iPod touch 5G issues with missing features

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 16, 2012

When taking a quick look at the new iPod touch 5th generation you can’t help but be impressed with the refresh that had been two years in the making, although a closer look from one blogger has revealed a missing feature that could impact the iPod touch 5G battery life and this won’t be known fully until users have been hands-on a little longer.

At the end of last week we took a look at two impressive iPod touch 5G reviews, one that spent some time looking at the main specs and another that put the new hardware through its paces. Both of these reviews had nothing extremely bad to say, and the iPod touch 5G price has pretty much met user expectations, so what is the problem that some people are starting to notice?

The iPod touch 5G removes one of our favorite features – one user that has taken some time with their review of the new iPod noticed something strange when looking for a feature that the old iPod touch had, which had been the ambient light sensor to help the device know how bright the screen should be for your current environment.

You can read their story in this article and what they first thought when discovering the iPod touch 5G had no ambient light sensor, which included looking at iOS 6 on an iPad and noticing that feature in the settings but on the 5th generation iPod touch it had been removed. You only need to go to “Sensors” and you’ll see no mention of this feature.

This news has been met with mixed reactions and some people can’t understand why Apple would remove a feature like this that’s common on their devices, although others never liked the light sensor or turned it off, so they’d not miss it anyway. Will you miss this feature on the iPod touch 5G?

If you are currently using the iPod touch 5G then we’d love to hear how your device is, have you experienced any problems? You can see a number of iPod touch 5G cases in an earlier article, although feel free to share your thoughts on the best type of case and colors for the new iPod in the comments.

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  • me myself and i

    i realy dont care if it wont change the lighting to my current enviroment! the ipod is cool and awesome and im getting the blue one!!!!!!!

  • jonathan contreras

    bueno, por parte el ipod touch por si si debiera a ver tenido esa característica pero en una de esas que apple estaba tan ansioso de sacar su nuevo iphone que se le olvido poner la característica de luz ambiental, capas que en el ios 6.0.1 aparezca, puede ser uno de los tantos errores que a traído el ios 6. por eso no hay que alarmarse solo es el software no el hardware

  • redIpodTouchFan

    Its too slippery like soap. Its not convinient to put strap and operate. Is it possible to put a grip line along its edges?

  • lg1416

    mine came with a huge scratch, so disappointed,
    and what is the average battery life while running apps with full brightness?
    I get 2-3.5 hours

  • Alinha89

    I have it on all the time and it does help prolong my battery life. I like the auto adjust for instance, when the lights turn on or off its not blindingly bright when i’m in the dark. I will miss this feature. Why is it such a big deal to so many ppl when u could just disable it? Idk, some ppl are strange I guess, but I guess i’ll be one of the few that will miss it.

  • Femiforfun

    So that’s what was missing.. I just couldn’t identify what was missing, but I knew the Brightness settings page looked a little scanty. The New iTouch is great, however, the loop has begun to wear and looks like it will snap any time from now.

    Also, when I go on the App Store, and I click Genius, the App Crashes. I hope this is a problem that can be fixed by an app update.

    The weight and feel is what really pops out at people, however, I think the sharpened retina display is much more appealing than physical characteristics.

  • Wow! Thats what is missing! Haha, I don’t really use it though (unless I was using it in my dark bedroom and went to the bathroom where it was bright.) But I am glad that the “adjust brightness” has become very easy and quick to find: under the wallpaper settings. I love this new iPod tough, it is SO sleek and amazing. I have gotten dozens of “wows” when I let my friends feel how light it is.

  • scott

    i think i,ll buy a new ipod touch

  • Papasin

    Smart phones to me are a waste of money! If u really need a smart phone, that’s fine. But way to many people have them and I never see em talking on it, just playing games or posting BS on Facebook, click here if u like this? Wtf! Who cares! Wow! 2,344 people like it! Apple and your cell phone company has your money every month, and it’s a lot. Verizon data was unlimited, now it’s 2gigs a month! That’s it! I only see it getting worse with cell phone company’s. Price goes up, u get less. Lol

    • Its not a smartphone. Its not even a phone. It is an iPod.

    • And BTW we live in 2012… sorry to break it to you. I hope I wont be as bitter as you are about new technology when I am an old man.

  • Papasin

    Didn’t notice that option was gone. I didn’t use it. But I’m sure Apple will bring it back with a new iOS 6.1. I still think the new iPod is very impressive.5mp camera, a5 , did anyone think that the iPod would be as close to the iPhone? Couple years ago I read an article saying the iPod touch will never come close to the iPhone because of iPhone sales. Well, here we are with the iPod touch that comes very close. The only thing, u can’t call out unless u have wifi. I use my touch with magic jack app. Works great! When I’m home. Nothing really great with iphone 5. It’s thinner, faster, bigger screen, better camera. All smart phones improve with a new model. Why people make this phone sound so great! It’s ok. That’s all.

    • They can’t bring it back becasue it doesn’t have the sensor. Unless they use the front facing camera.

    • TRB4

      They can’t “bring it back with a new iOS 6.1” the actual PHYSICAL light sensor hardware is gone. They probably had to remove it in order to make the iPod as thin as it is.

  • And who exactly was it that “price has pretty much met user expectations”?

    They are too expensive by about $50 – $75. Leaves little room for a cheap iPad mini (but perhaps that’s what they wanted to do!

    The memory price is a ripoff…$100 for an extra 32G is outrageous today. Massive profit that penalizes those who just want a single device to carry around.

    Some claims of 4 different memory sizes and wifi/3G in stock lists go to show how out of control rumours are. Really, 8G is a waste of time. A 16G would cost them maybe a $1 more to manufacture. Probably why the old Touch is now 16G for the same money.

    Waiting to see the colours in real life. So far they aren’t grabbing me in the press releases. There have been some dud colours before in the nano range. But these devices are meant to be yearly fashion items 😉

  • bigwonder

    Don’t use that annoying feature and don’t need it on iPod 5g. Good riddance.