Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 partially hurts Dishonored

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 14, 2012

If you go looking at the Dishonored reviews on all the websites that matter you’ll find it hard to hit a negative review, which is thanks to the game being outstanding in most areas although for those still bitter about Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3 it doesn’t matter how good the game is, they’re not buying it. Interestingly it’s not Bethesda that developed this game, but thanks to the role of publishing Dishonored it seems the lack of Skyrim Dawnguard and other DLC on the PS3 will affect sales in some way.

The worldwide sales charts will update within the next 24 hours and show just how well Dishonored has done in its first week for the UK, US, and other countries. Some gamers believe these figures will be poor and not as expected, and while we’re hearing from PR readers complaining about no Dawnguard and Hearthfire for PS3, we feel the sales will still impress.

Unhappy Skyrim owners on PlayStation 3 – some people love the game so much, we know the feeling after putting in well over 600 hours ourselves, they can’t help but want Skyrim DLC to launch on the PS3. There have been a number of gamers trading in Skyrim thanks to the lack of downloadable PS3 content, but it’s also clear that a large number of people are holding out in the hope Sony/Bethesda release Hearthfire and Dawnguard on the PS3.

You don’t need to look far to see that the Dishonored PS3 sales will in someway be affected by problems with Skyrim Dawnguard, and our earlier article about users shunning Dishonored received comments that only confirmed this. Since then we’ve been contacted by a number of PS3 gamers explaining their sorrow and also mission to boycott Dishonored.

Comments like “when Dawnguard and Hearthfire are released on PS3 I’ll buy Dishonored” are common, and others also point out they know Bethesda only published the game but state “we don’t care”. They continue “why would I purchase a game published by Bethesda after the way PS3 owners were treated with Skyrim DLC and a developer that can’t bring DLC to the PS3, which is a system that has been around for years“.

These are just a couple of comments from owners of Skyrim on PS3, and all they want is Dawnguard to receive a release date rather than silence over any possibility. Saying “we’re working on it” doesn’t cut it for some gamers after this long, and some people think refunds should be offered to PS3 owners. This is unlikely to happen considering DLC is an extra.

It has been a long time since the first Skyrim DLC landed on the Xbox 360, but if you’re a PS3 owner still with Skyrim we’d love to know if you hope Dawnguard and any future DLC will arrive on your platform at some point? Also how much would you be willing to pay for Dawnguard, if it releases, considering its late arrival?

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  • Victor

    I don’t care how “bad” it is, I didn’t even care about the squares that popped up in Dishonored (Yep I bought it, because it looked awesome). So even if it would look worse than minecraft, I just want the bloody update.

  • skotiie

    How much would I be willing to pay? Seeing as the content could be considered a used game coming out this much later I’d say half price. I also agree with other ps3 users, I won’t be buying Dishonored until I see download content delivered for Skyrim.

    I understand this line of thinking is not entirely fair, but neither are exclusivity deals. Actions have concequences, I’ll start acting fairly when I feel like all gaming platforms are being treated fairly. Until then sorry if not trusting companies that don’t treat all gaming platforms equally effects my decision to buy software from your company.

    As far as the game itself goes I do honestly think Dishonored looks like an awesome game but I will hold to my word, seems the only way of being heard as a gamer sadly.

  • Rime

    OK for the people still blaming the release issues on the RAM of the systems. You have all been wrong. Even Bethesda has said that its not because of the system, though not directly. Also both consuls that have been released were not released with the best of RAM. They also do not need as much RAM because they do not run even half the things computers do the the background. If you do not believe me feel free to look me up. Or if you wish to prove me wrong feel free to point me were to look I’m not afraid to admit i was wrong. But you all need to learn to do the math before you give your 2’cents of information or else it is just the same rubble I run over when i drive my car to work…..

  • Pure

    An xbox owner myself but both xbox and ps3 gamers buying this game should be able to download the dlc. Its not fair to release it on one console and not the other. After all both xbox and ps3 gamers pay good money for the game and then are willing to pay more money for the dlc.

  • KVN-XI on PS3

    Some people think refunds should be offered to PS3 owners? Entitlement at it’s finest. lol. Well, If it says Bethesda on the cover, I won’t buy it for my PS3. If Dishonored is as good as it seems, I will have it on Xbox, then.

  • marhorn

    Just got confirmed…..Xbox 360 is getting new Skyrim DLC….Dragonborn!
    Just thought I would post….cos this site LOVES hearing about that……

  • USB

    I’m not angry, just disassociating. Bethesda is off my ‘buy list’ (joining all microsoft products). I am a PS3 owner and bought Skyrim under the impression the game was complete. Instead it was bug-ridden, took up unnecessary time and space with downloads just to get it to PLAY properly and then failed to deliver promised DLC’s as a final slap in the face. It should not have been released before it was functional, THAT was the first sign of deceit.

