Minecraft: Xbox 360 update release time on Twitter first

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 15, 2012

The majority of gamers waiting for the Minecraft Xbox 360 update have been waiting ages, and 1.8.2 couldn’t come soon enough, which is shown when some people try and state that there’s at least another week to go. The consensus is that the Minecraft update for Xbox 360 will arrive within the next 24 hours, and this is thanks to some gamers feeling there’s a deadline, although it’s worth pointing out that Microsoft are not always very reliable when it comes to the 2 week testing rule.

We’ve included a couple of images on this page that feature Skin Pack 3 for the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft, which more news on this DLC will arrive soon. These skins feature Awesomenauts and Half-Life, so feel free to share a comment on them and also if you’re excited about getting hands-on.

Yesterday we touched on the frustration some people are feeling during the wait for Microsoft to certify Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update for Xbox 360, which the majority of gamers understand any delay now sits with Microsoft and not 4J Studios. Considering we could be just hours away from the official release, we thought a quick post on where to find out if the update has released had been in order.

The quickest way to find the release time for Minecraft’s Xbox 360 update – there’s no website that knows what the launch time will be on Xbox, but if you want to find out the moment its released then you will need to use Twitter on your mobile. Find an appropriate app if need be, but from our experience it is Twitter that breaks the news before anyone else and in a more timely fashion.

We would love to state we’ll have the news first that Minecraft’s Xbox 360 update is live, but it will in fact be the Twitter accounts of PlayXBLA and 4JStudios, so bookmark those pages or follow them on Twitter to be one of the first to know when everything is approved and live.

Are you already following these Twitter accounts, and if so how many times are you checking a day? We will of course update PR readers when the Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update goes live for Xbox 360, so feel free to follow us socially as well. We’d love to know if you are checking any other places as well, so feel free to leave some hints for other gamers.

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  • And it is awesome but no XP/enchamtment tables ^__@efbf1b689af1552825132aa2ddc40484:disqus

  • Well I just got the update ^_^

  • herobrine hunter

    its gone live cant what to go hom and play it all night with my bros

  • chris

    at least its coming out today yay i hope

  • chris

    when is it coming i need creative or im screwed

  • little kitty kat

    you know how many times they delayed this update. 4 times already
    that is long and not fair

  • little kitty kat

    something had to have happened they probobly forgot to do something or check for any glitches so that no one could be mad at them

  • little kitty kat

    minecraft is a awesome game
    everyone should know that by now

  • slyfoxhound

    my brother said it is coming out tomorrow because they officialy announced it

  • connor

    im playin creative on my xbox

  • Official word from 4J Studios, Oct 15 at 2:47pm Central: Microsoft has confirmed that we’ve passed Cert Test, and the 1.8.2 update will be out tomorrow (October 16th)! #minecraftxbla

  • Josh

    Its out tomorrow! (October 16th)!!!!!

  • 6olf6wan6


  • nathan ferraro

    download castle miner its has a creative mode on there an its only 80 ‘MP’.
    It’s not as good as minecraft but does take the pain away . an you can fly lol

  • nathan ferraro

    YA this is crap it should have been out by now,I think there holding out for something

    • Senna4ever

      Yeah, they are holding out until the update has been tested.

  • Hsisnsiakdjs

    Just released hurry check it out!

    • Hsisaholebag

      Hole bag

  • tdog


  • Senna4ever

    People do know that MS could still reject it if testing does not work out right?
    I hope they do not, but I’m just saying the 2 week testing period is not a certainty it will be released ASAP.

  • balls


  • l2l Breeze l5l

    Hmu on Xbox l2l Breeze l5l

  • Dr.Crunchy

    About effing time! This wait has been eating away my soul!

  • trolled

    i just got the update yay

    • unknown

      Is it out now

      • Senna4ever

        May I suggest you pay attention to that person’s screen name?

