Update your Minecraft Xbox 360 skins in 4 days

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 15, 2012

If you been looking out for more pictures showcasing the Minecraft Xbox 360 skins, then today is your day thanks to a large collection of examples being revealed thanks to Mojang and on the website for Xbox’s official magazine. We explained that these were on the way yesterday with a little tease of images, although today’s collection is much bigger and gives us a lot more insight.

These pictures show that Minecraft’s Skin Pack 3 for Xbox 360 includes a massive range of new characters, and while we’ve included a few of them on this page you can see the full collection via the source that features 10 pages of pictures. These include characters in a zombie theme, from Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Crackdown, and a lot more although we know some gamers can only focus on Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update for Xbox 360.

The above source also pointed out that the release date for the new skin pack would be this Friday, just 4 days away, so this is something that could keep you busy while waiting for the pending software update. We’d also love to know if you’ll be downloading the skins right away on Friday, so feel free to leave a comment.

If you’re wondering where the best place is to find out the moment Microsoft has certified the Minecraft Xbox 360 update, then you should see our article from earlier today that focused on the best places to find out the moment Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update goes live. This basically recommends two official Twitter accounts that have proven to be one of the first sources to break the news, and are sure to be one of the first places to do so with Minecraft’s next Xbox update.

What Minecraft skins are missing on the Xbox 360? This update provides some nice additions and the above skins plus those on OXM look pretty cool, although we can’t help but wonder what is missing? We’d personally like to see some Skyrim skins after all our time in that game, well over 600 hours, and we’re sure you have a wish list as well so feel free to share it in the comments.

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  • emperormansion

    Fallout skins 😛 Like, New vegas or 3? WOuld love to walk around as the fallout boy :3


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  • Rick

    The Walking Dead should be a skin pack since season 3 just started

  • “Microsoft has confirmed that we’ve passed Cert Test, and the 1.8.2 update will be out tomorrow (October 16th)! #minecraftXBLA”

  • Jacob

    Walking Dead skins would be super cool who doesn’t want to make a survival world on hard only and survive. You have to get food or need supplies for a new sword but the whole time you look like rick grimes!!!!!!!

    • Eric

      Yeah that’d be awesome. I definitely agree. I personally need Breaking Bad skins. Sign me up for Walter White lol

    • Dan

      4J generally picls Xbox exclusives because big daddy Microsoft is always making sure not to advertise it’s opponents.

  • anonymous

    DEAD SPACE RIGs!!!!!

  • Senna4ever

    Tomorrow “when”?
    I mean, it’s tomorrow in a few hours here in the UK and 4J are based in Scotland (UK).
    It’s already tomorrow in some parts of the world.

  • Jimbo Slice

    HELLL YEAAAHHH!!!! I would love to have Skyrim Guards as skins xD go up to my freinds n say “Hault You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people.. What say you in your defense?” LOL

  • too bad they arent adding anything new like Endermen, The End, The Ender Dragon. I would like to see the 360 version at least start to resemble the current vanilla minecraft for PC… maybe even take some of the mods (as voted by community of course) and get rights to add them the 360 version. (I am in favor of build craft and industrial craft being added, maybe even equivilent exchange)

    • justmelv

      I thought they were going to have endermen

      • Jacob

        They will have endermen and i think some other things with the end but not the dragon :/

        • Eric

          No dragon OR villagers. But they should come at a later date. No problem, creative mode and everything else will give us plenty to do while we wait. 🙂

  • I think avp skins would be a grabber and definitely skyrims species or guilds 🙂

  • Macin

    Stock up on all your dew and chips

  • RyanMAn

    The update will be out tomorrow October 16TH!!!!! OMGGGG!

  • Slamkiller

    4J studios announced that the update will be release tommarow 😀

  • Jimmy Joe


  • numbnuts

    might want to check twitter for yourself. @playXBLA stated the update would be out tomorrow, Oct 16th and was confirmed by @4JStudios.

  • Follow4J Studios‏@4JStudios
    Microsoft has confirmed that we’ve passed Cert Test, and the 1.8.2 update will be out tomorrow (October 16th)!