    It’s a shame that Skyrim is otherwise a great game I spent 500+ hrs on. But when you are ripped off and lied to, as Bethesda has done, you begin to see their logo as a warning sign that says; DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT, IT’S HAZARDOUS!

    I’m now finding it harder to believe Bethesda is not actually incompetent but in bed with microsoft and engaging in it’s disrespect-able policy of industrial warfare tactics.

    I’m willing to wait just a little longer before I loose faith in Bethesda and turf my copy of Skyrim in the garbage (oh yeh I’ll do it) and get on with my life. Call me overly principled, but I’ll have nothing to do with companies like that. They can find their money elsewhere.

    Greed is NOT good -you die alone..

  • Vorhain

    I have been a follower of beth for a long time, between fallout 3 and the three latest elder scrolls i have spent alot of money on them. not much could restore any ones loyalty at this point.

  • PS3 owner

    its not there faul its the codeing of the ps3 they want to release skyererim on ps3 but really there hand are tied till the figure out a way to fix it so stop bitching the y are trying there best

  • The Prettiest

    Skyrim is an overrated pile of trash. Demon’s Soul beats it any day XD

  • Robin

    Hahahaha, GTFO of business $ony! Stupid PoS company!

  • TheNinja013

    I can agree that we all want it but i dont understand how people wont buy their other games dishonored is good and for the dlc they could of just said sorry guys to time comsuming but atleast they keep trying so we have the possibility of getting it. i mean id rather get it late even really late then never at all, wouldnt you?

  • Nuckleduster

    There will be no DLC!! Not now anyway. They are probably beyond the point of financial return and it would be disadvantageous for her profit margin. HEY ! I doubt they will make the same mistake. They should of started with Dishonored but no ones perfect. Sony has to come up with something now?

  • DragonSlayer

    boy i cant wait to hear what they say when they break the news “we cant deliver on our DLCs”. its going to shatter what love for them you still have, hold on to your hats kiddies.

    • Majin_Romulus

      I’m ready for it.
      Playstation Allstars? Check. GTA V? Check. Assasins Creed III? Check.FFX HD? Checkaleckadingdong.

  • John

    If you all truly enjoy Bethesda’s content so much, why are you boycotting it? Let’s say PS3 owners successfully make sales plummet for Bethesda’s future games. What would Bethesda’s response be? They’d stop making their games available on the PS3. They still have a large market on PC and Xbox 360.

    When you purchase a game, you are usually purchasing the base game as well as any free updates that are released later. You are not purchasing rights to any specific purchasable DLC unless it says so explicitly on the box. Lastly, you are not losing money by not having a purchasable DLC available to you. If anything, you are saving money.

    • spiritreaver

      It does say it on the box and in the accompanying instruction manual.

  • Abhiram Sathasivam

    never thought about it until i read this article, good point
    hope bethesda realizes this

  • Ichiru

    Hmmm I have both platforms and I purchased Skyrim on Xbox360 but I intend to purchase Dishonored on PS3… base on the digital foundry comparison the PS3 version this time around seems to be just as good if not even slightly better!


    i still find it funny how numerous people from the ps3 community still slander the xbox for bethesdas problem. xbox doesn’t “suck”, and i am not saying this as a fanboy i am saying it as a gamer who owns both consoles. bethesda ballsed it up, not just with the dlc for ps3, but also for the quality of the game overall. by this i mean bugs and glitches which can effect the quality of game. it is crap that ps3 dont have the dlc, they should get it, and i do think it should be half price for the first week, but i dont think its microsofts fault. instead of saying they are working on it (i read somewhere that it lags or sommot, nothing too serious) why not release it if it is usable, even if there are faults, and later when they fix issues, release an update or patch, cause something is better than nothing, and knowing a date is better than nothing

  • Austin

    Why are people still complaining about this. I do feel for the Ps3 people I understand… but thats no real reason to hate ALL of Bethesdas publications or games. I mean I may have an xbox but most of my friends have PS3 and are willing to wait for it. I wish people were not so selfish and stuff and are hating on one company for 1 BIT OF DLC.

