Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 update has started

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 16, 2012

Earlier today we notified our readers that Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update would go live for the Xbox 360 today, and the expected release time had passed with little news from gamers. That all changed a little while ago with both PR readers confirming the Minecraft Xbox 360 update is live, and also the official 4J Studios Twitter account.

You can see the tweet from 4J in the image below, which explained that Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update would roll out on the Xbox 360 within 50 minutes, although this tweet had been 3 hours ago, so you should be seeing the download already unless it hasn’t reached your part of the world.

Interestingly we noticed a number of people in the United States stayed up all night for the 1.8.2 update, and within the last 30 minutes have been tweeting at the 4J twitter and explaining that the Xbox 360 update is still not live. See the tweet below confirming the rollout started, although we’d love to know if you have the download and if so what part of the world you’re in?

Within the last 10 minutes we’ve seen a number of comments in our earlier article confirming the Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 update is live, and the areas reported to us include London and Broadstairs in the UK, and also Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and many other areas in the US. You can see this confirmation via the above link.

Problems with the new Minecraft Xbox 360 update – it is worth noting that we’ve also seen a number of gamers claiming to have issues after installing the 1.8.2 update, which include freezing after starting a save up. This had happened to one player more than three times in a few minutes. Have you had any problems after installing Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update, if so please share the details in the comments?

You can see the full 1.8.2 patch notes for this update in the image below, so take a look and let us know if there’s anything missing that you wanted fixed or included. One feature confirmed not to be in Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update are Villagers, although 4J did confirm they could “come in a later update“.

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  • JawancjI


  • Yoko


  • Need help

    I can’t play split screen. I used to before the update but now I can’t I have the hdmi wire connected, both controllers on Xbox live but still can’t get it to work. Any help?

  • Ricky bobby

    Split screen players are unable to do anything but walk around? Wtf!

    • leboop

      you gotta enable them to do that stuff its in the settings dude

  • kc

    me to

  • btroeller

    me and my friends created a huge and really good hunger games world and now when I start it up it is fine for like 5 seconds then it freezes. Could someone help me?

  • Chels

    Player 2 cannot mine, sleep, eat, open doors, or anything else but walk around.

  • Phil

    Same thing with the no sheep lots of wolves . Seems cows sheep and pigs aren’t spawning at all.

    • Phil

      Making this sick megaman tribute and only have half done… Need wool bad!!!

  • kevsev

    MOJANG wake the F up we are having big issues here on Xbox 360 with game crashing and freezing up solid with hard restart of the console !!!!! due to trying to load a saved game. Are you going to do something about this or just leave us all hanging??? this is unacceptable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Absolutely, my world is really developed, everytime i load it up the whole xbox freezes and I have to hard reset. My freinds and I really don’t want to loose this world. Could be a deal breaker for continuing play. PLEASE fix it. Suprised this didn’t come up in testing and certification!

    • leboop

      not mojang…it’s 4J studios..

      • kevsev

        they get they point !!!!! don’t need sarcasm here pal ~ there’s people having severe issues myself included ~ the game problem is important !!!!!! ~ correct name calling of the company whom is responsible ~ is not

  • My problem is that the animals aren’t spawning once u kill them for meat and there aren’t any sheeps just wolfs and a lot of squids in the water and I do mean a lot!! I hope they fix it soon! I wud like to c them add breeding, texture packs and food that we can make using pumpkins! And maybe they can make it so wool can b used as steps so for the ppl who like to use wools tips to make the furniture in their homes cud have a better selection of wool colors for furniture! I think that wud b awesome! And the signs cud b different to so when we use them for the arms of the chairs etc… We won’t have wooden signs on non wooden furniture! 🙂

  • Ebu

    I was going to rename my first world and the world i recently played on just got deleted! wth

