmr

    I think a considerable discount on both Dawnguard and Hearthfire would be a sufficient recompense. They needn’t bring Dragonborn into it, as long as it’s released for PS3 on time.

  • blackhulk23

    The first two DLC for Skyrim were the only two that were exclusive for Xbox360. The contract has ended after hearthfire came out. So this 3rd DLC comes out the same time on all platforms but possibly as an exclusive because it didn’t show any other system in the PC patch other than PS3.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Since when did it end, I don’t remember Bethesda or Microsoft releasing a statement declaring ‘Contract has ended’, perhaps you just assumed this?

      • DOVATREV

        Their agreement stated that only the first two DLC would be timed exclusives, not an assumption, but an actual fact buddy.

      • spiritreaver

        Bethesda was saying as far back as the August before Skyrim’s 11/11/11 release that their agreement with Microsoft would be for the first two pieces of DLC only. That agreement ended when the exclusivity period for Hearthfire expired.

        On another noted, Microsoft would have to be stupid to sign another deal with Bethesda for exclusivity on DLC for Skyrim at this point. I mean they have already paid for it twice now unnecessarily as the PS3 has yet to get ANY DLC at all.

        So essentially, the end result of their deal with Bethesda is they have paid an unknown amount of money so that one of their platforms get product 30 days before the other, PC……

  • Skulduggery Pleasant

    @LordVile is gay •_•

  • Lord Vile

    @d as much as I would like to disagree with you, you are kind of right. I own a ps3 and am fed up with my OWN whining. Just do what you can Bethesda and if you do release it then please remember us ps3 users. Thanks.
    Alba gu Brath

  • stickyjam

    I really don’t care if PS3 gets the DLC before Xbox, my God do they think we’re five years old? ‘Nya nya I got it before you…’. Timed exclusives is the most hare-brained, god-awful, sinful ideas ever introduced to the gaming world. Why am I punished for a console choice I made four years ago?

    As an increasingly frustrated PS3 user, I just want to be able to play the DLC. I don’t care when. I don’t even really care how much anymore.

    Just give us the f*cking DLC Bethesda and don’t make such a cock-up again.

  • First Bethesda Pisses off PS3, now they aim to Piss off Xboxers. At the same time, Bethesda is Pissing off Microsoft. How come Bethesda always ends up pissing on Everybody? Rockstar Games on the other hand conducts their business equally and timely for everyone and pisses off no one. WTF Bethesda? Are you that stupid?

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Lol Rockstar have had many faults, their not perfect..

      • DON-EAZY-E

        Name one damn game Rockstar has ever messed up on like bethesda’s crap they pulled with every single title they came out with.

        • H.Hardy

          Remember kiddies, any large open world games, no matter how thorough the programmers are, is going to be rife with bugs, missing textures and other fun things! With that being said, Bethesda games are buggy, prone to crashing but when they do work, are amazing.

          Rockstar on the other hand does entirely different games. Both companies are good for their respective games but Rockstars games aren’t exactly as large as Bethesda’s (But still minus five points for beth because I think they did a hard port of the 360 version of skyrim to the ps3 and I might be mistaken but I think they did the same thing for fallout new vegas.)

  • Bonzohazard

    LoL!!! Look, wishful thinking from the land of Mimsy is nice and all, but there is no way they’re going to kick out any exclusive content or timing for PS3. That little line in the patch content doesn’t remotely suggest anything of the like. Cute though! ^.^

  • Nuuj

    I don’t think pissing off Xbox owners will be sensible at all, it should be something as simple as offering Hearthfire for free (since it is cheaper any way) punishing the Xbox side of the Gaming Community for no reason wouldn’t really make sense, and would only further damage the already fragile fan base they have..

    Let’s be clear, I’m definitely a PS3 owner and have only had Playstations since the Original PS1, I’m all for joking and blasting my friends and others who have Xbox’s but I’m mature enough to know that there isn’t much difference between the two, besides the way the seperate companies at large (Sony vs Microsoft) do business, which is why despite how much I poke fun at Xbox owners, I definitely don’t believe they should be left out for a month without this new DLC (and definitely not left out COMPLETELY), I hope Bethesda understands by now that this type of ignorance is what may contribute to their downfall if they aren’t careful..

    Just release the DLC(s) for all players at once and do the proper level of testing and development beforehand, and all this BS could be avoided–most other companies had this figured out YEARS ago, Bethesda just hit a Wasp Nest with a stick for no good reason, whatever they got paid for exclusivity wasn’t worth this..

    • Hey! we deserve this after what we endeared. it’s only fair that it should be a timed-exclusive for ps3 after the dawnguard and hearthfire crisis. so if you think for one second that were letting this slide, ain’t gonna happen.

      • I think its should be a ps3 exclusive for the same amount of time as we have to wait for Dawnguard and Hearthfire to be released for the ps3.

        • Nuuj

          But what you guys aren’t getting is this: Xbox owners did nothing to us PS3 owners, sure there are the childish ones Online who have jokes and enjoy the spectacle of PS3 missing the DLC, but overall they’ve done nothing to deserve being left out or having their DLC delayed–Microsoft and Bethesda started this storm, not the Gamers..

