Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 update meets impatience

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 14, 2012

It has been a wait that some gamers won’t want to repeat, but the Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 update is almost here and bringing with it new game modes, although the exact release date is unknown. Most Xbox 360 gamers that own Minecraft know the 1.8.2 update is currently being certified by Microsoft, which could take anything up to two weeks, and while the process started over a week ago it’s still hard to pinpoint a time when the download will become available.

The new modes coming with the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update include Superflat Worlds, a Creative Mode, and a new Tutorial World that will replace the old world and this means saying goodbye to the terrains, structures, easter eggs, and pretty much everything. You can see two videos below that showcase Superflat and Creative Mode, so feel free to see these if you haven’t already and share a comment with your expectations.

Some Minecraft gamers on the Xbox 360 have been worried that the 1.8.2 update could remove their existing worlds, which this topic has been answered directly by a developer with the studio behind the game, Stuart Ross, and his tweet can be seen in the image below. In a nutshell Ross explains that changes will work with old worlds as well, and it is only the “world generation” that’s different.

Waiting for Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update on Xbox 360 – a growing number of gamers are starting to feel impatient while waiting for this update, and considering v1.8.2 went into certification with Microsoft on Oct 2, gamers are right to get frustrated nearly two weeks on. The good news is that the average time for Microsoft testing is normally two weeks, so we are almost up on that deadline and this can only mean Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update should hit Xbox live any day now.

We could make a prediction like a number of other gaming blogs are doing, but there’s no point predicting a release date when it’s in Microsoft’s hands now, and also as some gamers quite rightly point out that there’s no point hassling 4J Studios as again they’re not in control now. You could count on the update landing next week considering how long it has been so far, and also no bugs have been reported since testing started with Microsoft. Hopefully the 1.8.2 update will launch at the start of next week rather than towards the end.

Do you feel frustrated waiting for Minecraft’s 1.8.2 update on Xbox 360, or are you relaxed in the knowledge that they’re taking their time and not rushing things? It is hoped that taking extra time means less bugs, although we’ll find out soon enough. See the videos below and let us know how your wait has been.

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  • _Fruitgama_


  • Strik

    1.8.2 came out

  • Will

    I hope 4J learned a lesson in publicity. Keep the update under wraps, or at least don’t spoonfeed us as many screens and videos next time. It won’t satisfy the community’s hunger, but only stimulate it. Especially with updates as massive as the upcoming official release update and such.

  • Patients comes at a price.

    Three months of waiting and finally, the rumored update has its release date.

  • xbox live player

    i have been waiting for a long time since the shear and piston update.they should of just started realeasing little parts of the update to keep the players busy,because mincraft xbox 360 right now is very boring because there is nothing new

  • awesome man

    i’ve been waiting for this update for a long long time…and im getting very impatient but i know that Microsoft is trying to release this update as soon as possible so I’ve been getting my thoughts together and trying to think of wat to build, and i’ve decided to build my own gothem city than my own batcave inside gothem city. I already have no life so im fine!

  • JoeTro

    When I purchased the game I was under the impression I was paying for a full game. Not half a game that would need an update 6 months later. It’s just the latest example of the lack of online purchasing regulations. Microsoft isn’t required to say “this is not the minecraft currently for sale on PC” so they don’t. Instead they sell half games and excuses.

    • Steve

      Serves you right for not doing research beforehand.

  • Frustrated.

    I do not find Microsoft to be very reliable and as such don’t trust the “normal” two week testing.

  • Camel

    I’ve been waiting for this update since the first major upadate when they said that they were looking to put creative in. So all and all, it been a long enough wait. Give me my bricks MacroSoft!

  • some random hobo

    Deal with it im sure everyone wants to see the new update but be pacient would you want a game full of bugs so stop sending hate mail to 4j studios

    • another random hobo

      Indeed. It is in Microsoft’s control. Send them the hate mail 😛

    • a third random hobo

      they’ll likely release it with the skin packs. if not they’ll push it back to halloween just to be spiteful.

  • FIVE Champ

    Yeah Minecraft is a ok game but this wait isnt as bad as the one for GTA V details!
    Jeez Why complain about a game that is with microsoft just so they can find more bugs and postpone it even longer!

  • Rachel

    I am really excited for this update and can not wait but I am so sick of people who think they know the release date so when that date actually comes and their is no update out yet you get everyone dissappointed. And all of you people saying your going to stop playing minecraft you should just be thankful and if you really hated they xbox version you should have just gotten the pc you knew their was no creative mode when you bought it.

  • scorpcom

    Add scorpcom, im usually playing after work, even more-so when the update drops

  • Sam

    You guys should thank 4j studios for even making this update if you read the listings for the update they worked really hard to get you these things so stop complaining and just thank 4j and Microsoft for bring you the update

    • john

      I hate 4j studios after this it took WAY TO LONG

      • Guy

        How much of a dickbag can you be, “john”?

