Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie features at LG Nexus 4 event

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 19, 2012

Samsung might be offering some comforting news for US Galaxy S3 owners wanting the Jelly Bean update, but it seems that Google is fully focused on moving ahead with the Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie update, which will be one of the features at their LG Nexus 4 event later this month.

October has turned out to be a bumper month for gadget fans, especially those that follow the latest smartphone news, and this is due to a number of brands sending out press invites for upcoming events. This included Apple revealing an event on Oct 23 for what’s said to be an iPad mini, also Samsung launching the Galaxy Note 2 in New York on Oct 24, and finally Google holding an event on Oct 29.

You can see the invitation Google sent out in the image below, which teases by explaining, “The playground is open“, so this could mean a number of things although we know Google like to take a fun approach to revealing new technology. The full Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie features should be demoed at the end of the month, and on what should be an LG Nexus handset with 2GB of RAM and a Quad-core processor, but what some people are wondering is when the release date will be for the new Android update?

Numerous sources are claiming the Android 4.2 update could launch at the event, although this certainly won’t be the date for the majority of Samsung phones, which some users are starting to hate the long wait after Google launches an OS update. If you’re a Galaxy S3 owner, how would you feel waiting many months for this update that could release from Google in a matter of days?

It is worth noting that Microsoft has an event planned for the same day as Google, Windows Phone 8, so feel free to let us know which event you are more excited about in the comments. Google’s Oct 29 event has a start time of 7am PST, although Microsoft will start 3 hours later. We’ve included a video below that takes a look at Android 4.1.2 features, and makes some predictions for Android 4.2. What do you want to see in Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie?

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  • Therealestmc

    Honestly, I don’t see what more could add to Jelly bean in a such short timeframe since it’s been released.

  • KyleRay

    This dude is a confirmed iCrAppleholic on that video! FRAGMENTATION!!! WTF? What does he think is going on with CrApple iOS lately? Besides them stealing features from Android and claiming to invent them! Sorry but story belongs in a dumpster!
    Never had a problem with Jelly Bean btw…. because w/o a button on front you end up turning it around and around looking for proper orientation of Nexus 7. They actually took away more valuable features than they gave us.
    Luckily though in Gaming…… Nexus 7 w/ Nvidia Tegra 3 still beats the CrApple out of Apple stock. Overclock it and it kills everything out today!!!

  • Rex_D

    The statement “LG Nexus 4 event later this month” is awfully presumptive, especially since you have no source. How do you know what Google’s event is for? And how do you know what 4.2 or Key Lime Pie are? Maybe you should stick to product reviews.

  • GabrielBB

    I would be much more excited about a Keylime Pie update (especially as a Nexus user) then I would be about anything Windows 8 related.

  • Valayil Abraham

    I would have thought that Key Lime Pie would be numbered 5.0. Since it is 4.2 I think it may just be a update to Jelly Bean and they are going to launch Key Lime Pie sometime next year.

    • mattrition

      Yes, this article is very presumptive in calling the update Key Lime Pie. We don’t even officially know what the K’th dessert will be…

      • wcshort22

        Yes we do. They came out that the “K” dessert will be Key Lime Pie a longgg time ago.

        • gee

          You might have a clue but Google releases updates every year, not every 4 months.

          So get a clue.

        • wcshort22

          Man you obviously don’t follow Android lol. They do not release updates every year. It is usually about every 6 months. I’m not saying they are going to release Key Lime Pie with the Nexus 4 but that will be the next version of the operating system.


          As a developer I know for a fact its going to be Jelly Bean because we are keeping the J throughout all the builds we have worked on for multiple devices. Even in the Media everyone has found many different Build Numbers and they are all J Alpha and Beta Builds you can tell if you know how to follow the Builds Number and Lettering System. Google has yet to announce the “K” for the next delicious operating system it is just a huge circulating rumor that is believed to be true, but a dessert with “K” will be the next version which is already in the works.

    • Robert Thorneycroft

      Unless there are significant fundamental changes I would think it is unlikely we’ll see a major revision. Previously we’ve had 2.0 Eclair and then 2.1 FroYo and 2.2 Gingerbread all under the same major release number and more recently 4.0 ICS and 4.1 Jelly Bean.

      The only time recently there was only a single codename associated with a major release was Honeycomb however this was table only and therefore significantly different to both the 2.x and 4.x releases.

      • jaygatsby9909

        A little off there with your version numbers. Minor, but I think worth pointing out. Should read 2.0 Eclair, 2.2 Froyo, and 2.3 Gingerbread. 2.0 to 2.1 were both Eclair.