Skyrim DLC 3 debuting with PS3 Dawnguard, Hearthfire?

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2012

We finally have some positive news for those of you with the PS3 version of Skyrim, who are patiently awaiting any news regarding the missing PS3 Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC release dates. A third expansion by the name of Dragonborn has been unearthed, along with the evidence that Bethesda may have finally solved their internal DLC woes on the system.

For those that are not aware yet, we can tell you that Dragonborn is definitely going to be the title of the next DLC expansion for Skyrim. The name had already shown up in file trademarks like Hearthfire and Dawnguard before it, and now further evidence has been spotted in the latest system update for PC owners.

The most interesting aspect of the discovery though, is that there is a line of code in the Skyrim 1.8 update beta that reads ‘$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT’. Has Bethesda finally managed to fix all of the apparent ‘hardware’ problems that they were having on the PS3 in getting Dawnguard on to the system, which then caused a further delay on Hearthfire?

For those wondering, it is not uncommon for other platform related files to be found on internal PC code for the game. It could be interesting though to note that there doesn’t appear to be any specific code on the Xbox 360 in relation to Dragonborn, leading to some farfetched speculation that Dragonborn could end up as exclusive DLC to the PS3 version of the game as a way of apology for the Dawnguard crisis.

That’s not going to happen in our books though, as you can bet that Xbox 360 and PC users will want a dragon-mounting DLC expansion pack of their own to play. Aside from being able to mount new dragons in the content, we’re also hearing that Dragonborn will give players the option of revisiting areas from Morrowind and craft new armor such as Bonemold and Nordic wares.

Bethesda hasn’t made anything official, but don’t forget this is exactly the same pattern in which Hearthfire was uncovered. Bethesda has obviously put that line of PS3 code in there for a reason though – what could it be, or even better – what do you want it to mean?

After all of the well documented struggles, do you think that Bethesda has finally found a way to get Dawnguard running on the PS3? We’ll keep you updated with further information on Dragonborn as we get it.

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  • john

    To all of you PS3 fanboys: you suck.

    Bethesda hasn’t released Skyrim DLC’s on your crap system because it’s a chore to make games on the PS3. The system is overly complicated.

  • AverageNinja

    I really hope hearthfire still will come out on PS3. Don’t really need dawnguard 😛

  • smoke weed e’ery day

    Doesn’t matter when it comes out really, ill just be waiting for the GOTY edition 🙂

  • Chris

    was that ps3 line of code there before the 1.8 beta update? Or did it just appear with the most recent update? Because it may be just a placeholder so devs know where to put code related to ps3 dlc once its all figured out (if ever)

  • Danny

    They better give the dlc a discount for the huge delay on all the dlc’s. That or free it doesn’t seem right to give it to us at full price after what happened.

  • Heyitsme

    I can’t wait! I will buy all DLCs and the future Bethesda SKyrim-like games. Hope it is in the Wood Elf forests of Tamriel.

  • TheGamesforreal

    i think what bethesda has been doing so far is unfair, to say the least, but to sh*t on ps3 and pc users just because bethesda f*cked up is just wrong. exclusivity is unnecessary. I mean we all know how it felt to be left out, would we really want to hurt the others as well? if you do, then you’re no better than any of the pc/x-box fanboys who said ps3 sucks and we should get a different console! be a little mature!

    now, for a solution, the best thing bethesda could do is firstly fix the DG & HF DLC for ps3, and allow purchase of both DG and HF for the price of just DG, and then released “Dragonborn” on all systems at the same time, but for ps3 at 90% of the original costs… that way, the ps3 users have their apology and no one will be left out!

    one more remark: all you people hating on bethesda for stalling the ps3 DLC, they tried their best, bethesda just doesn’t have anyone on staff with alot of ps3 coding experience, so it’s VERY difficult for them to get things up and running on ps3! be a little patient!

    • TheGamesforreal

      “To sh*t on X-BOX and PC users…” *

    • I totally agree with you.

  • simon perry

    maybe they should get the Dragonborn DLC entirely EXCLUSIVE to PS3 owners for free and bundle it with Dawnguard and Hearthfire and some additional content that should remain a PS3 exclusive permanently

  • Reznov Overkill

    I’m looking forward to DLC for PS3. I have been licking my toes in wait for these expansions and to hear they are most likely coming soon the Playstation platform makes my nipples tingle.

