Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini for emerging markets

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 12, 2012

There are a few people wondering where the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will fit in, and looking at the specs they also wonder if this smaller Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean will manage to catch the interest of users in the UK and United States. There is a market for the Galaxy S3 Mini and the first countries to see a release date might also explain what market that is, and in our opinion it’s one for emerging markets initially.

We touched on a few of the expected Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini specs yesterday, although since this article we’ve finally seen the official confirmation that the device exists and also the full features. Obviously the Galaxy S3 Mini includes a smaller 4-inch display and specs that are downgraded from the flagship model released earlier in the year.

Samsung’s price for the Galaxy S3 Mini is key to success – when it comes to emerging markets like India, the Middle East, and Latin America the price is extremely key to success although the same could be said for UK and US markets. We’ve spoken to a few Android users in the UK about the Galaxy S3 Mini, and the consensus is that a device with an average display, less RAM and less processing power needs to be priced really low for them to consider it. Do you have a price in-mind for the Galaxy S3 Mini?

It is also fair to point out that the features of the Galaxy S3 Mini are still pretty impressive compared to devices a year ago, so this kind of power on a device classed as a “mini” really shows you how technology has moved on over the last 2 years. We also like the sound of the curved display on the Galaxy S3 Mini, which should make the device look more stylish while still aiming to cut costs. The price will be lower than the original Samsung Galaxy S3, but how much less will be the crucial factor for the majority of potential buyers.

The official Galaxy S3 Mini specs show a device sized at 121.55 x 63mm x 9.85mm, which is almost spot on with the particulars we received as a rumor yesterday. Samsung must be happy they jumped ahead of Apple’s iPad mini announcement that is expected shortly, although these devices are likely to be aiming at different users.

You can see a number of photos on this page, which are official press photos and give you a taste of what to expect. It is also clear from these images that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Mini looks pretty much the same on the outside, other than the slightly smaller size and of course weighing in a little less at almost 112 grams. If you want to see the full Galaxy S3 Mini specs then you can do so in the image below, which lists the finer details for display, chipset, audio, connections, memory, battery, video, and a lot more.

Keep connected to PR for the official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini release date in different markets, and of course pricing for these markets as it’s made available.

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  • Chris

    Looking for a new handset, you obviously look at the iphone 5, but as its got apple written on it, it’s £10 dearer than any other contract price on an equivalent phone. So you look to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but immediately get put off as it’s that big it won’t fit in your pockt (so much for mobile) Now along comes the S3 mini and your problems are solved. Good contract price and suitable dimensions……

  • Aredt

    Awesome news. Cannot wait to get one. Take that arrogant apple….you would soon be in decline when the sheeple realize their foolishness.

    • sarrr

      S3 mini can easily beat the iphone 5 because the iphone 5 dimension is totally crappy