  • BarbedTuna

    my world was freezing right after loading cleared my cashe and loading without update and save in a less changed area then loaded again this is after xbox told me id have to delete the world apparently cause of all the changes they didnt make the new update backwards compatible with the old ones in the cases of massive change i have very large projects all in survival and now i load it up after fixing it and it freezes again…i repeated my “fix” and now my seed is a completely different world from what i had with very unnatural looking mountains mojang is going to be losing a customer today cause the pc version’s worlds get updated with new content but xbox just has to throw our hands up and say “well time to start all over again” hours of play and massive building now all gone cause of your neglect to xbox customers that have dedicated countless hours of building..i hope they really ready these problems cause now i have to start from scratch and i think id rather just now play anymore…

  • Beanypop

    My friends can`t eat or sleep they can only walk around

  • Matt Welch

    Ok doin a solution to the freezing problem here it is The minute you get into your game save it and exit this should fix it

  • Matt Welch

    I am very unhappy with the update my gamesave that I had since the day minecraft came out for the Xbox now FREEZES every time I load the mapY

  • ImWhyYouQuit

    The TNT doesn’t work. It destroys blocks and does damage but there is no physics. Can’t use player launchers, can’t use cannons. Yeah… TNT was a big part of Minecraft and now it’s ruined. Please recode this… If anybody else is having these problems reply to this…

  • supermbml

    When I load up my saved world after playing for about ten seconds it crashes my xbox.Need to restart my xbox try different ways but I think that online game is the problems.

    • Guy whose TNT works.

      Nothing wrong with my TNT… I know becaus I was making a canyon around my house and a piece of TNT flew off and hit my house. Big hole in a wall. 🙁

  • voting

    What is the point of ender perils if we can’t use them

  • Kam

    Every time i start my old save file my xbox will end up freezing and i don’t know how to fix it. If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me

  • kevsev

    The update is pure crapohlahhhh ;-( with a capital “C” you cannot play ANY saved games what so ever i tried clearing the cache, playing for 20-30 seconds off line and everything listed here in this blog guess what?? none of them work the update is crap im deleting the game as i cant even play the older version with the cache cleared as the update corrupted the regular game go figure huh>??? in my opinion Mojang sucks canal water and i hope they read this and they get as pissed off as i am i put alot of very unique building and time into this game and now its friken gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    When i open doors they dont make a sound and the player hand doesnt move

  • Ronnie

    No sheep animals except wolves D;

    • Mon

      I had the same problem, the sheep won’t have a chance spawn next to you until you kill the other sheep on the other side of the map, or wherever they did spawn.

      I had to kill infinite spiders only to make a bed…

  • i cant play it freezes

  • i like the update, or at least how it sounds i want to play on my original saves but cant for some reason i go to go into my house and it froze on me… i have tried all of my maps and they all freeze i cant play minecraft anymore because it always freezes.. please fix

  • Keenan

    Not too many problems, but for some reason, the one place that I have built my beach and boating area is now a winter biome. kinda annoying that all the water is now frozen over and sand covered in snow. Before the update my seed had no snow whatsoever, just rain.

  • Having issues with the split screen, where one of the players is unable to mine or play for that matter, anyone else having this issue or know if there is a fix for it?

  • j

    in my mine there are mabey ten blockes on each side of your person that are lit up and the rest is completely dark and it looks like ash is floating around. do you know how to fix this problem?

    • p

      Same problem here….Torches no longer light up area…

  • kevsev

    very few words i will use here the new update sucks canal water there are wayyyyyyy too many bugs in it freeze crash ect

  • kevsev

    I noticed when starting from a saved game after the update initialized, game just freezes up no matter how many times i shut the system down and back on ~ i also noticed at the start of the game i have accomplished leader of the pack, of which i have not obtained this achievement yet this appears to be an inevitable bug that need’s to be fixed ASAP figures they release an update for this game that doesnt work correctly – so typical of the gamer manufactures ;-( very dissapointed

  • Emma

    My world now freezes as soon as I load it. It’s happening every single time. Not happy.

