iPod touch 5G cases trickle out

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2012

Finding iPod touch 5th generation cases will be much harder this close to launch, the iPod touch 5G is only just shipping, although it is possible to find protection for your portable media player but the choice will be limited right now. We’ve tracked down a few designs in a number of colors, which you can see some of the cases in the photos on this page.

We looked at iPhone 5 cases for Halloween just a few days ago and considering the new iPod touch 5G has a similar design, it is not surprising to find spooky cases for your new iPod as well. You can see a so-called Panda case in the image below, although we think it looks more suited to Halloween than showing you’re a lover of animals.

You can see more pictures and full specs for this 5G iPod touch case on this page at Love Cases, which basically shows the case is made from tough silicone, includes a key chain, and is designed specifically for your new iPod touch 5G. You’ll also see a number of other designs and colors here, which includes a brown iPod touch 5G case in the theme of a Monkey, Snap-On cases with stands, and also Barely There cases in a range of colors that help to keep the iPod touch 5G design almost untouched.

It is interesting to note that the official Case Mate website, found at case-mate.com, currently lacks any cases for the new iPod touch, so we find it strange that 3rd party websites are promoting them before the official website. You will notice that these cases are only available to pre-order right now on Love Cases, so this could be one reason why you won’t find them on Case Mate.

The new iPod touch has started to ship and notices have been sent out to those that pre-ordered early, so if that’s you let us know if you will be purchasing a case to protect your new toy, or do you prefer to keep all the new design revealed and don’t worry about the need for additional protection? It is also worth looking on eBay and Amazon for iPod touch 5G cases, and keep an eye on OtterBox as well although they currently lack cases for the new iPod.

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  • dirsch

    thats an iphone 5, you can see the volume buttons and the volume toggle switch. they photoshopped the screen to say ipod in the corner, but everything else is iphone

  • tyra

    this looks like a retouched iphone

  • MelanieZ

    It says these are for the ipod touch 5g but there is no hole in it for the new loop… Looks more like the iphone 5

  • I pre-ordered my iPod Touch 5G on September 28 and is expected to be delivered between October 24 – October 26. I plan to purchase a protective case before my iPod Touch comes in.