Black Ops 2 on Wii U with missing features

By Alan Ng - Oct 18, 2012

The Wii U version of Black Ops 2 may be unique in the fact that it will come with exclusive touchscreen features via the Wii U GamePad, but we’ve just found out that it won’t necessarily be the best version compared to console and PC.

Activision has just dropped something of a bombshell by confirming that Call of Duty Elite won’t be available on the Wii U version when it launches on November 13. That essentially means that for now, there will be no subscription based play on the Wii U version and no monthly DLC map packs or other goodies that Elite members usually get each month for being a ‘Premium’ member.

While Activision has confirmed this as a fact, Nintendo hasn’t said anything on the matter as of yet and it raises further questions on the stability surrounding the Wii U’s online capabilities and whether it can go toe to toe with Xbox Live, Steam and the PlayStation Network.

Having said that, Activision has also said that they are working with Nintendo to ensure that the Wii U is included when the standard DLC map packs arrive on respective online marketplaces, separate to those that are not part of any Call of Duty Elite program. Nintendo may play down the lack of Elite on the Wii U at launch as a non-issue, but tell that to the thousands of gamers who were secretly hoping that the Wii U version would end up being the best out of the four.

Just to reiterate, Elite won’t be available on the Wii U at launch, but it doesn’t rule it out from happening some time in the future. For now, if you really want to gain all pieces of DLC at the first opportunity, you’ll be best picking up the Xbox 360 version of the game as you’ll know by now that they get first dibs on all content before everyone else.

Is this a blow for the Wii U on a whole in your opinion, that there appears to be barriers in place that Nintendo are not willing to disclose yet?

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  • Zechs

    This article is full of fail. Black Ops 2 doesn’t have any ‘missing features’, in fact it has several features that the other systems don’t have. It supports three different control schemes, has play via the tablet so you don’t have to use your TV and supports two players on two separate screens. It won’t however get COD Elite, which is now FREE for PS3 and 360 users – so you’re nonsense about the Wii U players not being able to sign up to a ‘premium service’ for map packs is rubbish. Map packs are now being sold separately to Elite via either a season pass or individual downloads. PC gamers also don’t have Elite, but they get map packs. Elite is now simply a service that gives you more stats on your play, like an enhanced player card.

  • Informed

    For anyone who doesn’t know, Elite will be free this year. Premium memberships have been disbanded, but you can still buy a subscription to get the map packs at the same time, but cheaper.

  • Jock_Nerd

    It’s funny how the author was quick to say the Wii U version will not be the best. He failed to mention the perks of the Wii U version: touch screen, off-screen play, local two-player NON-split screen. I’m a fan of COD as a lot are, and I don’t care about Elite. Most do not. Let me repeat, most do not care about Elite.

  • mike

    considering having premium will be free for black ops 2 and map packs will be purchased in standard form or via a seaon pass, not having premium for another ‘5’ days wont matter

  • lol i played mw3 religiously and ive never needed or used elite its was just a gimmick to see how far they could go thank god theyve finally realized its not worth paying for. and the upscale to 1080p and the touchscreen features im going wii u! not spending thousands for a pc version.

  • The PC version will obviously be the best, each game has the same gameplay, the only thing that can make it better is graphics which obviously means the advantage goes to PC.

  • Paul

    Seeing as the Wii U isn’t released until 18th November in USA it won’t be getting anything on 13th! I trust Nintendo so please put your 360 bias aside for a little while longer until the Wii U is actually available.