Apple iPad mini price has knock-on effect

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 17, 2012

There had been a few reasons why Steve Jobs kept away from launching an Apple iPad mini, which included a price to pay when you release a product similar to others in your line-up, so this meant Jobs stuck to 10-inches only and kept away from a 7-inch tablet. This has all changed now and it looks like Apple are about to launch an iPad mini with a lower price than their full-size model.

Earlier today we looked at the iPad mini anticipated release date following the invites being sent out, and the day before we looked at how the iPad mini price would make a statement, especially when entering a market with devices such as the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. The pricing met some negative reactions from Apple fans, which had been thanks to the iPad mini price hikes between models shown in an inventory list.

Apple iPad mini price has a knock-on effect – one analyst recently predicted that Apple would sell around 21M iPads in the upcoming quarter, although this figure has been re-evaluated to take into account the iPad mini release date, which has resulted in an expected 25M units for the same quarter now. Gene Munster, the analyst, predicts that Apple will shift 5M units of the new iPad mini and this would replace 1M full-size iPad sales.

We’ve already heard from a number of Apple fans in reaction to this prediction, and many point out that this is a sign of Apple not fearing progress, and the fact that these extra sales will be thanks to the iPad mini attracting people not previously owning an Apple tablet.

You can see a couple of iPad mini pictures below that leaked within the last couple of days, and show the front side of the iPad mini screen and battery. The display picture reveals an almost 4:3 ratio, just like the full-size iPad.

Will you be one of the first in-line for Apple’s iPad mini, or will the price have a lot to do with that possibility? You can read more about Muster’s predictions for the iPad mini in this article, and you can also see plenty of pictures showcasing recently leaked iPad Mini Parts (screen and battery) on eTrade Supply. Are you happy that these pictures hint at a more traditional screen ratio for the iPad mini?

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  • cheri

    I will definitely be one of the first in line to buy an iPad Mini. I have always been an Apple fan, so when my co-worker from DISH was talking about the rumors I was so excited. I really just want it to be able to take it with me out of the house, especially with all the new shows and new fall season here, to watch live TV on the DISH Remote Access app so I don’t have to miss any of the shows this season. I know the iPad Mini will most likely be a little more expensive than the other small tablets, but it will be well worth it. I am excited for the announcement.

  • Mr. Chheangly

    I expect the iPad mini to cost RM1,300 for 32GB. Exceeding that it’s not worth buying.

  • Dave

    I would not buy one, if I buy a tablet it would be a 10″ Android tablet, I use a Galaxy S3 phone and if I wanted a tablet of about 7″ I would buy the Galaxy Note2 with the 5 1/2″ screen so I would only need one device.
    I Prefer to be able to add memory and change battery as required, I carry a spare battery for my S3 so I can change it if I put the phone through heavy use, which I do most days, sometimes making 50/60+ calls in a day, plus playing games when not busy or watching videos and using the internet, plus I have a bluetooth headset connected with bluetooth and WIFI on continuously, also I use the phone as my satnav, all this can drain the battery so that after about 9 hours or so use, it needs changing or charging, it takes a few seconds to change the battery and you’re off again. I have 16 gb internal memory (phone can have up to 64gb) plus can add 64gb.
    All this and many other advantages, including a satnav that gets it right. Why pay the price for an Apple unit of any kind when Android devices do it all and more, for less money.
    Plus the Apple court cases put the lid on Apples coffin for me, I wouldn’t keep one if it was given to me but would sell it and buy something Android, probably made by Samsung, with the money.

  • Golfgtiman

    I agree with you Andrew, the price really has to be right.

  • Andrew

    I’m an iPhone user, I’m on my 4th iPhone and love it. I’m not a fan of Android at all. However, if the iPad Mini price is wrong, I’ll be buying a Google Nexus 7. I wasn’t interested before because 8/16GB is not enough, and it has no SD card slot, but now they’re replacing the 16GB model with a 32GB one, I’m interested. To cut a long story short, I’m in the Apple camp, but about to jump ship if the price is not right – Apple can no longer rely on its users to pay the premiums they’ve previously been accustomed to.

  • funny

    i will buy the apple mini i pad for shure

  • Golfgtiman

    I use my iPhone a lot at work on a ship to check email etc when I can’t get on my MacBook. If the price is right for a mini I will get one for sure but it will have to be around the £160 mark to justify another toy.