GTA V release speculation increasingly likely

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 12, 2012

The Grand Theft Auto 5 release date speculation we’ve all been hearing over the last few weeks seems to be increasingly likely with retailers moving placeholders, and also certain members of the gaming press getting a demo of GTA V today in New York. Rockstar did say that more information would arrive in a few weeks, which had been shortly after a flurry of screenshots appeared on the official channel.

Today’s GTA V news came thanks to a short tweet from popular magazine, Game Informer, which simply saw the Editor-In-Chief tease followers by stating he’s checking out the magazine cover game for December. He didn’t hold back and made it pretty clear what game it will be, and a simple Hashtag for GTA V and the image seen above explained all we needed to know.

You can see an image of the tweet below that was posted within the last few hours, and this has been met with a number of reactions from followers and GTA V fans. Some gamers are very happy that we’ll “finally hear something” solid about the game, and plenty of other fans tweet one simple word “finally“. The images were great but detailed information is what we all really want, and we’re sure our readers have a few questions they want answering.

It seems frustration has grown considering the long wait since the first GTA 5 trailer, and this had been calmed a little thanks to the recent screenshots, so it’s now hoped that the upcoming information from the GTA 5 demo today should help wet gamer appetites a little longer.

What do you expect from the Grand Theft Auto 5 demo today? With the release date almost certainly coming before April next year, and placeholders changing on a number of UK websites, US game retailers like Gamestop, and via other sources, it now seems like this news only adds to the increased speculation surrounding a launch in March next year.

On the other hand it could just be that retailers are reading the same speculation and changing their placeholders accordingly, although now we’re coming to the end of 2012 with an increase in solid news surrounding GTA 5, it seems the growing evidence towards a March/April launch is making it hard to doubt. With all this activity you can count on Rockstar confirming the date within the next couple of months, and certainly retailers letting the cat out of the bag before then, if they have not already done so that is.

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  • John


  • rockstar boss

    december 2016 ps4 bitches cry cry ha ha ha ha ha ha
    oh yeah exclusive DLC for sony microsoft isnt getting anything

  • Tesco Boss

    My true gta v friends I know the release date, I work at tesco’s in the united kingdom, I cannot give my name for obvious reasons, but let’s just say I am at the high end of employees at tesco, we have had our game informers travel to NYC to get a look at gta v and we know the release date, it will come on march 12th 2013, that is all.

    • cherry_iow

      You do not need to be a boss at Tesco. It WAS on their web site for the whole world to see. I know the high end of Tesco (not Tesco’s, as a HIGH end person please get the name of the company right! yes i worked in the upper end for 10 years). They have far more things in their multi-billion pound organisation to worry about than the realease of games title, no matter how big it is. Let’s be honest they sell far more bananas than games and bananas bring more money in.
      Anyway, enough of the “sources” of I heard this, I heard that, I am sleeping with a Rockstar employee. I have checked the Tesco web site again today. It seems that the game, along with the release date has now been removed, probably due to a major error on their part. I do believe there are youtube videos showing Tesco release dates before they have removed it. I do not usually make comments or reply to such posts but you sound so up yourself, making of course for an ideal Tesco boss.

  • cherry-iow

    Looked at Tesco website and they say its available from the 29th March 2013. Perhaps they need to put dates in when uploading products…….

  • scottg112

    Even if Rockstar were to announce it 2day for a release next week it would still sell out! GTA V doesn’t need any advertising

  • No.47

    new trailer will be released on the same day as the first trailer was released. cant wait for more info on gta 5 and the game itself

    • even yoda is getting impatient

      And the game exactly one year after that, but this might be a case of too much of Rockstar’s deliberate delaying to create hype. I don’t know how wise it is. I will of course buy it day 1 whenever it comes out (so will anyone reading this) but this marketing strategy I think not have much effect on those line-ball purchasers (who any marketing is aimed at). If it does not at least double COD Sales, then this “make em wait to build hype” has clearly failed in bringing NEW punters in. Let’s face it, they could sack their entire marketing department and I (along with all GTA fans)would still buy it. Time (and quite a lot of it) will tell.

  • GTA 5 fan

    According to many sources, GTA 5 will be launching on March 1st. And, a new
    trailer will be arriving in one month.

    • Ryan

      Just because they are a “source” doesn’t mean they’re credible.

  • GTAV in 2012

    December 2012 would be good for maximising sales.

  • ?

    march for sure

  • Anil Kapoor

    I think Dec 2013

    • You totaly didn’t think when you wrote this statement.

  • scriven

    next year i think 2k13 gta 5

  • GTA is Better than Semen

    I love semen, but i love GTA even more so i read this instead of drinking semen