  • Jordan

    True enough… I already traded my PS3 Skyrim since a month ago. Despite Dishonored looks pretty good, I have no interest in dealing with Bethesda again. Their excuses are just unaccepted. Especially given these days where 3rd party devs already get better on PS3 hardware pumping out games that are close to the 360 counter part. Some times even better in some area. That makes Bethesda lazy job and excuses on the bad port for Skyrim very unacceptable. Maybe I made a wrong choice, I could have just gotten it on my 360 and I do not have to get penalize by this issue. But then again regardless it is still not fair for those who only own 1 platform which is PS3. For this alone I seriously wouldn’t want to waste time with them. Especially in this coming winter, there are more AAA titles out there waiting to be grab. Gives less reason to take another risk with Bethesda.

  • Fadenholz

    honestly in all the time ive been waiting for dawnguard and hearthfire for ps3 i have been holding a grudge with bethesda and all their products,on that note, as a ps3 owner and a 600+ hours skyrim lover, i would just appreciate a definitive answer from bethesda about the dlc’s and if they can release them i would pay full price. but with all their vauge excuses and same old reasons of no release yet, im finding it harder and harder to keep my ps3 and not trade it all in for an xbox, therefore i think that a reasonable discount should be made available for us for the dlc, and if they would release it now, im sure that whatevers wrong can eaisily be fixed down the line with updates,like they did before.

  • JamesKulling

    Saddest part is that Sony did not even bother to push Bethesda. Seriously PS3 is dying…getting me self a xbox soon.

    • Fadenholz

      i suggest waiting it out till they either announce its release or that their not for sure

  • Sideras

    That whole thing is just pure incompetence but it doesn’t warrant a refund, you got the game that’s what you paid for, not for the DLC.
    And you should punish Arkane Studios for Bethesdas shortcomings. Dishonored is one of those game that should be supported, it tries to be different and it consists of pure fun.
    Dishonored is like a beatiful renaissance painting found under the rubble and ash that is todays game industry.

    • Sideras

      Gah, ofc it should say “you shouldn’t* punish Arkane Studios”.

  • Guest

    GFY PoS3 owners. It’s your own fault for buying such a hunk of junk in the first place. And it’s not just Bethesda games that suck on the PS3. Most multiplatform games are inferior on it. The PS3 is only good for it’s exclusives. Any other game is only worth it on the 360 and PC.

    • Keith

      Spoken like a true fanboy…

  • bbarger424

    I will not buy or play any game that has anything to do with Beth until they make the DLC for ps3 right. If the company cant produce what it has promised to its customers in a timely fashion then they should refund our money. At this point i would have to buy the game agian, or rent it just to play the DLC. So for me the only way to make this right would be to allow all people that can prove they bought the game to download the DLC for free. Since that is never gonna happen i guess i would be ok with paying 5 dollars for both as a package deal. The worst part for me is that ps3 player still cant make dragon weapons or their own arrows, things that should have been part of the game from the beginning. i will give Beth props for making the greatest console game ever, but their customer support has ruined any chance of my playing or buying any game that has anything to do with them.

  • I don’t know about everyone else but when I bought my copy it says on the box “Add on Content” I don’t think it’s a massive conspiracy against Sony or PS3, but I would say Bethesda didn’t deliver a product promised. There point of contact for the fans gave me the impression through his one liner tweets and interviews that he and his company really didn’t care a lot I have lost faith in the company and unless the elder scrolls future title rights are bought by a different company, I won’t buy. I have traded in my copy.

  • I rather wait for Assassins Creed 3. Don’t plan on buying another Bethesda game for a while. I have not played Skyrim in months. Still waiting for the DLC…. All i read is “we are working on it” I don’t think they are to be honest. We have not even got any real updates.

  • DragonSlayer

    i wipe my ass with bethesda products from now on

  • Vloidu

    Ps3 Owner here. Yeah it sucks that we don’t have dawn guard or hearth fire, but Skyrim is a huge game. I’m not boycotting Bethesda and i’m not going to insult them. They make awesome games that I play for hundreds of hours and have an amazing time with. That’s good enough for me. I’m sure they have pretty clever people working over there, something obviously went very wrong with the dlc. But whatever, everyone stop moaning, go and buy Dishonoured and have a great time playing it. I already am. And for the record I had hardly any problems playing Skyrim. Bethesda don’t owe us anything. It makes me sad that so many people are getting so riled up. Don’t get me wrong I understand you all I really do, but come on, calm the f**k down guys and just go play some games.

    • spiritreaver

      Sure thing, already on that. They just aren’t Bethesda games.

      I’m sorry, maybe its because i’m getting older, but i would rather do without the ‘next best thing’ if it comes from someone has no regard for me and has shown so repeatedly over time. Not gonna reward Bethesda with more of my money for screwing me over on another game. What kinda sense does that make?

