O2 outage compensation after UK Oct problems

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2012

Yesterday O2 had been hit with a massive outage that hit millions of UK phone users, which some of these people might remember a similar O2 outage a few months ago, and these latest problems might be the final straw for some users. Reports from O2 explain the UK October 12 outage is over, although this hasn’t stopped a few people leaving comments on technology blogs explaining they’re having network issues still in different parts of the UK.

There is now an investigation taking place into why this latest O2 outage took place, and when Sky News questioned O2 about any compensation they quickly replied that their first priority is to look for the cause of these problems.

It is interesting to hear that a few people are still seeing the O2 outage and have no service, especially considering O2 said certain areas in the UK had problems still late yesterday but the service is now “fully restored“. This isn’t something every user would agree on, but our tests show the service is working just fine although we’d love to hear from PR readers about their experiences yesterday, and if all is fixed today.

Is O2 UK still down for you, or are you back up and running? We personally own three O2 mobile phones in our office and none of them experienced problems yesterday, which is strange considering these problems hit the headlines, and were acknowledged by O2, so we’d love to know if yesterdays outage hit you as well and if all is better now?

At the time of writing we only know that the O2 outage started on Friday after one of the network nodes failed at lunchtime, although we’ll update you when O2 deliver a full report into the problems and also any compensation that might be offered. Some people have stated to PR that they are seriously considering a move to another network after the recent issues at O2, do you find this a little extreme or justified? Are you looking for some sort of compensation?

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  • Still no O2 signal since yesterday evening!!
    Am sure they will offer the same type of compensation as last time, which was money to spend in the o2 store online (bolt ons)

  • Alex

    I have been with O2 for a year now and I have never experienced so many problems. Beyond the general O2 network crashes the most infuriating problem I have is the dropped calls. Sometimes, when making calls my phone will say “Call Failed” and go back to the home screen. Some people tell me it goes straight to voicemail when they call me (even though my phone was on!). And mid-call my phone just cuts my calls to the beeping tone.

    It’s terrible service and now I come to EXPECT these problems from O2. I am not the only one who has the above problem and my friend lives extremely nearby (the flat above) and he has all the same problems; he only joined O2 a couple of months ago.

    I know this problem isn’t due to my location; I don’t live in a village at the bottom of a hill. I live in central London Zone 1.

    It’s so bad that I am considering paying off the rest of my 11 months just so I can join a REAL network that can handle its users’ usage.

    O2, you are a phone network, start acting like one.

  • BLG

    My phone is still not working – three days after issues began… and I’m paying for this service nonetheless!

  • Craig S

    My iPhone 5 has had no service since I had a SIM swap. O2 deactivated my old sim
    but the new one has been mainly No service all weekend. Last night it worked for an hour but no data/3G just calls And text. Now woke up this morning and no service AGAIN! Today will affect my business. Problem is bigger than a node issue surely. Twice in 3 months is unforgivable

  • Nabeel

    My fone is still not working I can’t call out yet I can go on the Internet I’m on tesco which uses O2 signal and I’m having a operation today and cant even use the fone to call out yet the crapy Nokia I have has signal not my 450 quid iPhone wtf

  • London.Charlie

    My phone hasn’t worked since Thursday and is still not working now.

  • Reports that all is well are grossly exaggerated, still no service for hubby’s phone since Friday, less a network more a joke.

  • Alex

    I’ve got practically little to no sevice at all, sometimes it’ll send a message or a call will go through but other times it goes through about 8 hours later. It’s ridiculous.

  • Kay

    My O2 still has little to no service.

  • Sharon

    I have been without any network for the last 2 day’s & still waiting. I feel so angry as just upgraded to a new phone & deal, but haven’t been able to use any of it. I just keep being told to wait it will be up & running very soon… when is very soon?????

  • Francis Lafferty

    I started having problems on Friday at 1800 hours in Warrington. No signal! On the outskirts of Carlisle at 2115 on Friday I still had no signal! Finally got a signal at Abington, Lanarkshire, 2220 hours. Since arriving home in Largs at 2343 hours on Friday I have had signal problems. Today has been the worst! I occasionally get 20 minutes periods of service then it goes off again. Currently at 2055 hours, Sunday 14th October in Largs, Ayrshire I have no signal. My step-son says he has heard that O2 has pooled certain numbers so some people within range of a particular cell will have service and some won’t have. Anyone else heard this?