  • Reznov Overkill

    Looking forward to Ps3 DLC. I’ve spent the last few months licking my toes in waiting for DG and HF. To hear they might be coming soon to PS3 is making my titties tingle with delight.

  • Connor Beggs

    What was the point in creating dawnguard just for Xbox and pc why did you realise them if you hadnot perfected on ps3 it’s just is not fair. And I cant believe you can’t fix these problems it’s shocking you are meant to be a group of proffecinal game designers and you can’t even code a game on ps3 and if Skyrim had already had problems for ps3 you should not even realised Skyrim atal on ps3 I mean we pay for a game and major glitches occur you have pretty much robbed evryone who has Skyrim for ps3 I say the best thing to do is realise Skyrim again without the major glitches and include dawnguard and mabye even hearth fire with it !

  • Just saying

    @dan your sounding more like a fan boy than the people your calling fan boys (just saying) As an owner of a gaming pc and a PS3 (only own red dead as it wasnt for gaming, it was cheaper than a bluray player) My faith in bethesda has totaly died, not due to PS3 DLC problems but their total lack of consumer care. They only cared about the 11.11.11 not a finished game, if they waited untill now it still wouldnt of been finished to a good standerd. Bethesda need to look at companys like rockstar who still havent set a date for the next GTA even though the main game is said to be finished but its not polished enough.

  • Chewbalka

    Quick everyone start speculating!!! Lol

  • Kai

    Finally, Some positive news on the DLC coming out on PS3, i have been waiting to get it since it first came out for XBox and PC. Hope it comes out soon.

  • Jacob

    I doubt that it would be ps3 exclusive. People forget that Bethesda’s a business, they’re no.1 aim is to bring in money. They will only properly try to fix ps3 dlcs if they believe it will bring them profit and there’s no way they’d just slice off half the potential sales by cutting off the content from xbox – especially when sooo many idiotic ps3 users are swearing to never buy Bethesda products again. Personally, i have a ps3 because i find it better for single player games that i prefer [I AM NOT A FANBOY] but it would be awful for everyone because this dragonborn dlc would make the game incomplete on every platform. (Although I would still definitively buy it).

  • Guys, the writing is on the wall. Think about it for a second. Pete Hines spent a solid month on Twitter responding to complaint after complaint from PS3 users, but has gone strangely silent over the past two weeks. In fact, he hasn’t posted a single tweet about the Skyrim DLC PS3 issue since October 5th! This is great news, as he can no longer tell us the status has not changed yet….it HAS! But he likely can’t make any statement until the official announcement is made by Bethesda. Look at what’s going on and it’s pretty clear to see…PS3 DLC has been figured out and is on it’s way! (at least I hope….)

  • Why doesn’t everyone protest against Microsoft exclusive deals and then the government may ban exclusive deals for Microsoft.

    • Adam

      Two flaws with your plan:

      1.) Protesting against a completely legal business deal won’t make the slightest difference.
      2.) There is no government of the world. Just because one government in one country bans the deal doesn’t mean it won’t go ahead in other countries.

  • greenylean

    so do ps3 users get dawngaurd for free or whats the deal here


    Happy to see this, thanks Beth for leaking this and letting us know its coming. I agree we dont need a wxclusive DLC; just brought up to date with the other system. A dicount would be nice, but if this is true it shows that you heard us. Might think about buying Dishonored now:)

  • Rime

    I don’t think we need to see any of these “exclusives” or anymore timed exclusives. Bethesda just simply needs to learn to make things right the first time or well in case of games as huge as this “stable” the first time. They also need to stop porting games and simply make them properly for the system their going to be played on. I understand that it might not be easy or even feasible to do what i said but it is the only way to truly assure this doesn’t happen again. If it did not work with Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas they had to have known it wasn’t going to work with Skyrim. I may not be a programer but even i can understand that much.

  • Azhan

    To be honest Bethesda need to be very careful if they release dawnguard or hearth fire on the PS3. If they release it and there’s any kind of bug or glitch in them they will likely get crucified on the online discussions. There’s no way you can catch every issue with a piece of software but in this case they will be closely scrutinised by the PS3 community if the comments about the delay is anything o go by. I’d still recommend ditching the game and move on. Lots of other great games out there.

  • Chemicalfear

    Are you serious Bethesda most likely will not give this next dlc to ps3 exclusively, because like most businesses they’re going to find a way to make as much money as they can and for them that would be releasing this on both consoles and steam. Now like most of you ps3 users I too was irate at the untimely delay of DG and HF but, I’ve moved on like most of you should as well, find something else to do in the mean time (Borderlands 2, Dishonored, ect.), and with a little luck and unfortunately more patience it will be here. Also as a side note Borderlands 2 hasn’t even been out for a month and they already have two peices of dlc ps3 can use, Gearbox knows what they’re doing, your move Bethesda.