      In the long run, me personally not buying Bethesda products will have very little impact on them. But i will know that i said ‘uh-uh’ to a company that doesn’t respect me as a customer, and that means something to me.

  • The Future of Sega

    I’ve noticed that Bethesda is consistently giving out BS responses to the status of Dawnguard and other Skyrim DLC for PS3. In general we PS3 gamers are asking them the wrong questions on Twitter and their main site. What we need to ask are these questions:
    1. Bethesda… why didn’t you develope Skyrim on Playstation 3 first given how complicated porting can be from Xbox 360 to Playstation 3?
    2. Any viable entity projects a rate of successes and a rate of failures with their business plan. By assuming you adhere to the law and pretest your products for the lawful required amount of time, why weren’t Playstation 3 users given a fair notice or a delayed release of Skyrim to maximize quality and fair usage for current and forthcoming content of Skyrim?
    3. Given the amount of complaints and faulty replicas of your design why hasn’t your company requested a recall of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim? Are you unaware that you can be held liable in the court of law for false advertising, mental anguish, and bad faith business dealings?
    4. Bethesda, Playstation 3 users have proof that:
    a. Skyrim was defective before they purchased it.
    b. The un-obvious defects of Skyrim on Playstation 3 could not have been seen before purchasing.
    c. You did not for-warn or notify them about Skyrim’s defects before the sale or that you actually lied about it.
    d. Playstation 3 users relied on your lies or non-disclosures of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim.
    e. Playstation 3 users have suffered monetary damage due to your negligent misrepresentation of Skyrim on Playstation 3.
    What is your response to that?
    These questions will cut them to the gut if they do not answer truthfully or wish to remain in silence. The famous line “no comment” won’t pass here as it will make them look unethical and unprofessional. Either directly answer the question or yield to cowardice Bethesda.

    • blett70

      O come on just don’t buy anymore damn games from them and shut the Hell up already. go buy an Xbox if realy like the game that much it’s 200 times better than what your bitching about. I don’t buy any uncharted games just like a lot of other people that own Xbox and I don’t see them failing it goes back to the simple common sense of it “if you don’t like what you see don’t look at it” lol…..this guy is killing me:-D…lol

  • Caden

    i think they need to stop with the dlcs this instant and fix the ps3 problem and then when they get dawnguard AND hearthfire online then continue making dlcs

  • I’m waiting ’til I’ve some spare money actually, this stuff ain’t cheap ya’knows.

  • deshawn w.

    omg just release dawnguard they said it fine for most and bad for some

  • jeff

    First off let me say that just because Bethesda hasn’t released these dlc’s for ps3 i wont stop buying their games, their games are almost too big to need a dlc. With that said if they are going to make a dlc just put heartfire’s and dawngaurd’s aspects into one dlc and just realess it only for the ps3, but make sure it is a completly different story. and scrap dawngaurd and heartfire. i will not buy something that has been out this long and almost everything has been discovered. it wont have that new feel to it.

    • spiritreaver

      Forget ‘new car smell’ when it comes to Dawnguard at least. Bethesda locked content in it that should have been with the base game from day one. Dragon bone weapons, ammo crafting, face changer, perk tree for werewolves, and etc.

      As a business you just don’t lock content behind a door and then tell 30% of your customers, “Sorry, we don’t know if we are good enough at our jobs to let you at that content. But you are more than welcome to buy the game a second time on another platform to give that stuff a try!”

      That’s bad business first and foremost and just plain bad manners as a close second.

  • spiritreaver

    Personally i doubt Bethesda will bother to get DLC on the PS3. Honestly doubt they ever were really trying to.

  • Muchacho

    why is bestheda delaying us ps3 gamers just tell us straight there not gunna be a dawnguard for the ps3, why because they only said that so that we would buy their new games!

  • neil

    i don’t understand why they haven’t brought the DLC’s out for PS3. if the original game works the surely the DLC are just a growth from that. they should have seen something liker this happening.

  • If anyone has ever played a Bethesda game on PS3 (Fallout 3 GOTY for me), you would know that they are crap at making games for it. Good thing I have both systems, because the simple solution for me was to just buy the xbox version. But there are those Xbox haters that don’t want to shell money out on what they call the crap/fail/shit box. Now being that Dishonered is only being published by Bethesda, I’ll get it. IMHO, Bethesda should just stick to making games on PC/Xbox only, and if that were the case, all the PC/Xbox/Microsoft haters would miss out. But, people say they don’t want to have both systems, but it pays to have both in situations like this.