  • Param

    I ordered a new apple iphone 5 on 02 i received the handset with the contract sim on friday at 10:30 I was told that there was a problem and it would be sorted and was told to wait 24hours…now still waiting for my contract to be activated as it still says (no service) and its now Sunday 17:35pm. I am very annoyed as I do not have another line as I got rid thinking that my 02 one would start within 24hours of receiving it!

  • charles

    Been off now for 2 days; upgraded 2 phones yesterday morning and O2 promised they would be live within 4 hours. Still have no signal and each time I speak to them they say that the upgrade has not yet been processed! Not at all happy with this.

  • Peter

    I am a new customer, and had arranged for my vodafone number to be transferred, which i was told would happen by 6.00pm on Friday.
    Well 6.00pm Friday came, and despite many calls to 02 I have lost my old vodafone service, and still have not been connected to 02. (It is now 17.00 Sunday)

  • georgia

    my network has been down since friday morning and is still not working at all. this is causing me so much trouble and im seriously considering moving networks

  • Ilona

    My phone has not been working for the past week now, which is a real inconvenience. This is not acceptable, i’m definitely considering NOT renewing my contract!

  • Still down, I was in Germany when the phone went, returned to UK on Friday night, got a new SIM on Saturday and still not working today, Sunday. Phoned O2 again and was told it will take 48 hours to clear the new SIM client backlog, disaster. If the CNO still has his job Monday then he knows something about someone the rest of us don’t.

    • Lee

      to those whose phones iphones are not working try going to >settings >Carrier> turn off Auto and select O2. Then turn youre phone off and back on. It has worked for me twice now..

      • Derek

        Fantastic Lee! That worked first time, Thank you 🙂

      • Alex Cook

        Must be a lucky few that works for because it doesn’t work for me! Mines been off for over 48 hours now

  • Big G

    Belfast. Updated to an iphone 4 on Friday morning. New sim not activated (sunday). Four phone calls to O2, and one call to their shop all they say is ‘it is pending’. I am really pissed of

  • DonV

    I have been experiencing the problem for a matter of three days, some people in my area get signal on and off, but my signal has a big ‘X’ next to it and I have had no signal at all and found it extremely hard to organize my weekend!
    Due to being effected by the signal a few months ago leaves me to think that changing networks would be a better idea.

  • Jo Highlands

    STILL …….. down !!!!!!

  • Michele Morrod

    I still have no service on my iphone. I travelled from Brighton to N. Cambridgeshire yesterday with no service the whole way, and I am still waiting for it to resume. It has been hugely inconvenient and I will seriously think about changing my service provider.

  • LL

    02 are a waste of time my phone has been down since Friday afternoon still no network, done the turn off too makes no difference, when waiting for hospital appointments the last thing I need is this, will be looking at compensation

  • Marc

    Still not working!!! In dundee, this is a joke, been down since friday and they claim it is fine!!!!!!!

  • David

    My phone it still not working. Its been two days now. Their website says all is well but customer service say they are still trying to stabilise the network. I am very annoyed and will definitely be pursuing compensation.

  • Steve

    My network is still down

  • Nate

    My partner’s phone still cannot receive calls or texts
    (Sunday 10 am). It has now been 3 days. I shouldn’t have to go into why this is
    an issue as it’s quite obvious. The very fact that O2 are not going to compensate
    for this is disgusting, what makes this different from July I wonder? It shows
    the contempt they have for their customers. I’m glad I switched to an actual
    decent company a few months back. As soon as the contract is up on my partner’s
    phone then O2 will be shown the door.

  • Nigel

    Bought new iPhone on Friday. STILL not activated two days later!!

  • Z0PY7rUbcM

    Hi I am still having problems with signal,ome minute no signal the next just 1 bar it’s all over the show,they have not fixed it for me O2 are quite honestly the pits 🙁

  • Ewden

    My 02 service has been down now since Wednesday when I started a sim swap – FIVE days! Because of Friday’s problem (at which point my swap hadnt gone through) its now in a queue. Spoke to about 10 different 02 people who I feel sorry for as they can’t help. Just have to wait ….

  • Murph

    I live in Carrickfergus N.Ireland and have had no phone for 2 days now, got up this morning and still no service. I wish I had stayed with orange,over the last few months my O2 phone has been hanging up mid way through calls, cross calling, losing signal…………. very, very annoying.

