Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean old hat, Android 4.1.2 now

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2012

Samsung are beginning to show exactly why many consumers rate them as a hardware company as opposed to a respectable software company. The Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is still nowhere to be seen in the US, but we’re now getting reports that Android 4.1.2 is already available to download on some stock Android devices.

Android 4.1.2 is the next available version of Jelly Bean and it could be seen as a minor precursor before Google prepares to unleash the next major version of Android, possibly 4.2, on the upcoming LG Nexus smartphone. Meanwhile, for those that have either the Motorola Xoom WiFi or the GSM Galaxy Nexus with a build number of JRO03C, you’ll be pleased to hear that Android 4.1.2 is now available to download early, even before frustrated Galaxy S3 owners await the delayed Jelly Bean update.

We ourselves await the day when manufacturers will be able to play catch up with regards to official Android updates as for now, it’s clear to see that you are going to endure disappointment after disappointment if you are not in the hands of a Nexus device, like the GSM Galaxy Nexus or Motorola Xoom WiFi.

It’s not just these two devices that are getting the Android 4.1.2 update though, as we’re also hearing that other Nexus devices are getting this fresh version of Jelly Bean as well, such as the GSM Nexus S. If you have a Nexus or GSM device at the moment, it is well worth heading into your system settings and seeing if you can start the update manually.

One saving grace for Galaxy S3 owners in the US, could lie in the fact that Samsung will roll out the newer Android 4.1.2 update instead of Android 4.1.1, to make up for the extended delays. Having said that, there’s also going to be a fair number of consumers who will never pick up a ‘flagship’ Samsung Android smartphone again, unless it is a Nexus as the same problem is going to happen time and time again.

With Android 4.1.2 now out and Android 4.2 on the horizon, have you made the decision that you are only going to pick up Nexus devices from now on?

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  • deepairdiver

    nope. most of these updates are so small in the scale of things. the phone itself is still the most important thing

  • palo

    Since when is it ok not to have the latest software get for real by the time s3 gets any updates nexus will be 2 or 3 updates ahead lol sorry they hyped y’all all up to buy the s3 & its already old lol n don’t sit there & lie & say the s3 is faster than the Galaxy nexus cuz really it ain’t .dumb ass touchwiz phones .by the time the s3 gets any updates the s4 will be jus coming out that’s sad …

    • drh123

      Wow, you really need to go back to school…. Your grammar is pitiful.

  • AndroidBoricua

    Stock Android. ’nuff said!

  • Miggles

    I have Nexus 7 running Android 4.1.2 and I don’t see much different between it and Android 4.1.1 other than the UI. I’m sure there is but I haven’t noticed it yet. Either way Jelly Bean works amazing. The Nexus devices are going to be the new flagship Galaxy devices. Top of the line. The Samsung Galaxy SIII beats the IPhone 5 in so many ways and the newer Nexus devices seem to beat them. I wonder what Android 4.2 has in stock?

  • Dias13

    nah, just purchased a brand nes S3 this past saturday and enjoying every second i spend with, its very sexy and powerful, it just blows my mind away. im not expecting much for 4.1 or 4.2 on that matter..

  • Orange

    If having the latest is really a concern for me, I’d just install cm10. They are on top of the updates. Meanwhile, if I want, I have the option to enjoy touchwiz also, which is already smooth and fast even on ICS. Jelly bean would be nice but we already have it.

  • chrsg

    Sounds like this was written by an apple owner.

  • ChaosTime86

    Nope. Whether have a more powerful phone than a outdated phone running the newest os version that can only do half of what a S3 can do. Jellybean isn’t a huge difference than ICS. I’m more interested in Key Lime Pie.

    • ChoasTime86isignorant

      haven’t seen what jelly bean is capable of yet? Have you…. Too bad, you are sounding pretty ignorant right now.

      • ChaosTime86

        I’m running the Sprint Jelly Bean leak on my S3. Sides from the ui it isn’t much different. This phone’s already smooth, and fast so project butter doesn’t make much of a difference. Don’t get jealous cupcake.

      • ChaosTime86

        I’m running the Sprint Jelly Bean leak on my S3. Sides from the ui it isn’t much of a difference. This phone is already smooth, and fast so project butter doesn’t make much of a difference. Don’t get jealous cupcake.