    • true but what if you on a budget and dont want to shell out 400 to 500 bucks to get the other system and have to have it update for a weekend and go through this whole issue,

      • Well I see your logic, but XBox 360 only takes a few minutes to update. And I see the 400 500 bucks thing, but an xbox or a PS3 can be had for 150 and less, you dont always have to buy things new.

        • spiritreaver

          And you should not be penalized for your choice of platform when given every assurance that will be complete parity and no difference between any platform’s version in a multi-platform released title.

          Buying a whole other platform, plus the base game, just to access content that was promised is absurd. And every time i hear someone suggest that it should be considered a viable solution to Bethesda’s massive screw-up, i get a little ill.

        • I whole heartedly agree, because Skyrim looks like a game I’d play on PS3, and after all the stuff I heard about it, I just went on to the next one.

    • bbarger424

      Ok, not all people that play video games, are video game nerds. I shouldnt need to buy two 300+ systems to play video games in my spare time. Not to mention when the company makes the game for the system i do own. I did not sit under a Beth representitives desk and blow him to release the game on the ps3 they the company did it to get my money. I dont own an XBOX because i have friends that go through about one a year. My Ps3 is well over 3 years old and still runs like a dust covered champ. A DLC on PS3 problem thats a joke, I have downloaded full games to my ps3 and they run great, and i get a monthly DLC from MW3. It irritates me to hear you ppl say just buy an xbox or get it on the PC. I dont play games on my PC as i am infront of a computer all day at school anyways. I dont hate xbox but shouldnt have to buy a second stystem to play a game that was sold for the system i own.

  • jason bradley

    really people aren’t buying a dishonored because of dawnguard yes it is annoying that we haven’t got dawnguard on ps3 yet so what stop whining and move on to new games for god sake

    • spiritreaver

      I think yours is a common misconception. Personally, I’m not buying anymore BETHESDA associated games until a definite yes or no on DLC for the PS3 version of Skyrim, but that does NOT mean i’m not playing other games. And i know i’m not alone in playing tons of other stuff while waiting on an answer from Bethesda.

  • joey1995456

    saying “we’re working on it” simply does not cut it Bethesda needs to get there sh&% in gear they have a massive net-worth yet can program a dlc for a console that has been around for years. and if you compared it to the XBO$ PS3 has better … everything. +side note give exclusive DLC for PS3 because of this outrage have it 5-10$ and not any Hearthfire BS legit DLC

  • I played Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim for almost 4 years on the PS3 and it crashed and locked on me. I saved the game at different points so I could reload and play again. After about 2 hours, it crashed again and locked up the screen. Alright, I reload again and the same thing happen in the middle of a mission, crashed and locked. I had to give up for Bethesda’s low quality game is unplayable. Great game, good missions, beautiful open world, but now I’m back to playing GTA 4. All week with Gay Tony and the Lost and Damned, not one incident and waiting for GTA 5, forgetting about Bethesda and any game it publishes. Bethesda is an American company to avoid.

    • No just avoid them on PS3. Never had any of those problems on 360. But I feel you on the slow downs and freezing. It was so annoying.

      • Every Bethesda games has crashed on you and you are never able to reach level 100. You are never able to fully finish the game. Is this statement true?

        • Well Fallout 3 I wasn’t able to complete it ever on any platform. Niether fallout new vegas or oblivion, And Skyrim I only played at a friends house for a few minutes. I was talking about Fallout 3 when I made that comment. So yes it is true. I did how ever reach max level, but never fully complete all the quests.

  • 20 dollar dawngaurd with free hearthfire.

    • Adam

      Dawnguard is 15, Hearthfire is 5. So if they asked for 20 for both together, Hearthfire wouldn’t be free.

    • Guest

      isn’t hearthfire free anyway?

  • filet_o_game

    Personally not only do I not own an xbox, but I also play all my PC games on WINE. So in my world bethesda’s sole support of microflux is absurd. At this point I believe that in order to save face, their only possible course of action would be to send us PS3 owners a free copy on PC.

    • joey1995456

      just a steam code or something? but they prob won’t they are a business after all. and it’s not like the PSN hack that was everyone on a single console and every game. maybe a 25% or a 50% off code

  • Jack

    I know a lot of people are saying Bethesda must give us a discount, some even claim they owe it to us “for free”, but I would gladly play full price for Dawnguard, if it ever even comes which is highly unlikely. I just want the damn thing, I don’t care about discounts or freebies.
    That being said, if we do not see Dawnguard for PS3 in the future, I will absolutely not ever buy another Bethesda game again, this I am certain of. It’s absolutely inexcuseable. And this has begun with Dishonored, I won’t even buy a game that is published by Bethesda. I won’t buy anything that Bethesda has anything to do with in any way, shape or form.

