Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S3 / Mini, and iPhone 5 sized-up

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 19, 2012

You won’t get many chances to size up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 next to the range of smartphones seen in the video below this article, which also includes the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs. the full size version, an iPhone 5, and the HTC Desire V. You’d be lucky to see all of these devices side-by-side again, let alone get hands-on with them.

The video is very short and runs for just over 1 minute, but it is nice to see how the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 compares in size to these other popular smartphones, especially the recently announced Galaxy S3 Mini, which is more on the sizing chart of an iPhone 5. Both of these devices saw a release date within the last couple of months.

We’ve included a screenshot from the video below so you can get a quick idea of how they compare, although you’ll also find a couple of other images on this page, which compare the sizes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 vs. Galaxy S3, and the latter device vs. the newer S3 Mini. These devices alone show how Samsung are aiming to cover all bases when it comes to offering the right size smartphone for its users.

What is your ideal smartphone display size? For us 4-inches is where we draw the line, which is thanks to having 6 generations of iPhone, although we also review and get hands-on with just about every screen size. We’d love to know what size of smartphone display is the max you’d want, and which is ideal for you?

Take a look at the video below showcasing some of the most popular smartphones side-by-side, which shows there’s a size for everyone. If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 then we’d love to know if you’d be happy with a device bigger than 5.5-inches?

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  • kmillar

    Is it possible to get a 3 x 4 keyboard app for the i phone so you don’t have to txt with a qwerty keyboard but rather use a number keypad with predictive txt?

  • iphony

    saw the Note 2 today and what a phone! it wipes the floor with these other phones, the reviewers here are clearly living in their iphony dual core 4″ screen past

  • Nice GaGa soundtrack!

  • I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 1. iOS 6 adds nothing to either of those devices, or does not work at all.

    Now I want a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to simultaneously replace both of them.

    • Omz

      I’m in the same exact boat as you, Chuck….with the same exact sentiment. iOS6, and the iPhone 5 are a disappointment. Time to give Samsung a fair shot.

  • Cae

    The note is not “way to big”, you have obviously never owned one. I am actually very offended

  • Image quality is far better then it used to be a 4″ display is like using a horse carriage at a formula 1

  • The Galaxy Note 2 is fantastic and not too big for those who like to use their phone to surf the internet or are constantly on Facebook! If you want to use your phone mainly for calls then get a smaller version. My son got the Note 2 for his Birthday, it can replace his laptop when he goes to college, very portable indeed, now I want one for myself! 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more with you! I have recently just sold my S3 to get a Note 2, the main reason was so I wanted a tablet, but this device allows me to carry a portable phone/tablet around with me that last a day with heavy usage!!!