  • duke711

    If its not out by Friday I’m committing suicide

    • M dude

      Good luck with that. 🙂

    • I agree


    • vinnnn

      your awesome! 🙂

    • Technospecops

      me to

      • Go ahead. We really don’t need such overobsessive people in this game.

        • Charlie

          Rick, why don’t you? We don’t need negative, try-hard smart arses in this world, like you.

    • Senna4ever

      Why wait till Friday, kill yourself now.


  • bj876

    I dont believe this site for one minute

    • joker

      then you shouldent be on mindcaft your evil!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob dole

    Im home sick today with mine craft fever!!!!!!

    • joker

      i know my lil cuzin is going to pull the sick card tomorrow lol

  • caitlin

    So happy updates comeing.

  • blake

    i cant wait ive been waiting

  • joker

    is someone going to say when its on the xbox the min it comes out?

  • jared

    true and i think we all want it out asap

  • Patients comes at a price

    It is hinted at, and every one knows it is near. A few days, weeks, or hours, it is at least near.

  • jared

    well if you read the article there is still no release date confirmed

  • Patients comes at a price

    Three months of waiting, and finally a release date for this update.

  • John

    I got work tomorrow at 2 if I can just squeeze in an hour of gameplay I’d be happy


    • Future Solider

      If i could i would kick the mine craft makers and Microsoft people in the balls for not having it out sooner. I leave for basic in a few days and wont get to play my favorite game again for almost a year. I don’t even know if i will be sent directly to war as soon as i get out of advance training…..I feel no consideration was put into this project by either side and i would like an apology from both of the company’s to the people of gaming. An update should not take 3-4 months.

      • Iruvmydawgs

        4j should not have released the title on xbla back in May, there should be NO 1.8.2 update! Took me a while to figure out that I was playing a rushed-to-market product that was missing many important features. Nothing like having a ten year old kid play your system and then tell you your game sucks and is missing everything that made the game fun on his PC. I’d already quit my world by then vowing to not waste another minute playing in worlds that would be obsolete when the game was finished. Yeah get the money! Get it fast. Get it first, then worry about quality later (and throw out a few herobrine jokes and brag about deadmau5 and Minecon) . I agree with the ten year old, the original is ultimately stupid and pointless. For this, they do owe you an apology.

        Be safe at war and try not to hate the privateers too much.

        • 4J supporter

          Have you ever played minecraft on the PC? Minecraft will never be a “finished” game. Hopefully the xbox version will continue to recieve new updates, but people like you should never have picked up the game if you want a finished game of any sort stay with disc games they will have a more finished project and maybe keep you happy. 4j released the game the way it was for a reason far be it for you to question them just be happy they even got a shot to put it on the xbox. 4J does not owe anyone an apology for the original product or the time it took for the update. They told us what was in the original product and if you didnt listen then thats your fault, if you hate them for the time it took for the update then you need to know they were trying to give the players a working product not some slapped togeather update that would need more work cause it wasnt tested properly. In other words all the blame is on each of us if we are upset at 4J or Microsoft. It is not their fault they want to give us a good, non-buggy game.

        • Iruvmydawgs

          Hate? No, disappointed.

          You’re right with your disc games comment. If I knew just how much was missing I’d have waited for the updated version rather than pouncing back in May with so much hype, and yeah shame on me for sure. BUT…consumers being unhappy (questioning them as you say) with a product (why “SHOULD” someone “be happy”) and saying so drives those in any industry to do better or at least do different next time.

          It is their fault so many are annoyed. A more contemporaneous release this fall would have spared 4j and it’s fans a lot of aggravation. They released earlier for a reason for sure, but a lame reason. I’m all for taking time to ensure quality, with anything. A little more of that here would have worked fine.