  • shaun

    My o2 on iPhone 4 has signal problems

  • Tim

    I am still without service on one of my new phones bought on Friday. I have called O2 several times since and all they can say the line is provisioning and could take 24hours or maybe even longer. This I find riduculous as they can unprovison the line in minutes not a day or more. When I bought the phone the O2 staff were unaware of any issues with the network despite my other phone having no network signal. I also got hit by the other network outage a couple of month ago across 3 phones in my family and 1 work one. And what did we get from o2 a voucher to spend in store. They should have given money off your bill. It is a shame the other operators do not have a better signal coverage where I live otherwise I would be asking for a PAC code.

  • Dynamo

    I’m a new O2 customer & received an email advising that my number would be transferred by 6pm Friday – my old network connection has been cut off but my existing no still hasn’t been transferred. I have full O2 signal, but cannot make calls or send texts. Advised by O2 this mornin that I should be up and running this evening – now 10:30pm & still nothing!!

  • smshorter

    Im seriously considering to change networks. I have been experiencing service problems since friday and I am fed up as I was affected by the outages last time. I want something done very soon.

  • Tony Jewitt

    Fed up with O2. Unreliable and expensive! Looking forward to my contract renewal. Voda phone here we come. All three in our household!

  • ray

    we have 3 02 phones in our family and have had no service since yesterday lunchtime. We actually just went from pay as you go to contract yesterday,on what appeared to be a really good deal for all 3, and like s p below we are concerned that our old mobiles are no longer working and our new phones are still not connected.

  • Louise

    My mobile internet still isn’t working at all.

  • S P

    I echo Mike’s comments below. I haven’t had signal since 10.30am yesterday morning, So basically two full days. What’s worse is that I’ve just joined O2 (4 days ago) and have been trying to get my number transferred for the last three days. Twice the advisor clearly didn’t put in my transfer and finally I got a text yesterday saying my number would be transferred but i’m worried that the current problems are going to affect that as well as I haven’t had signal for so long. As O2 have already put in the request my Orange sim has stopped working.

    I’m really frustrated because whilst Orange didn’t have a good enough loyalty discount, I never ever had an issues with them in terms of service cutting out or poor customer service. I’m not going to be like ‘i’m cancelling my contract’, ‘O2 are the worse’ etc etc but I just need to air my views. My gf flew out yesterday for two weeks and I had to rush home to use a landline just to call her at the airport 🙁

    • tez

      in the same boat after pac transfer from orange – ironically on the same day as the outage… can receive calls and texts, but cannot make or send – not even to top up or request balance. how did you solve thiis?

  • Mike

    My iPhone is still not working (saturday afternoon). The O2 network went down yesterday just after 10:30 am (despite O2 fudging the facts and claiming it was later) and I walked into the O2 Wimbledon store an hour later to ask if there were problems and to see if I could get help (somewhat naively). The assistant manager in the store just replaced my SIM without bothering to check if there were network problems which only made the issue bigger because now O2’s provisioning service has been disrupted and still not working as expected. After severeal calls to O2 (sitting in long phone queues only to end up talking to people who know nothing and can’t help) I’m still no better off and have a phone that doesn’t work and I’m in the process of moving my 4 numbers away from O2. A complete farce!!

  • mals

    No this is clearly a JOKE and O2 are no longer able to handle the demand I also think you should be able to exit an contract after large failures like this. What about if you need the hone in a family emergency? I wish I went elsewhere now only just started on a 24 onth contract gutted. Comp should be large or I know a lot of users who are off to another network.

  • Billy

    I have already stated I will leave. The cost of my iPhone will cover any cancelation penalty although I do not feel I should have to pay for all of it. I pay them for a service they clearly can’t guarantee to any extent. If I bought a car or tv that broke down this often I would take it back or change it. Added to the outages the two masts that cover where I work are faulty and have been for months. The percentage of dropped calls is a joke. This was the last straw. My phone went off at about midday and did not work again until about 1:30am when I received numerous text messages that woke me up!

  • To get the service on my iPhone I had to reboot the phone this morning and I then got previous text messages and a proper 3G signal, until then I was get little or no signal on the phone.

  • Supertam

    Bit extreme imo, so it went off, big deal. Days or weeks then y ok but hours? C’mon!

    • MJB

      Not when you’re travelling and have three very important conference calls to make. My business depends on my phone! Once is bad enough, but this has happened twice in 3 months. I’m looking at alternative options to o2.

    • chris

      think about other people other than your self. its my work line. i dont get jobs calling i dont get work. mine was down for 2 days and then 3 days this time all in 3 months