GTA V ‘features’ requested officially

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2012

Earlier on this week we told you how the frustrating wait for official GTA V news from Rockstar had reached fever pitch. However, it appears that Rockstar has answered our prayers though, as they are finally ready to talk GTA 5 again, and have asked gamers for their input on specific features and ideas to put into the game.

In a new blog entry on their official website, Rockstar has asked Grand Theft Auto fans to come up with ideas for new features to be added into the Crews element of GTA V. If you didn’t already know, Crews was first introduced in Max Payne 3 and it’s a multiplayer feature which allows players to team up and participate in online modes as a group, earning extra XP and bonuses as you do so.

Rockstar has already confirmed that this feature will be coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 and as a further reminder, we can tell you that it’s going to be a launch feature as well. Rockstar is asking for help on this specific mode in multiplayer and it could also be a secret indication that they’ve finished with the single player campaign mode in the game.

Going back to Crews though, what ideas do you have after playing Max Payne 3, to make the Crews aspect in GTA V a lot better? We’re really pleased that Rockstar is actually asking the community for input on the game and it’s yet another reason why so many fans rate Rockstar as one of the best developers out there – they have held their hands up and basically said that they’re looking for ideas, now it’s up to you to offer up the best ones.

There’s some really interesting feedback to be seen over at Rockstar’s website, but out of the 1000 or so comments, we really like the idea of Rockstar putting in some kind of Free Running elements into the game, so that you and your crew can chill out when you don’t fancy killing people all of the time.

So far, everyone seems to be adding their ideas underneath Rockstar’s official thread, but the developer has reminded GTA V fans that official Crew ideas should be sent to the following email address – Hopefully in a few weeks time, Rockstar will share some of the best ideas that they plan to add into the game, so we can all see which entries had been successful.

Have you already sent in an idea to Rockstar using the email above? If so, let us know what you want to see added into the Crews portion of the game. What about a GTA V crews Gangnam style dance off arena?

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  • theturtleway

    they dont need to advertise it. I dont understand that argument at all. they love to B-slap the competition and even their own parent company, letting them know that they are the gold mine that keeps the whole shebang afloat. I am not saying its gonna happen, mind you. just that advertising is not needed at all. why spend a dime?

  • @GrEeNy743

    Wow it’s amazing to see how many ways the same story can be re-worded!!!! All of these websites update when rockstar put it up first!! So NO new news here!! The release date will appear first on the rockstar web page!! Pages like this are just trying to grab web hits and it works!! But there just sad frustrated fans like the test of us searching for little bits of info everyday only they want to write a bone, pointless, stupid article about it!! FACT

  • i hope the story mode aint got nothin ta do wit gta4

  • ive had jus bout evry gta dats ever ben released not includin china town<–(tf was the point of that) nd ive never ben more excited about a gta cumin out…im jus waitn patiently..every 2months or so i check up gta5 news hopen day telll me sumthin i wanna here

    • Munkynut

      Well while your waiting, how about buying a dictionary and learning some English in the meantime.

    • Timmy


  • Bacon ???? Yes please

    I want to be able to kill someone with a tomato soup tin and my friends best mates brother cousin uncle who owns a football club and works as a executive for R* says march 2013 is release date

  • Customization is all I’ma type

    • Non E Muss

      I’ma customize yo face.

  • BigcreatureGuy

    My ex girlfriend’s fish’s brother works for R* and he told me its coming out next year.
    Mind you, he’s a fish.

  • Non E Muss

    What about a Gangnam style dance-off arena?? That ridiculousness will have long since been replaced by another stupid fad by January

  • John

    I can’t wait till people buy this game, So I could get my Money.

  • paul454ss

    It’s funny how everyone knows somebody that works for R*. Huh didn’t know they employed 10000 plus people.

  • pugsisatrapstar

    Screw the stupid crews!!!!! I want the freaking single player campaign!!!!

  • riflester84

    full co-op for campaign!

  • Andy_Pinscher

    R* are keeping their workers well paid. i have a great mate (known him since i was 4 and he was 3) who works for R* ,i asked him for the release date and he said “You’ll see” [sic] and i asked him when will we find out the release date, and all he said was “You’ll see” [sic]. then 2 days later, he got the car he always wanted… lucky b*stard

    • lol

      • My cousin works for them too. He said the game is out xmas. believe me. He has a boat.

        • jim

          Someone delete that post before Daniel Chubb gets a hold of it.

          BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!


        • giggity

          when did he say that it would be released imminently?

    • pick a number

      sorry, but to al the people who think this guy is trolling, when did he say he knew the release date? i doubt he is trolling. he could have, but i doubt it

  • Chonky Floo

    I think you should be able to kill people with weapons and fists and feets

    • Jim

      I don’t about that buddy, I think Rockstar said they’re trying something different this time and you can only kill people with voodoo or aids.

  • blab

    I want to be able to skin all manor of things for the hide like red dead and have the horse as a mode of transport down the streets of Hollywood choose to go cowboy style 😉

    • bill

      Yeah, I too want to skin Negros…..?

  • GTA5

    I can’t wait till the day I google ‘GTA 5’ for the 1,000,000th time and it
    finally say… OFFICIAL R* GTA 5 RELEASE DATE!!!!!! 🙂

    • ugeine

      Dont’ bother bro, 27 members of my family work for Rockstar, release date is October 24th 2012.

      • ObamaStoleMyKFC

        Shoot yourself.

      • flikie

        some how i don’t think that they would realse it in 4 days time with not even a tv ad or lunch trailer

      • Ell

        So it’s out this Wednesday then? Wow they sure kept that quiet!

      • That was my birthday. Kill yourself.

  • gob

    if they include gangam style i dont want to live on this planet anymore


    I can’t wait for another update.