  • Jacob Cantrell

    I load a old game with the new update and my castle whenever I get close to it freezes my xbox

  • Minecraft creeper

    I have problems with the x-box freezing and crashing since the new update……EVERY time I go to one of my saved worlds and walk a couple of blocks it freezes……very frustrating and dissapointing 🙁

  • Jay

    Mine freezes when I hit X for my creative mode inventory

  • Erickchimp10

    I need help please it won’t update for me every time I start up minecraft it disconnects from Xbox live but no update message pops up. When I try to connect to Xbox live it says that my connection is the problem but once I go to dashboard it logs me in any have same problem or any advice?

  • mwb90

    Same problem. The chests in my world have some sort of shadowing glitch on them and have all rotated facing west. Even into walls. Not sure if i should break them all and reset them or whatever. also I’ve experienced one game crash so far. I hope they fix these issue very soon.

    • same issue here ny old world like that i take items out and bust chest and put it back and put items in fixes it but what a pain i got a lot of chests to do

  • daz

    Anyone else having a problem in split screen mode?

  • no animals spawning cept wolves.. no sheep no cows.. saw 1 chicken.. but LOTS of wolves

    • Nick

      Same with me

      • Same with me. Only wolves and a chicken. Already killde the pigs and cows. No respawning them though. Wolves everywhere.

  • Sammiekaye

    Mine glitches with split screen. The second player can’t mine or open doors

    • We are having the same issue 2nd player can’t mine or play when it’s on split screen mode, any fix for this?

      • U have to give the other players permission to build

        • redline

          how do you do that

  • James

    I don’t really like the new update

  • philip andrews

    want enchanting and xp -_-

  • Annie Carter

    All the sheep have disappeared from my current world, and I only have two cows, two pigs and two ducks – sheep seem to have been replaced by packs of wolves with approx 6 to a pack. No matter how often I kill them they reappear! Have checked my other worlds and sheep and other animals still there. Anyone else experienced this?

    • Seth

      Same problem here, loads of wolves, not one single sheep. Have seem plenty of cows/chickens/pigs though. Can’t make beds to sleep :S

      • keybear

        the odd chicken, but packs and packs of wolves.. love the terrain (not a huge ocean area, forest, plains, etc) if i could find a seed with the same terrain and some friendlies aside from wolves i’d be happy.. why is there so many wolves?????

        • Wolves everywhere. No sheep for beds. This sucks. Fix it! Please

  • How do you clear system cache on XBOX 360 before the update occurs?

  • lololololoz


    • Angel Delgado

      We all Know it came out dude im like so excited to get home from freaking school and get on my xbox and play the new update i wonder if its cool for sure it is damn to excited bt now im here stuck in school till 4:10 since i got detention i usally get out at 2:30 but im stuck in school for 7 more hours and i hate it! but i cant wait to get home so bad

    • kevsev

      dont waste your time until they fix the bugs you will not be able to play any saved games trust me , the update is CRAP!!!!!

  • MemphisJaxx

    I have experience the freezing issue. The problem occured when I loaded an exsisting save which I had built quite a bit on. I loaded the game with the following; Online Game, Invite Only and Friends of Friends Allowed, all turned on. Also I play on the Hardcore. Once the game has loaded it plays quite laggy. About 15 seconds in the game and xbox crashes and freezes.
    The solution is as follows. Load up the game Offline. Make sure you play for more than 20-30 seconds just to be sure. (Note: I played on peaceful but i’m not sure this had any affect). Save and quit the game. Load it back up with Online turn on as normal and you should be ok from there. (Note: I have not yet attempted to invite a second player to join the game but it is running fine now).

    • kevsev

      how do you play the game without being signed in???? my xbox 360 will not allow this to happen??? hmmmm

  • kamakazimonkey3

    ive noticed that some of my bushes are different colours to the same bushes right next to it? please let me know how to fix it and make everything green!!!

  • brogan

    if you havent got the update yet clear system cache and you should get it.I done it and it works fine 🙂

  • The only problem I’ve had is a glitch with chests in old saved worlds. They’re dark until you put a torch above them and then take it away; they seem to have all rotated around the wrong way too. Double chests have rotated and are merging into walls.

    • im having the same problem

      • Guy who likes 1.8.2 a lot

        Me too.

    • lenny

      yea same here its crazy annoying having to clean out chests just to fix them :