  • Shayne

    Either way, it’s being coded for the PS3 first. That means if the PS3 doesn’t get it, no one will. They should also give some exclusivity to PS3, like 5 months, but in literal form, maybe 30 days.

    • phiI

      you dont know that at aII the patch is just making sure that it works on your system its not actuaIIy saying taht its an excIusive

  • lucas11

    At this point I’d like to just get the game fixed for The PS3. I have enjoyed it mostly but their are a few broken quests that i’d like to see fixed. For those people wanting this ‘Dragonborn’ DLC to be exclusive to the PS3 keep dreaming. I own a PS3 and as long I have it for PS3 I don’t mind the Microsoft console to get it. I would like to see these DLCs to come to the PS3. Mostly though all I ask from Bethesda is that they fix the bugs and broken quests.

  • They’ve been on Facebook all this time haven’t they? One line of code pffft boycott boycott boycott rage!!! Seriously though it’s nice to find a new story about these DLC shenanigans. Well done THAT GUY.

  • gaara1193

    xbox fanboys stop trying to always compete with ps3, who cares what your system does and what you say about us being pissed about our lack of DLC, unless you’ve been in our position shut up and let us be happy about this 1 positive thing


  • Ell

    I think an exclusive DLC would be a good way to apologise to ps3 owners

    • Dan

      I don’t really believe it would. As much as I dislike Bethesda right now for how they are handling not only the PS3 gamers but the entire DLC situation as a whole, releasing a new one for one console is a bad move, in my opinion. There’s enough bad blood between gaming platforms at the moment. To perpetuate the cycle by giving PS3 gamers exclusive DLC would start a war between consoles. Every game company for the foreseeable future would have Sony or Microsoft firing money at them for exclusive DLC, and the only people who lose in that instance are the gamers.

      The way to apologise to the PS3 gamers is to, (1) get the game sorted out and quit trying to port it to the PS3, (2) retail it at least £4.99 or lower, and (3) learn from this scenario and, in future when a company throws money at you for exclusive content, contrast it to the money you stand to lose from pissed-off gamers on other platforms.

      • Ell

        I don’t think giving the ps3 one piece of exclusive DLC would have quite as much of an effect as you think it would. There are two pieces of dlc that have been xbox exclusives for several months now, after all. I agree that they should learn from it in future and not give exclusives just because microsoft are throwing money at them. Retailing at a lower price or perhaps even giving one of them away for free could be a good idea too. The way they’ve handled skyrim dlc has stopped me from buying dishonored and I will think twice about buying future bethesda games in general.

  • Bob

    Maybe this is the cynic in me talking but I feel like Bethesda may have decided to scrap trying to fix it and release the broken version for some money, exactly like they did with Skyrim for the PS3.

  • Azham

    The DLC still isn’t out on PS3? I’m glad I gave up on Skyrim after they announced there were issues getting the dlc working on PS3. Move on people there are other games to play. If Bethesda don’t respect the PS3 user base then they don’t deserve our custom. Leave Skyrim behind and you’ll be much happier.

  • julio

    Idk about yall but robert makes the most sense,see he’s like me idc what console i use It doesnt matter who’s horse is bigger i play for the joy of playing a video game. Though i am jelous that ps3 gets the last of us looks like a wicked game. Pc is better for skyrim b/c of the mods

  • qwerty

    It’s nice to get some good news for once, i hope this turns out to be true. PS3 users are sick of being left out by Bethesda all the time.

  • Berezar the Breton

    The unconfirmed report of a 3rd Skyrim DLC with PS3 compatibility is speculative but believable. It seems logical that Bethesda would want to maximize revenues and appease PS3 users by providing this content in addition to DG and HF. An exclusive PS3 patch may be necessary to resolve the DLC issues unique to the console’s proprietary GPU. It is essential that the next DLC needs to be available for gamers on all systems concurrently. Too much is at stake for Sony, Microsoft and Bethesda to allow any more consumers who purchased Skyrim to feel alienated and excluded with regards to game performance and DLC availability.

  • skippertan

    Just in time for a goty edition.

  • Dan

    “What I suggest is that everyone get’s on PC”.

