GTA V lockdown after news shared

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 30, 2013

If you believe that it is only Rockstar and those behind Grand Theft Auto 5 that are in the know, you couldn’t be more misinformed, which has been revealed directly on Twitter after one magazine editor pointed out he’s on lockdown when it comes to revealing news about the upcoming game and its release date, or in fact any GTA V details.

Nearly two days ago we posted some details about an executive editor at a popular gaming magazine tweeting hints towards an upcoming cover, which would obviously feature GTA V and more news about the game. This is something most gamers are desperate for and also Rockstar promised further news within a few weeks of the recent screenshots, so this cover could be part of that GTA V reveal.

Within the last 24 hours the editor in question, Andrew Reiner, returned to Twitter after being privileged with information from the GTA V demo and of course exclusive details we’d all love to know. Eager gamers grilled him for details and any news relating to the next Grand Theft Auto game, but he stayed quiet thanks to an obvious NDA. Reiner broke silence to point out some fake claims online in regard to the GTA V release date being revealed in the December magazine, which appeared in the official newswire comments as seen in the image below.

It is worth pointing out that it seems that Reiner wasn’t even at the GTA V demo, as when one Twitter user said “you wasn’t even there“, he replied “correct” and continued by explaining he had been in Minnesota at the time, but is obviously privileged to the information from work colleagues. Other users asked if he can reveal any news about GTA V or will it all be held back until the magazine cover, which Reiner replied “I’m on lockdown“. He also noted that he hopes to say something in the near future, but this seems to be out of his hands currently. You can see that tweet below.

Will you purchase Game Informer for the GTA 5 news exclusive? The good news is that we’re sure to get some solid details soon, although we can’t help but be a little jealous that others know so much more than we do about the game, although it will be well worth waiting for when GTA 5 finally sees a release date early next year. How excited are you right now?

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  • c*nt

    twats, can’t take the heat. The supposed tweet from Reiner stating that he ‘just came back’ is too long. It exceeds the 140 character limit that twitter has.

  • rdny

    Your images are faked. Look at the font differences between the legit twitter post from AnimalDesetado, and the fake response from Andrew Reiner.

    Then think about the fact that this supposed first tweet, saying that the issue will have the release date, and that he saw the game, came seconds after the first tweet from GIAndyMC. Reiner didn’t go to NYC to see the game, meaning everything that came from ‘him’ is completely fake.

  • Isaac

    Already preordered GTA V. Guaranteed a copy on release day 😀

  • Tez

    God I thought I was the only one 8===D💦

  • sketch519

    Man, this is huge!! I can’t f*cking wait!!!!

  • Ethan Rom

    I’m willing to bet that before the issue is released, well have all the info we need, either direct from Rockstar or from someone who has a big mouth.

  • Isaac

    The tide is nigh. GTA V will be announced in December. Rockstar confirmed details in mid December.

  • Smartypamts

    LOL you wasn’t even there, gheto trash ftw

    • Kevin

      If you’re going to correct someone else, you might want to spell “ghetto” correctly bro

  • Reiner doesn’t even have the Twitter celebrity logo…lame.

  • The fact that this story itself is rising to the surface proves that people can’t seem to know the definition of shutting their mouth…

  • Gareth

    I was excited like last November,got bored of waiting and fed up of being messed around. I was hoping for an Autumn/Winter release. Now im more like “Ahhh whatever” Ill wait for a price drop on this one if its a Spring/Summer release, or get a second hand copy.

    • Jake

      Yea you were excited a year ago and then got bored of waiting and fed up of being messed around. Now you are more like “Ahhh whatever” yet you still manage to google “GTA V news” everyday about this game you no longer care about and write a comment when you find news. Who do you think you are fooling? I’ll see you on the line for the midnight release. smh

      • Jules

        I have to admit, I do search “gta 5” everyday or every other day into Google and look in the news section.

        • GTA5Videos


        • Nico

          Lol I search “GTA V news” everyday too hoping someone gives some more info. Hope someone spills the beans on this soon.

        • Bryce

          Haha I do the exact same… I’ve been doing this for about a year now. ONE day, Google will give us a result that we’re looking for (i.e. GRAND THEFT AUTO RELEASE DATE IS ***** *** ****)

      • JohnJoe

        Haha nicely said!

      • johndaw

        Yep, count me in too haha!

  • Dymez

    Well, it’s obviously not an NDA — he wasn’t even there — how would he sign it? His boss obviously gave him the scoop, and showed him a couple of snapshots taken from Rockstar to put in the mag, then told him to keep his mouth shut so they can sell as many magazine copies as possible. Yes, he’ll be on lockdown until the issue ships, but the more people that know about GTA V inside GI HQ, the likelihood of there being someone not being able to help themself from spilling the beans.

    • Couldnt be more right man hahaha

    • Crash Games

      You know we have something called facsimile transmission and the Internet nowadays, both of which allow for the transmission of documents for signing, right?

  • Joe

    I can’t wait for Grand Theft Auto V, it’s gonna be AWESOME!