Samsung launch Series 5 Ultra Touch Windows 8 ultrabook

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 16, 2012

We knew that Samsung had an event planned for yesterday and pretty much what it would be about, and this rung true after Samsung revealed their new Series 5 Ultra Touch Windows 8 ultrabook. Samsung’s 13-inch Windows 8 laptop will start with a price of $809.99, which would be for the lowest spec Core i3 model. This is a pretty good price point considering what’s included and compared to the features on competitor ultrabooks, although just spending $50 more would deliver a better Intel Core i5, so this is well worth considering.

The main features for Samsung’s Series 5 Ultra Touch ultrabook include a 500GB hard drive, a welcoming 4GB of RAM, 1366 x 768 display, and of course running on Windows 8. This ultrabook weighs in at fewer than 4 pounds, so this isn’t that impressive considering the market it’s targeting. This Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch should see a release date around Oct 26 with other Windows 8 ultrabooks, which is when Microsoft will officially launch Windows 8.

Samsung UK also shared a photo on their Facebook profile within the last 24 hours, which featured the Series 9 Notebook and can be seen in the image below. They tag this product as including some “super slim components“, and coming in a sleek design, although it’s worth pointing out this is Samsung’s Premium ultrabook and is priced accordingly.

The new Samsung Series 9 Premium ultrabooks were unveiled at the same event yesterday, and are priced at $1,400 for the 15-inch model and $1,300 for the 13-inch model. The event also revealed a number of other computers including two new All-in-One PCs, which will retail at $800 for the 21.5-inch Series 5 and the Series 7 comes in a 27-inch ($1,700) and 23.6-inch ($1,100).

Are you ready for a new Windows 8 computer, and if so do you have a model in mind?

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