    Mr Admir Karalic, you post something like this on an article specifically about information regarding the PS3 release date of DLC for Skyrim, after which you tell everyone to forget their console and get a PC, and THEN you have the gumption to feel annoyed because someone has responded with a heated (not rude, mind you) comment?

    If I wanted a PC, I’d’ve bought a PC. Your typical fanboy advice to up sticks and get another games machine is not only rude in itself, it’s f***ing annoying. I spent £250 on my PS3 because I’ve had Playstation from the start. I don’t want a PC, I don’t need a PC, and I’m not spending £1,000 on a PC because it’ll let me “play as a dragon”.

    Now, if you have something worthwhile to contribute to the conversation, by all means do so. But if all you came here to do is spout off crap about how great your stupid PC is, you need not be surprised that people responded to you the way they did.

    That goes for X-Box fanboys too. I couldn’t care less which console is more powerful or can “mod the s**t out of a game”. I care about being able to play the game on the system that I own, and not have to listen to inane arguments about X-Box vs PS3 vs PC.

    So next time you want to give advice that basically says, “Get a PC”, do me a favour and re-think your strategy. That way you won’t end up feeling aggrieved at the ‘rudeness’ of people.

    • While I agree with all of your points here, did you not type this on a PC? PS3’s browser winds me up to no end.

      • Dan

        No, I typed it on my phone. I don’t own a PC. I do own a crappy ‘laptop’ that’s ten years old and has the browsing speed of a snail though.

        • holigan

          maybe its time to update your computer. If you are patient and search the web you can find them for as little as £275, and off shelf computers can be bought and upgraded for even less.

        • Sad thing about new PCs is you can’t play Dungeon Keeper straight from the CD.

      • Xeozy Zeoxy

        What’s the point of this comment? The argument isn’t about pc’s being bad. Its about using a PS3 instead of a pc for gaming

        • wroofer

          It’s not that PCs are bad, its that he prefers ps3 and that anyone else can like whatever they want. I’m in the same place as Dan (My laptop is maybe a little faster but not fast) If I download anything it would lag like crap. that’s why I use ps3

    • Jacob

      You forgot “vs Wii”.

    • not bad idea but not everyone has one

  • Geomcevan

    C’mon now you guys, yeah it’d be cool for ps3 owners to get an exclusive dlc, but assuming we’ll eventually get Dawnguard and Hearthfire, Xbox and PC owners should get Dragonborn as well……… But maybe first they should have put up with 5 months of ps3 exclusivity 😛

    • Geomcevan

      …not that i’m bitter or anything 😉

      • wroofer

        Yeah. It’d be dumb to totally exclude them for not doing anything, just let us get the luxury for once

        • Joseph

          I feel a one month exclusivity would be just right. It’s traditional, and it isn’t so long that X-box and PC users will throw their tables over in impatience. That plus a free HF with the purchase of normal priced DG should do the trick for compensation.

    • Verses

      I’m a ps3 owner, felt kind of screwed over by bethesda for making the first dlc xbox exclusive for a month, and the fact that they still haven’t fixed it.
      But I don’t even want the exclusive, just get the ps3 versions of the dlc’s working and release all that thrid dlc for all platforms at the same time. I mean this isn’t the fault of the pc or xbox owner, so why should they be left out for a while just because bethesda messed up. Although i think ps3 owners should at least get a discount on the dawnguard and hearthfire dlc!

  • skyrim ALL DAYYYY!!!

    as a ps3 owner its nice to finally get some positive news

  • Shadow Thief

    Speculation is a possibility weather the correct resources are found are vital for any upcoming news. Also travelling to morrowind would be a new excitiing and challenging addition to skyrim expanding variations of new locations

  • PS3_Exclusive

    Release it on just the PS3 for a month than for the Xbox and PC

    • PS3Hater

      you´re an idiot

      • 360Hater

        Kinda like you 🙂

  • antman1234101

    It should be exclusive to ps3 only if we dont get dawnguard and hearthfire but if we get them then it shouldnt be exclusive. Also i hope they arent expecting us to pay for these when they come out.

    • Karl

      Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.

    • Have you met Capitalism?

      • Joseph

        Yeah, capitalism says that by now, Bethesda has already lost about 40% or more of the cash they would have made if they had released Dawnguard on time. Now they will have to sell it for a smaller price, otherwise no one will buy it. THAT sir, is capitalism.