  • Tom

    About time. Months of waiting, pretty sure the actual thing didn’t take this long on PC.

  • Creeper

    Hopefully this week

  • Azkul The Demon

    Wah,wah,wah that’s all I read wah,wah,wah SHUT THE FU”K up u big ass babys… It will b well worth the wait. I myself would rather wait and get a good download then get a as fast as u can put it out download…. B happy that they even care 2 put out a good update and b happy that there putting there time and making a well worth update out there 4 us…..
    Azkul The Demon

  • philip andrews

    ur so stupid mstrpkl

  • mstrpkl

    Im gonna no life this when its downloaded. Add mstrpkl if you wanna see my map, but my mic seems like its slowly breaking sooo

    • a friend

      what kind of map

  • philip andrews

    never mind minecraft sucks

    • Azkul The Demon

      If minecraft sucks then y ru even in this discussion?

      • TheGuyWhoCanWait

        That is a great question my friend.

    • RookieDave16

      Minecraft doesn’t suck just because you’re an impatient loser -_-

  • Justin

    I’m extremely tired of waiting, but it’s not like we can speed up anything complaining. It’s not too bad, anyway. I haven’t waited this long for anything since last year’s Broketober (Skyrim/Saint’s Row The Third/Arkham City). ;D

  • ricky

    i wish they can tell us later so then we would not be pissed

  • YourDaddy

    Although i am a little upset with Microsoft. The wait will be worth it. Mainly so i can finish all my big projects on my creative world which i dupe on.

    • a friend

      u can only use creative mode on new maps

      • Dude

        No you can use it on old ones too

  • gnostic

    im worried that many fan favorite features i.e golems and npc villagers will be missing and the wait will have been for naught

    • Thor Odinson

      Well, in the update log that they released, it says that npc villages are indeed in the game. Not sure about golems though.

      • mcfan

        villagers and golems will not be in this version. they wont show up until a later update

  • Jacob

    I would not be frustrated with 4J studios and Microsoft if certain sites hadn’t been introducing false release dates for the last month. Two weeks? I’ve been waiting since Mid-September for this freakin’ update.

  • Erif

    im with mike

  • it has been making me mad having to wait they could of released parts of the update a long time ag.

  • Vulcan

    Basically Tuesday is the deadline, as long as there are no bugs found between now and then. To be fair, this is a huge update/patch for any game, and there is such variety in Minecraft to test. It is a painful wait though.

  • philip andrews

    It is worth waiting for. It has given me time to think extensively on an idea for my world2.0.

  • mike

    im feed up with 4j and microsoft if i could sell my game back i would in a second. they release an unfinished game make us pay for it then make us wait and wait and wait. if its like this with every update i will def erase from my system. hell i might even dust off my ps3 and change all my preorders to ps3 as well

    • So you’re going to quit playing Xbox all together and go to PS3 just because you have to wait for an update for Minecraft? Great idea. Dumbass

    • Jak

      Why don’t you quit complaining and be patient like the rest of us? Be happy 4J even decided to give us an update, seeing as how they never promised an update in first place. Its in microsoft certification testing too, which means its close. So shut up and wait like everyone else.

    • 4j Never Expected To Exceed The Game To Sell Like It Did Because So Many People Plays It On Pc, That They Was Just Checking To See If It Had A Market On The Console.

      • 24 hours huh?

        it obvIously did considering the amount of people who bought it and are angry.

    • Hahaha

      I guess you’re new to minecraft then if you bought this thinking it was a ‘finished’ game lol

    • quityourbitching

      There was 2 main choices with the Minecraft Xbox Edition. Eather release it in its “prerelease” stage and no one have to pay for the updates or release minecraft at the 1.0 official release and have to pay for each update as a dlc. 4j studios have alot of work porting the game to xbox for many reasons including the fact that the xbox and pc editions run on 2 different things all together. So shut the F%#* up with your complaining.

    • freakyautumn

      In case you haven’t noticed, We have been waiting for computer updates ever since the game came out on PC. Have you not played EVERY OTHER GAME ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET????? They all release updates, usually several. I have an idea. How about you make the perfect f*%#$@g game, then. Oh, right, you can’t. Then wait patiently, or shove the xbox controller up you A$$ and quit. Either way, everyone else wins while you complain in the corner.

      GO MINECRAFT!!! 😀

    • TheGuyWhoCanWait

      If you’re going to complain because you have to wait a little longer for the game to become better than it was before, maybe you don’t even deserve to play if in the first place.

    • RookieDave16

      You’re gonna erase minecraft from your system and change all of your pre-orders from xbox to PS3 all because you are an impatient moron? LOL, be my guest. One less dumbass to deal with.

    • Dude

      Yeah, that’ll teach ’em