  • Larry

    Bethesda just has crappy software that can’t handle the hardware of the ps3 which just shows u what kind of company they r.

    • PS3’s hardware cant handle the crappy software, not the other way around. Plays fine on Xbox 360 and PC

      • spiritreaver

        No, the PS3 can’t handle a straight port of code made specifically for the 360. And why should it? Bethesda should have done a PS3 version of their game engine YEARS ago, but they have continued to do just do shoddy ports to both PC and PS3. The difference is that the PC community can fix the game themselves with mods whereas the PS3 communtiy is stuck with no real support.

        • You know I agree with you whole heartedly, after Fallout 3 on PS3, I vowed to never buy a bethesda made game on PS3, just cus of the simple fact, they hate PS3. I spent $60 on the GOTY version on PS3 back in 2010, and it ran terrible, and aparently they weren’t fixing it so I took it back. Guess what, I apparently had it too long, and GameStop only gave me $15 for it. Never again will I ever buy a Bethesda made game on PS3. That being said, I have an Xbox 360, and use it for most multiplatform, and bethesda games. I still might get Dishonered fo PS3, after I see what it’s all about.

  • Larry

    Really pissed off at Bethesda right now even if they release dawnguard I won’t buy at this poin because assassins creed 3 comes outin 2 weeks

  • tokyomew

    bethasda should take a hint from valve and realize that i they treat thier customers like crap their sails will be crap.

  • How about a completely new exclusive DLC for PS3, bigger than Dawnguard, maybe fix some issues with the PS3 version.

  • Darocoth

    i already promised myself if a SECOND dlc had come out on Xbox before the FIRST one had came out on Ps3 i would never buy another Bethesda product again, and ya know what! It happened! and all Ps3 users get is excuses, not even an apology!

  • 15 $ for dawnguard 5 $ for hearthfire on PS store

  • dawnguard???

    i just want the dlc i dont care how long it takes or what problems there having, as long as they bring it out ill be happy.

  • I’m not buying Dishonored and I’m also not buying Skyrim back , good luck on yours sales Bethesda …. you will probably need it .

  • As a customer I do feel aggrieved. Bethesda pulled this crap also with Oblivion, making the console DLC exclusive to the fail box. And here we are again different game same story. If PS3 owners (Who were charged exactly the same as their X Box counterparts I should add) feel boycotting is the only way for Bethesda to take notice then I applaud them. It is the right of every customer (because remember that’s what we are) to spend our hard earned money elsewhere. Lets not forget how inferior Fallout 3 was on the PS3. The game of the year addition was an absolute joke, crashing every few mins in my case. I think it’s clear at this point that Bethesda are either incompetent, or even in Microsoft’s pocket.

    • xbox best box. DLC was also on pc though.

      • The Prettiest

        Is that why the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide? Is that why the PS3 has had more GOTY winning games?

        Cry me a river XD

        • Ron

          GFY Pauper!

        • PS3 is not outselling xbox 360 world wide dude, where did you get that? I love them both, but where did you get that Info?

  • anybody

    Bethesda is making false advertisement with there being no dlc’s bc if you look on the box it says downloadable content. In that case where is it?

    • Jack

      Not only that but it’s a given that of course there’s going to be DLC released. At least for XBOX and PC users. I guess PS3 users are supposed to start assuming there will be no DLC for them?

      • mr. obvious



    • Ralph

      Now that’s reasonable

    • dlc should be free to begin with, though bethesda seems to give good deals on their DLC.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        Good deals on their DLC? You mean $15 for only a few hours of content? Horse armor? Each of your comments here are idiotic.

  • That Guy

    That’s a stupid feedback request, you want to know if we want DLC for our game, pretty obvious

  • birr

    I loved skyrim on PS3, and was lucky to be one of the people without issues. Im using the PS3 I bought the day they were released. Skyrim was a brilliant game despite lack of dlc which was in the end the reason I stopped playing. Bought dishonored today, considering the reviews its received, but I doubt ill even buy dlc for skyrim even if it is released

  • I won’t buy any game Bethesda is involved with. Intell they give us a clear answer on the dlc. What the problem is, why they have be unable to fix it, and give us a probable date for release. If they can’t do that. Then a deadline for when they well be giving up. At lest then we will know. Company’s only understand profit margins. if you want then to change something. You have to cut that margin

  • And for the record, I do believe that Bethesda should quit holding out on DLC info for the PS3 version of Skyrim. Though I don’t play the game anymore, it does seem very ignorant of them to have a “we’re working on it” attitude when it’s been out for a while on other platforms.