    • Sunny

      I totally agree. I’m a proud PS3 owner and will always be a Sony guy. However, PS3 or XBOX owners should, at no cost, pay for the stupidity of Bethesda (if what’s said in this article is true) and the console wars between MS and Sony.

      Also, how does making Dragonborn a PS3 exclusive salvage the months of frustration of not getting Dawnguard or Hearthfire? We still don’t have these 2 DLCs yet! This whole timed exclusive on any platform is just stupid.

      Just release all DLCs for PS3. That’s not much to ask

    • Brocktox

      I would say the same thing, but seeing how many Xbox users laughed at us for this dilemma, I can’t.

      • Joseph

        I agree with Brocktox. X-Box users still have plenty of game left to use. A one month wait will not affect the fanbase with the X-Box any more than it has for the PS3 (until the Dawnguard fiasco of course)

      • Truth

        Don’t be a troll

      • Were it the other way around, PS3 users would have laughed. And you’d be writing the same thing as I am now.
        So, y’know. Don’t say stuff like that.

    • thank you

  • spiritreaver

    Personally as a PS3 Skyrim customer, there are exactly three things that would get them out of the doghouse with me:

    1-Move Hines out of PR. That guy does NOT need to be the face of a company in regards to dealing with press and or customers. Don’t fire him(everybody needs their jobs in this economy), just move him some where else.

    2-As a company, drop the double-speak and non-communication responses, and flat-out apologize to ALL their customers(360, PC, and PS3) for the horrible way they have delivered Skyrim to us. And then in particular to PS3 user, set up a real PS3 team, not whatever the hell they have masquerading as one atm.

    3-Stop hedging and just release DLC to the PS3 already. If it works for some, at this point just ship it. Give a warning to PS3 players of what could happen if they happen to be the minority that have bad performance issues. All the while continue to work on the issues some PS3 users may have.

    No need for discounts or exclusivity, just run your business like a frickin business. Not like a bunch of guys at a frat selling home-brew games in their free time. If you screw something up, say so up front and fix it. Don’t put it on the back burner and hope ppl forget about it-you’ve seen where that gets you.

    Basically Bethesda, you guys need to just plan and strive to do your best work from here on out. And if your best doesn’t cut it, you need to start doing the best work of someone better.

    • Kim


  • I don’t care who gets what first as long as we all get it. What I really want is a discount!!!

  • sdflkja;lkfja;lkj

    free dlc for all affected players.

  • d

    Ps3 users seriously to to get the hell over them selves wow yuo think the xbox is crap good for you but hey i’ve heard it thousands of times over the last few years so come up with somehting new. PLus stop crying like a bunch of whining babies its annoying you may or may not get the dlc and plus bethesda has announced they are trying to fix it and if they do then you at least deserve a fair discount on the 2 dlc.

    • Joseph

      that would be fair or when the deals up let yous wait a good 6 months on a DLC Bet you’s wont be happy!!!!

    • TrollArchStaff

      i would like to see you wait a few months for the dlc while every other concole has it. GTFO

  • oscar

    Honestly i dont think we should get anything extra. I’ll be the first to admit i was pissed with the situation but if they came through then screw it. If they want to do anything then they should just release a statement. I find it hard to hate a company that has made such great games in the past.

  • Idaho Matonie

    As much as it would be preferable for this to happen, it won’t.
    In truth, it would drive me up a wall. I sunk and got it used for XBox because I got impatient with the wait. It would rankle me in this case, but I suppose it would serve me right for making the switch to the XSuck…

    • james

      Sorry bud, but yes – it would serve you right. You’re obviously free to do whatever you want, but next time THINK about the possible ramifications of your actions before you do something like that. What you did is precisely what Microsoft wanted you to do, and in fact is exactly the underlying, ultimate reason why timed exclusives exist in the first place. Sorry, but you’ll get no sympathy from me, or for that matter, any other ps3 owner …

      • Bonzohazard

        Oh can it, PS3 is hardware lacking anyhow, with 256mb pushing Skyrim… He made the right choice, AND will get his content early, get a grip dude. I have all the consoles and a kickin’ PC, and I play on the box. Early content, no issues, and the comfortability of a console.

        • john

          Eat a c*ck, crapbox fanboy. Oh wait! That might prove difficult seeing how you clearly already Microsoft’s in your mouth. Go back to that colossal piece of crap Fisher-Price toy you call a console. Adults are talking in here. Shoo peasant! Shoo!!!

  • predalien34

    I think a price drop on both dlc would be good or only on

  • Adam

    They should just release hearthfire for free or give dawnguard a price drop, xbox pays bethesda money to give them the timed releases so i doubt we will see any timed exclusives on ps3.

  • lukas pukas

    bethesda, please delay the release date on xbox

    • skyrim for xbox only

      lol jealous much?

      • luke the nuke

        i hope you know we ps3 owners deserve this dlc more than any game console. we have been through hell and i hope it does get delayed for the sh*tbox 360

  • Tetra

    Misleading title. a) It’s not exclusive. b) It’s not confirmed. c) Dawnguard has now been confirmed for PS3.

