Minecraft’s Xbox 360 1.8.2 update is live today

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 16, 2012

Today will be a day where a lot of Microsoft gamers will go sick and skip school or work, which will be thanks to Minecraft’s Xbox 360 1.8.2 update finally being available to download. We don’t currently have a release time for everyone, feel free to work it out from previous updates considering it will rollout gradually, but you can see the official Minecraft 1.8.2 update trailer for the Xbox 360 Edition in the video on this page, which only went live a few hours ago.

We’ve been tracking the progress of this major update to Minecraft, and knew that the 2-week certification window with Microsoft had come to a close today, which is conveniently the release date for v1.8.2 as well. We noted gamer impatience a few days ago and this revealed that some Xbox 360 gamers had been waiting many weeks for this download, so frustration is understandable.

Gamers were treated with a nice collection of pictures yesterday, which showcased the Minecraft characters in the upcoming Skin Pack 3 that’s due to launch this Friday. This might have entertained you a little until the release of Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update on Xbox 360, but obviously most of you wanted the new modes more than anything else.

Did you make it into work or school today, knowing that the Minecraft Xbox update is due? We’ve seen some really funny comments from PR readers, and on other blogs, which shows that a number of people are strangely starting to feel unwell – does this sound like you? Take a look at the official trailer below, and share with your fellow gamers how you’re preparing for the 1.8.2 update.

When will the release time be for Minecraft’s Xbox 360 1.8.2 update? We have heard that the download should go live around 2am Pacific Time, which is in around 3 hours time (while we’re writing this), although please note that it will take a number of hours after this for the download to rollout across the US, UK, and other regions. Hit the comments if the Minecraft update is live on your Xbox 360, and let us know where you are in the world.

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  • Laura Escue

    This update REUINED my son’s Minecraft game today!!!! If you use an X-Box 360- DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE!!!!! My game LOST EVERYTHING ON IT & WENT BACK TO THE VERY 1st VERSION!!!!!

  • Derp

    Anyone have it in Florida?????

  • AlphaAO

    Just got it here in Kincaid Illinois!

  • woot

    got it in pennsylvania 😀

  • I’m in aus, nothing yet

  • AlphaAO

    Thanks for the tip senna.

  • Senna4ever

    They’ve changed the tutorial…a lot.
    Worth playing to get used to the new features and find secrets.

  • Christian

    Ohio – No update yet 🙁

  • AlphaAO

    Anybody from IL have it yet?

  • Condommm

    Got it in Ireland!!

  • Sandi

    In Tennessee, just got update! YAY!

  • travis


  • travis

    wait for it wait for it……….

  • travis

    come on tx i know its a big state but hurry up

  • Minecraft lover

    KS – its here

  • Uhhh what

    I got it….in the uk!!

    • denbi

      Yeah…now have got it downloaded in the uk….excellent

      • Senna4ever

        I got it too, but sprint does not seem to work.
        Checked the control options and it is the left stick. But if I press it it just changes camera, and if I hold it it just changes camera.

        Try it yourself see if it’s just my game of if sprint does not work.

        Edit: Nevermind I worked it out. You don’t press the stick. You tap forward twice to sprint. It does work.

        • denbi

          not able to get on it to play as yet ….but will let you know when i do

        • You have to press up twice

  • MCHuman

    Who here is in CA