    • Adam

      The developers trying to fix the first two DLCs have to be paid, you know. They won’t be free. Even if they were, it would be a bad idea because it would mean less money for future DLC and games. We’ll get a discount at best.

    • theguy

      I belive it should be exclusive to ps3 if we don’t get dawnguard or hearthfire. However it better be damn near free

  • matthew

    all consoles or reputation will be lost i know this will happen

  • DoTheCreep

    I will believe it when I see it. After the stunts that Bethesda has pulled, I have very little faith in them of releasing the DLC at all. This has left a bad after-taste in any PS3 or gamers mouth on how a company such as Bethesda can treat their consumer. Because of their little stint, I have refused to buy Dishonored or anything Bethesda related.

    • Guest

      But still Dishonored is realy a good game. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

      • ghostkitten

        Dishonord is by Arkane Studios, Bethesda is only the publisher. Hence why it is a good game.

        • DoTheCreep

          That is true, however, because the game has Bethesda’s backing on it I will not own it until they apologize to all PS3 and gamers for releasing a truly unfinished product. The same can be said if you like Ford. If the company had did you wrong, you would not step one foot in a Mazda or Mercury, since they are own or “published” by Ford. It still represents the company, therefore, Dishonored represents Bethesda which they proudly display on their website. As I mentioned in my last posting, it may be a great game and I do not hate the gamers of spending their hard earned money on the game but as for me and many other PS3 owners, we feel betrayed and therefore we will wait to buy it when Bethesda starts thinking about quality, not quantity.

        • Jeff

          They released an unfinished game? I could have sworn Skyrim had hundred of hours of game play. And thinking about quality is exactly why they haven’t released the DLC’s.

      • Joseph

        When I know that a book’s cover will screw me royally and throw me to the vultures, then I will judge.

    • But still Dishonored is realy a good game. Don’t judge a book by his cover.

      • DoTheCreep

        It may be a good game, which it looks great, however I cannot buy a product where a company such as Bethesda has treated the gamer market. I say gamers because it does not only affect the PS3 user but also the whole gaming market. I still love Skyrim and I continue to play it. I hope you do enjoy Dishonored, but as for me, I am not going to get it simply because of how Bethesda has done the PS3 community.

        • I agree on that part, is a Shame, pay for something and hope to get the favor back, and then in the whole process get stabbed in the back and Nutsacked in the face. “Thank you for your money, now F*ck-off” 🙁

      • I might wait until it’s a bit cheaper, some are saying it is a little short.

  • I don’t think it means anything that I didn’t already assume – they’re working on it and making progress. I’ll be playing the DLC soon enough.

    Nice to hear about this new one, though.

  • deeadpoolfan

    hell yeah first, and this better be ps3 exclusive, fuq those mofo x box lovers, dragon mounting like a boss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • casper13rocks

    untill i see a solid release date for ps3 it’s nothing more then speculation all i can say is bathesda had better get there act together and get dawnguard and hearthfire released as for a 3rd dlc we better get it at same time as xbox as there exculsion deal was only for first 2 dlc or it’s just bathesda up to there old tricks of shitting on ps3 owners

    • Jabroni

      Yeah BATHASDA had better git ther act 2gether. Shut up casper.

    • Joseph

      We’ve been wallowing in their utter crap for far too long casper.

    • theguy

      agreed. I learned the hard way not to get your hopes up as a ps3 user with bethesda products, or bethesda speculation

  • gaara1193

    I pray this is exclusive for us!!! and that they fixed the dawnguard and hearthfire dlc’s too!!!!!

    • Why should it be. Xbox has no exclusive content, all they were getting is 1 month priority release. It’s not Microsofts fault that these 2 DLC’s haven’t landed on your console, so it would be kind of unfair to do so. What I suggest is that everybody get’s on PC, since the release of the game I can mount Dragons, BE a dragon and even build houses.

