Skyrim patch 1.8 to release keeping quest bugs

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 16, 2012

The latest update to Skyrim, patch 1.8, has landed on Steam within the last 24 hours for PC users to enjoy in beta form, so once the tests are completed it will go live immediately on PC and then Skyrim’s 1.8 patch will go live on PS3 and Xbox 360 after certification, which can take up to 2 weeks in normal cases.

Bethesda made the Skyrim 1.8 patch notes live earlier today, although there isn’t much to look at in the way of bug fixes and new features, which basically addresses select crashing, rare problems, and the normal stability and memory improvements.

You can see a list of the bug fixes in the image below, although this list has been met with complaints considering a number of quest problems will still remain after Skyrim patch 1.8. We’ve played Skyrim for well over 600 hours on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which personally has been experienced with few problems but this doesn’t mean other gamers aren’t meeting issues and looking at the reactions to this next update, it is clear a lot of people still have problems with not being able to finish certain Skyrim quests.

Problems not fixed with Skyrim patch 1.8 – we’ve seen numerous issues being reported from gamers, other than PS3 owners complaining about the lack of Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC, and this normally starts with “so many quest bugs, and you’re only fixing these issues“. Other gamers are more specific and name areas of the game not working, which apparently still include bugs with the “Myriad” quest.

The massive delay in fixing the Myriad problems alone resulted in a number of people downloading an unofficial Skyrim patch, which fixed all the problems, but this would only work for PC users and some people want the game developers to fix certain quest bugs with an official update.

Do you have a problem with Skyrim, which won’t be fixed with patch 1.8? Feel free to let us know if you’re beta testing the new Skyrim patch, and if so how you are finding the game after the 1.8 update.

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    It would be awesome if they take the bug out of “weapon delay” it’s about switching the weapons.. on the ps3, like from my bow to my dagger ( i play an assassin build ) it takes way to long and this is only an issue on the ps3, other platforms/consoles don’t have this issue, since i’ve played the pc version and also the xbox version.
    This is only on the ps3 even being a mage is horrible, it takes forever.. when you’re switching duel wield spells.. like from fire to healing you just stand there right in a crazy battle 2-3 seconds with like empty hands.. then finally your spells comes up, trust me if you play on master you can die within those seconds.

  • in this patch i have a bug,when i attack it hit multiple times without animation resulting in 3 hits per second,and when steathe weapon they remain in hand

  • ReplicantDarkly

    I won’t be purchasing another game from Bethesda until they realise that dilligence in game production goes a long way to creating a larger consumer base than just producing copius amounts of perfunctory DLC that no one cares about. Dawngaurd was dissapointing, (unsuprisingly due to bugs). Consequentially i didn’t even bother purchasing Hearthfire, i’m sure there are loads of people who have refrained from purchasing future DLC for the same reasons. Take a leaf out of Bungies book bethesda. Increasing the size of your loyal community/consumer base should be higher on your list of priorities than increasing the size of your pockets.

  • DarkFox127

    Patch 1.8 includes mostly new content intended to set the game up ready for new DLC and is most likely pointing at a Christmas release for the DLC. It would seem that Bethesda have more interest in making more money by dumping more DLC on top of an already bugged game. The new patch has also created a great many problems for modders too on the PC Steam Workshop Community. All we ask is that Bethesda can just see past the money to their fans and fix some quest issues and sync the Creation Kit up with the game. We all want to see some interesting new DLC but I think it’s important to fix the Vanilla game first as much as they can. If a small team of unpaid modders can release an unofficial patch for most of these issues then I’m sure that Besthesda can put together a similar team.

  • Josh

    It would be niceto fix Muiri’s dialogue after marriage. Even better if she could oh….I don’t know? Stop sleeping on the floor of the Solitude house!

  • bazz

    They need to fix the darkness returns quest, i got the glitch where all karliah says is “yes fellow nightingale” i have not been able to progress through the thieves guild since january……… Not good enough

  • BSA

    Fix the Dragon Priest Mask (quest) bug/clitch!!! I left ‘wooden mask’ in breezehome chest and now it´s gone!? There are many players facing the same problem…

  • hopesy97

    I would love a fix to the book fetching quest at the College of Winterhold. I have been carrying this copy of ‘Souls, Black and White’ for ages now.

  • John

    Shield Charge

  • Dave

    I don’t know why anyone would buy this game on anything other than PC. The modding for Skyrim is just phenomenal. Playing Skyrim on console is basically playing half a game (the worse half, at that)

  • I still can’t build a house in falkreath or re-recruit Illia as a follower. Oh and I can’t kill Mjoll to become widowed….

  • They need to fix the shrouded cowl for male characters!