    • They should just quit making PS3 games altogether.

      • Guest


  • Russell Johnson

    well i am not getting the next fall out or elder scolls game.even though i have a pc i still like using my ps3 for gaming. to make this wrong right allow trade ins for ps3 version for pc version. untill then they are not getting another penny from me.

  • I bought Skyrim and quickly grew tired of the PS3 version. Rather than being a gamer with a grudge, I traded it in and moved on with my life. Today I’m halfway through Dishonored because I don’t believe in brand loyalty or disloyalty, unlike most gamers.

    • vainkain

      I respect that, but it is more about loyalty to yourself and your money. If you let companies like Bethesda & MS dictate the industry with money and rehashes, it is going to get old really quick. I choose to hit them where it hurts, in the pocket.

  • MiLkWeEd1388

    $15 for both dawnguard and hearthfire is all im really willing to pay for the mere fact that Bethesda doesnt seem all that worried with appeasing PS3 users only making new games. I hope Dishonoured bombs in sales for Bethesda has truly dishonoured the many PS3 users/fans of Skyrim by their lack of commitment toward the fixing of these issues they are having, due to the laziness of porting a XBOX 360 program to a PS3

    • Adam

      They aren’t focused on making new games. They only published Dishonoured, they didn’t make it.

  • Nick

    As a PS3 owner who is still waiting for Skyrim DLC, I will not buy any game associated with Bethesda. Even if they finally get this right, we will forever be step children to them and neglected. Every game has been and will be just like this. People will learn who takes care of them and who doesn’t. With the economy like it is, I have to be choosy and I am not going to give my money to a company that does not support their product.

    • Jack

      You’ve got that right…I’m not rich either, and these suckers are going to have to start earning my $60. And besides that, right is right and wrong is wrong. And my anus hurts.

      • @says_dee


    • TylerTheFoster

      Just because you bought the game doesn’t mean you are entitled to everything that comes with it. There are plenty of other great games to be playing, don’t be butt hurt about one game. Also people need to accept the fact that the economy is hard and most businesses don’t have the resources to please everyone. Pete Hines and the team are working on it.

      • Yes it does they put “add on content” upper right hand corner back of the box AKA DLC

      • Ashler

        Did you play Skyrim on the PS3? DLC or no DLC, that game is a mess and was in no condition to be shipped. The only reason it was shipped was to get PS3 gamers $$$! Actually, any developed Bethesda PS3 game (i.e: Fallout 3) suffers from the same issue.

    • JamesKulling

      If you not going to give your money to a company that does not support their product then you should sell your PS3. They can easily push Bethesda for Skyrim.

    • your loss to be honest, skyrim was the best RPG of this gen

      • The Prettiest

        Uncharted 2 was the best game this Gen. Your loss too right?

        • Spoonman

          Uncharted 2 wasn’t an RPG, jacka$$.

        • Uncharted 2 was not the best game of this gen.

    • Ashler

      Same here!

  • Senzoro

    I’m an Xbox owner, but I’m definitely unhappy about this issue for PS3 owners. Collectively, both console owners have waited a very long time for any DLC from the release of Skyrim, and PS3 fans have been (and will still be) waiting for too long.

    But it’s a real stab in the back for both, and for Bethesda themselves, since business for the game is dropping, how is it likely for all involved to receive the most amount of potential DLC when you’re losing so many customers with this issue.

    • TJ12hunt4u

      Probably the only cool Xbox player, this kid is a boss

      • John

        You, Sir, sound like a Sony fanboy. There are plenty of positive aspects for gaming on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Being closed-minded about which system you play on will not earn you much happiness.

      • the reason PS3 doesn’t have the DLC is the ram architecture, don’t blame bethesda for that… but I agree, skyrim shouldn’t have come out on ps3 or they should have cut back on the visuals or something

        • Yeah I dont think that 256mb of RAM is cuttin it for Skyrim

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          And yet Minecraft works on the Xperia Play and other phones with bloated operating systems… right.

        • PCGAMER

          Smartphones have around 512MB-1GB ram.

          More than your toystation 3.

    • Senzoro

      I’m not trying to condemn Bethesda, they’ve created one of the most beautiful games, and thus experiences, in existence. There’s just so much passion for the longevity of this game that people are going to be angry about not having what is stated on the boxes of their software.

      Even if I were a PS3 owner, I’d still be playing Skyrim. But if another of their released titles did say downloadable content and add-ons with the game itself, I would consider the game at a second hand price, but not full price, as I am simply in distrust for a company that does not deliver what is stated.