        • Finally someone who gets it. Minecraft for XBLA was a port of the 1.6.6 Beta, because it took them a year to recode everything from java into C. And while everyone thinks that the PC version is finished, that’s entirely wrong. Minecraft is an ever evolving game with endless possibilities, and the XBLA version is not bound by the PC version. Xbox has a different game entirely (which has been stated by 4J repeatedly), so while it will be nice if/when the game catches up to PC, it’s not a guarantee.
          And in regard to the length of time between updates: the PC release has weekly snapshots, some of which are so full of bugs that they crash and corrupt working worlds. Mojang actually recommends that you keep constant backups of your worlds, so that a bad update doesn’t destroy all of your work. Personally, I like the fact that 4J is taking this long to make sure that there are minimal glitches and bugs.

        • Iruvmydawgs

          A year, indeed, so a few more months of tweaking for a more current version before xbla launch would have been a much better way of doing business.

        • The year that they took for the official release got all of the core components transferred over. The 1.8.2 release, which is tomorrow, completely changes that core gameplay. Giving us the early form at release was a great way to get people used to building, surviving the night, and mining – all of the most important parts of the game. With the introduction of the hunger system, new mobs, new food, and creative mode, the learning curve has been reset, and experienced Minecrafters will be able to get a fresh start.

        • IruvmydawgsIruvmydawgs

          I appreciate your insight here, and value your opinion.

          Many console gamers like to play through, achieve whatever and then move on to other titles. I look forward to coming back to mc360 tomorrow. I did however run out of interesting things to do in 1.6 and it then seemed pointless to perpetuate minecraft addiction. I then turned creative energies (appropriately) to real life art projects while waiting. I did ( as one can expect from an addict) develope some enmity over it and still feel like getting my feet wet with mc360 kinda sucked when waiting till now to jump in neck deep could have been on the table.

          I do wonder if there was any protest from within 4j as I imagine (perhaps incorrectly) one person having made the decision to launch 1.6 earlier this year.

        • When they updated to the 1.7.3 release, it brought many people back into Minecraft. The same thing will probably happen with the release of 1.8.2. Personally, as soon as I found out about the duplication glitches, I spent way too much time emulating creative mode with them, and building giant floating islands and cities. Minecraft made me give up on Halo: Reach Forge Mode.

  • Courtney

    if it was up to me it would be out right now and i would be playing lol. im to excited. i just hope it comes out soon. i thank everyone who’s been working on it:D

  • Steve

    I think it will take until at least Wednesday. If I’m wrong, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if I’m right, it will have been expected.

  • Release it pls

    God! I hope they release it tomorrow, I at least want to play it for a couple of hours before I go to Hong Kong. Their latest tweet makes this prospect sound promising….

  • FapFapFapFap

  • Calibrations

    Nearly tearing my hair out waiting for this.
    Sitting on twitter every 5 minutes refreshing waiting for news.

    • It’s okay man.

      I know bro, pats on back reassuringly.

    • TheGuyWhoCanWait

      Dude didnt have a twitter until like 20 min ago just for this.i

  • anon121000

    wait so when does it come out ?

    • Macin

      Read THE article!!!!!!!!!

      • anon121000

        i did milk drinker

  • Kenny

    finally i have been waiting at least a month for it

  • ducky11188

    They would release it the week I am getting ready to move 1600 miles. Lol. That’s my luck. But at least I don’t start my new job for about 6 days after I get there so we know what will absorb my first week in Texas (and it is not exploring my new real life home). Ok. maybe 1/3 real life, and 2/3 Minecraft life.

  • NOS Boss

    Me to bro!

  • Minecraft an

    Afhagajfhfhwskf I can’t waitttttttt!

  • I really want it out tomorrow since I have a four day weekend. I would LOVE to get some time to rebuild what I have in my other world but with all the terrain updates.

    • awildpidgey

      Your other world will more than likely not change unless you haven’t explored the entire map. Older maps will still be in the old format. You can however still use creative mode.

      • I meant that, in a new world, I can recreate what I built in my old world. Then I will have the new terrain AND my structures. 🙂