      • Before I go into this, I’m stating uncategorically that I AM NOT A “FANBOY”. I simply do not care for X-Box, and that is nothing more than my own personal preference. I’ve seen and played both, and made my decision as a consumer based on that. Now, on to my reply to Mr. Admir Karalic: On the idea of an “Apologetic Discount”: If Dawnguard were to come with hearthfire at no additional $ (NOT the other way around, as some have “suggested” in other places…the price difference would make that laughably impractical), then THAT ALONE would go far in making up for the delay. But a PS3 only DLC? No. THAT would be unfair, true. A nice thought, mind you, but that would be a DELIBERATE witholding of DLC, and would only serve to promote MORE bitterness in the whole endless “mine-vs-yours” fanboy bull$hit, and the ONLY reason for such a thing would be as an act of petty vengefulness. DLC should go ’round the table, for all. Admir, on this, you are partially correct: there is no X-Box only DLC for SKYRIM. But alot of us PS3 owners were (and some still are, I’m sure) feeling a bit jaded over Oblivion’s Add-on Content. X-Box had more DLC, that PS3 never saw, but people will have to let go of that sooner or later. I did, and it didn’t change the fact that ES4 was a great game and fun to play. Skyrim is no different. I was angry over the whole affair as well, but in the end, I have to admit this: Bethesda took alot of heat from consumers over this, but never gave up on us. Yes, we may have wanted more disclosure, but I find myself willing to believe that the folks at Bethesda held fixing the problem as a higher priority than reporting any progress in the play-by-play that people were hounding them for. That’s just my 2 cents. TO BE FAIR, give PS3 the 3rd DLC exclusive if you must, but ONLY for the amount of time that PS3 consumers had to wait.

        • Totaly Agree. For those who left 2 dislikes on this, seriously com’on if you’re to not agree at least leave a Comment telling us why. This guy is only telling the truth of how all this looks like and only because it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t mean it’s no-good.

        • True about Oblivion but from what I’ve read only two of the ones we didn’t get were actually worth anything. This is from someone who prefers to poke things with an axe than chop wood all day however.

      • Thomas McBrearty

        Lol you really don’t have a clue do you?
        “What I suggest is that everybody get’s on PC”
        Ok where did that come from, people buy consoles to play on consoles, they don’t buy a console to play a PC (Think about it).

        “I can mount Dragons, BE a dragon and even build houses.”
        Again why are you telling us irrelevant and unnecessary things, that’s great that you can do them things (Pat yourself on the back) but I really don’t think any one cares, this is a topic based around the PlayStation 3 version…Ok?

        • I was just stating something. Why is there always a moron like you that has to complicate things. I was just saying, why do we need to release an Exclusive content for PS3 users ? It’s not Microsofts fault that it didn’t got on PS3 on the first try and now XBOX users got to pay for that by being excluded of a interesting DLC. 2nd I was just saying for those who got the money to play it on a good PC I recommand it strongly. I have both consoles and a Gaming PC at home, but I quite playing games like Skyrim on console because, It’s just better on PC with mods and such. :). Why do people need always to be rude on this webpage, it’s not like I have said something bad.

        • gaara1193

          rude? your calling us ps3 gamers morons for commenting accordingly to your fanboy resonse and were rude? honestly get a clue, if you want to contribute to this article fine, but if your going to be a typical fanboy then dont bother even making a remark because theres several ps3 users like myself just laughing at ppl like you XD

        • MuffinMan

          Yes you have, and for that mistake you will rot in HELL!!!!! Nah just messing with you buddy. 🙂 Still it is the internet, we must choose our words carefully, for we can say something positive, but others might misunderstand them.

        • You see the problem here is, that you got to be positive or you’ll be flamed by everybody for giving an Opinion they consider bad. Is not because I said PC is good that it automaticaly needs to mean that PS3 or Xbox360 sucks. I was just saying, for the heck of it, if you got the chance to play it on PC, it’s the same game, but you’re more free to do stuff you like with mods. So what is it soo bad now in this statement ? I understand you bought a console to play on console, but I’m giving you an option that may cure your Angryness towards companies like Bethesda with better possibilities like the mods the gaming community offers. Seriously, I’m tiered of this all. I’ll just go back playing Pokemon on Nintendo DS instead, less complicated.

      • Bo

        Dawnguard and Hearthfire are Xbox “exclusive” dlc, but they are only “exclusive” for one month. Maybe not 5 months of PS3 exclusivity as someone suggested, but maybe 2-3 months of PS3 exclusivity or 1-3 new, big areas (not a cave, but something like Sovngarde or little bit bigger) to explore along with a few more quests and items that are exclusive to the PS3 (kind of like the Oblivion dlc for the pc) and a price reduction of maybe $2-$5 (for PS3 only) would be a better way to apologize to apologize to PS3 owners.

        • Bo

          Darn, I wasn’t paying attention to where I Ieft off.

      • Well My Commodore can load a game in 30 minutes!!!!!!!1!!!!one

      • Bo

        One more thing, like you said it is not Microsoft’s fault. It is Bethesda’s fault and they should make up for it in some way.