    • Rita

      Read the article donut, we know this as we read the article.

    • mike

      Furthermore, in no way whatsoever does this article CONFIRM anything whatsoever, much less the release of Dawnguard for the PS3. Conjecture and assumptions can be fun, (especially when we have been eagerly awaiting something), but wait for the established FACTS before jumping to any conclusions. Until we get an official statement from Bugesdasoft, it isn’t “confirmed”.

    • George

      Then when is Dawnguard coming out you fool?

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Exactly, where the hell did this even come from? it’s bewildered me. At the end of the day I couldn’t give a monkey’s Toss who gets what first, I laugh at fan-boys who gloat about timed DLC (There’s no such things as Timed-Exclusive if eventually it comes to other consoles, so how can it be exclusive?).

      I just want the sodding DLC and Bethesda the only developer this gen that can’t cater for a console that’s been out 7 years is an absolute JOKE, they really need to do some ‘Hiring & Firing’.

  • james

    Its not Xbox owners who would be unhappy with a deal like this but Microsoft who have already paid Bethesda for the privilege of early releases of Skyrim DLC on Xbox. To get into a legal battle to please the owners of a console that has considerably less units in your main market would be a pointlessly suicidal business decision. sacrificing a cordial business relationship and the happiness of the larger Xbox markets for the smaller PS3 market would not make any sense.

    • Conor

      You do realize the market expands further than the United States. Xbox 360 might dominate in America, but the PS3 market is bigger around the world than 360. So it’s a win-win really. You had your fun, it time we had ours.

      • 100 % True.

      • james

        Its the relationship with Microsoft that more important. Microsoft is effectively paying part of the cost of producing the DLC making it a very lucrative and risk free deal of Bethesda in a industry that has most of its costs weighted upfront. Its the kind of deal Bethesda would love to have again in the future, if Microsoft are stupid enough to pay for it as it hardly going to sell hardware.

        A far better idea would be something like throwing in heartfire for free with dawnguard on PS3 or some kind of PS3 exclusive novelty (a quest or follower etc from the Sony canon) like they have done with steam.This way they avoid annoying Microsoft making a future lucrative deal possible and offer something to Sony that will keep them on side..

        • Conor

          So what your saying is that PS3 users are second class to Xbox and PC? Why should we have to be kept “on side” to appeal to Microsoft and 360 users. Also, are you serious? Since when did Microsoft decide to pay for the cost of the DLC? They got exclusivity because they knew that if it were so, many PS3 users would sell their PS3 and buy an Xbox. It was a good business tactic but a dirty one. Not to mention the fact that Bethesda are Xbox fanboys at heart. Bethesda didn’t need that deal to help make the two DLC’s; they seen the pros of the $$$ and £££ to even care about the PS3 community, which is no surprise there. We don’t want a little something here and there to appease us. We want to be treated just the same as everyone else, saying we spent the same amount of money for an inferior product and always drawing the shortest stick of the deal, i.e Fallout dlc’s etc.

        • james

          “So what your saying is that PS3 users are second class to Xbox and PC”

          Essentially yes they are second class to Xbox users, but not PC (Although I bet PC users are what they consider their hardcore fan base hence the free modding software) but only by a month and only because Microsoft have paid for the first class ticket. but as stinger bell would say it’s nothing personal “it’s just business”

          Thire is however another issue Bethesda obviously don’t like having to delay dawnguard as the delay will effect sales, but lets face it Skyrim alone barely runs on PS3 as it is and as Crytek showed with Crysis 2 they are not the only ones who have struggled with the PS3, I am not a programmer so I have no idea why this is the case especially given the PS3s superior spec but some developers especially it seams the ones who favor PC’s just don’t have know how to program for it, which is a issue that could be the fault of either the programmers or Sony.

          So while Bethesda have nothing against PS3 owners I bet they hate the machine with a passion and can’t wait for its replacement.

        • Idiot^

          No, he is saying that Bethesda only cares about xbox users because they have a legal observation to do so. #NoReadingComprehension

        • Idiot

          obligation* auto corrected…

        • Conor

          What are you like 12? Go away with your hashtags. I read his comment and I see from a point of view what he is saying.
          P.S Before you try to belittle someone again….

        • Conor

          Also I’d like to inform you that the exclusivity deal has now ended. Bethesda are no longer obligated to releasing future DLC content to Xbox 360 earlier than the rest. Cheers!

        • Perdition

          obligation* grammar jammer

        • ChaosRevanLord

          Just to say the point isn’t to sell hardware it’s to sell ms points because of the extra step Microsoft essentially makes themselves the middle man getting a cut of the dlc and of the ms points purchase

      • your an idiot .. your not getting an exclusive ive seen this many many times in the industry (and btw its the first 3 DLC xbox gets) from now on its going to be fairly released you get no special treatment in then end it boils down to money and user friendliness and Microsoft has both stfu thank you

        • sitrukpc

          You are wrong about the first 3 it was the first 2 DLC

        • Perdition


  • connor

    Wont happen theres a contract to microsoft xbox users get exclusive rights first

    • Susan

      Only for the first two DLCs.