      It does not matter if the DLC is either the entirety of Cyrodiil or even just horse armour, at the end of the day it states clearly that there will be additional content.

  • jack

    Skyrim is a good game and I’ve enjoyed it vary much. I hope they fix the issue soon so I can enjoy it. Although, being a ps3 owner, dawnguard is not a new DLC. So paying full price for a used product is absurd. So at least 5 and no more than 10 dollar’s seems reasonable. Come on, we (ps3) owners, should get it for free. But the powers at be have a need for money.

    • Adam

      To be honest, they’re fully entitled to charge full price for it and most people (myself included) would still get it.

      Releasing it at a discount would be a good PR move but not something they have to do.

      • jess

        well considering dawnguard is nearly half a year old and who knows when it will be release for ps3 you will be in the minority of people who will just sit back and get screwed by bethesda

        • Adam

          How would I be getting screwed, exactly? I’d be paying the same price as everyone else and getting the same DLC pack. It would be arriving later than intended, fine. Other than that, I’m still getting the same product for the same price. That’s hardly getting screwed over.

        • Jared

          I agree. I would love a discount but at this point just getting it would be a miricle, regardless of the price.

        • John

          I agree. These guys really need to quit whining. They all paid for the base game with the free downloadable updates that come out for it. Bethesda never promised that every console would get the same purchasable DLC. Nobody is being cheated out of anything.

          If any gamers want something to whine about, they should complain about all of the companies that are using one-time use “online pass” codes. That’s cheating people who buy pre-owned games as well as people who buy games with the intent of sharing them with others.

        • blett70

          Finally a person with common sense on this thread. These children crying about a game that they chose to buy out of free will with no-one forcing you to buy it are rotten. If you don’t like the game sell it go buy Uncharted 2 and quit bitching about something Bethesda doesn’t have to do. You should be mad at Sony more than the publisher they are the one that have limited your system of choice with ram lower than most phones and a designed console that limits developers to a set of rules and coding that is unique only to them. Use your brains children if you start crying about a game like they did mass affect 3 you can already expect no more software. Not every game needs to be muliconsole for this very reason if I wanted to play god of war I would go buy a PlayStation, so if you want to play skyrim go buy an Xbox that’s how it should be no hand outs or any freeware.

  • Chris batts

    Skyrim is a broken game has been form the start even with the updates.Bethesda know this, but refuse to admit it for obvious reasons. I trully believe we are entitled to a refund. Not for lack of DLC, but cos skyrim is not fit for purpose. And yes I will not purchase Dishonoured as it is associated with Bethesda. Sorry to Arkane but choose a publisher who commits to all platforms equally. They will no doubt be receiving a publishing fee for their name being on the box but my money will not be amongst that fee.

  • Indeed

    Skyim is a great game. I understand that coding, texturing, and rendering and whatnot is a difficult process. As is making the DLC compatible with multiple systems. As a PS3 owner, I am disappointed that the DLC hasn’t come out yet, but I believe Bethesda is working hard to get it out. I’d still be willing to pay full price, regardless. Great game, great DLC. I have no doubts that Bethesda will deliver.

    • Jack

      If they had been “working hard” to make it work the entire time, from the beginning, then we would not have this problem now. Screw them…

    • katz

      Dawnguard wasn’t that great. But I suppose that’s not the point.

  • i love skyrim. The best open realm rpg i have ever played. But the lack of Dlc is very hurtful. What about an online multiplayer skyrim so we can do quest with friends, i mean you got to make up for the way us ps3 owners have been treated. i know life is not fair but this is just bad for business.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Multiplayer is impossible because of how big the open world is and there is simply not enough memory especially for ps3 slim which has half the ram of the first ps3 (seriously why did sony do that?). There is a pc mod for multiplayer but it does not work very well.

      • Greggory

        the original ps3 and the slim has the same amount of ram numnuts

        • Majin_Romulus

          I heard from multiple sources that the slim had its ram cut so i just figured it was true and didn’t care to look it up more. Next time don’t be such a douche.

        • Greggory

          obviously common sense would of served u well, wouldn’t cutting the ram of the ps3 in half make future games unplayable aswell as the games that have been released and instores?

        • Multiple sources lol. Get outta here!

    • mavis

      Elder scrolls online was announced already

  • matthew

    £5 or £10

    • Majin_Romulus

      $1.99 considering that even if they do release it, it will still run poorly. Btw they are not working on it. It would have been done or cancelled by now especially if sony is helping them.

      • Crazed_Gamer

        now i dont agree with that ill pay 10.00 1.99 is just not right

        • Majin_Romulus